Korean Hula Hoopin’ Day 5

Continuing on from Day 2…

Day 3 – I woke up to a multitude of bruises namely around the hip area. Ouchie. When I woke up my arms, legs and back and stomach were sore, but as soon as I got out and started moving around, it went away. The bruises are really bad though. They vary from tiny little speck bruises (on the front of my hip on the left) to large blob bruises (on the back of my hip on my right). I spin anticlockwise. It’s the hoop hitting my bone T_T

Spinning the hoop initially really hurt. I had to stop after about 5 revolutions and rub myself down. Did another 5 and it still hurt – and then it was all fine and I could swing away.

The biggest problem was probably when it hit the bruises or sore bits 😦 I still haven’t really gotten the hang of the hoop, and most of the time the hoop was spinning higher around my rib cage at times. I hula hooped for about 2-3 minutes on and off for 20 minutes total. Ouchie.

Day 4  – I woke up (sore) once again. I think this is going to be the same every single day. But I like it.
Spinning the hoop didn’t hurt at all. Basically what happened was the weather was a bit cold, so I wore a tracksuit LOL – I spun it for about 5 minutes non stop and then I removed my tracksuit. I then did 5 minute hooping increments for a total of 20 minutes. It didn’t hurt one bit, but I kept on whacking my ribcage. In between each 5minute spin, I would take a walk to my room and then back to calm myself down.

I was in an exceptionally bad mood on Day 4 (that is, yesterday). I was going to post like the first ever rant on miketsu yesterday (one about my personal life) but I stopped myself. I’m very lucky that today the sun is shining and I feel normal again. I was such a meanie to everyone who talked to me >_> I’m sorry. On the flip side, I’m cuddly again today!

Day 5 – I woke up (sore) to those speck bruises on my left ribcage!!!!11one. Argh. I probably have 40 bruises on my body in total at the moment. I’ve frankly lost count. This time no tracksuit, nothing. I just picked up the hoop and spun it non stop for 10 minutes. Didn’t hurt, but my legs were starting to burn. The longer you spin the hoop non stop, the better the leg work out you will have. So today I just did 2 increments of 10 minutes to make it a total of 20 minutes.

One thing I noticed after Day 4 is that my stomach has gotten considerably flatter. I don’t mean that it has disappeared, but it has flattened to what I was used to maybe 2 years ago. YES THIS IS WHY I AM SO KEEN. I’m not satisfied with myself, but strangely enough, I’ve been getting a lot of satisfaction out of this one hula hoop. It’s my exercise tool and stress relief buddy in one. NO PAIN NO GAIN!

I’m jealous that C has bruises on her stomach – I NEED THOSE! (And not to mention C is already so slim T_T) I feel like I’m only working the waist 😦 But I think in time, the fat burned from the waist will mean an overall burning throughout the body. This is probably true because when I wake up, my waist isn’t crazy curved like after a workout – it’s gone back to slight normal curve, but I feel good when I wake up in the morning because I feel more toned up. Does that make any sense? I think if I go at this for another 3 months or something, I’ll get onto something seriously good.

Why am I not spinning for longer? I could, but a post on soompi warned that any more than 20 minutes could cause damage to the organs. I don’t know how reliable this is (I don’t know of any Koreans having organ failure due to hula hooping – or rather, any nationality person having trouble because of a hula hoop), but I’ll do 20 minutes for Day 6 and 7 to complete the week and I’ll start doing 30 minute sessions next week. I sort of want my body to tolerate the hoop first before I go into crazy mode. I did 30 minutes on Day 2 and that was a really really strong workout.

Sorry for the post spammage – but I’ll be back probably in 2 days (so I complete the week) and then from there on I’ll only blog about my hoop progress once a week.

I’m 100% determined to slim, lose weight and get extremely fit. Make that 200%. YUS.

Until next post!

PS: My next post will most likely be about erm, a fun night out 😉 I’ll be back tomorrow teehee.


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