I had mad fun yesterday

I love meeting up with the Lovigans ;_; They are so fun to be with and we always have a good time (Borat would say “sexy time”, but I won’t tease you guys for now  XD).

The day started off with me taking a bus to the city and getting off the bus halfway because people were rudely starting to close in on me. Yeah, it was a girl, and it didn’t particularly matter, but I am particularly picky with people on the bus and personal space. I don’t like people standing so close to me on the bus, especially when there’s room for them to move away a bit. It’s a bit like “you can’t see that I’m only 30cm away?!” – so I got off. Actually it was my bad because I miscalculated and forgot there was another stop before the one I wanted off, but it was alright. I was supposed to wake up early for a morning jog 15minute on and off sprint (I have zero stamina, but I do like to just sweat it out – 15-30mins is all I can handle, anything longer than that, my face goes very red and I don’t think it’s healthy), but I slept in because I slept at yet another unGodly hour of I think 1:30 or 2am. Don’t ask me why I slept so late – there’s only one reason why and I guess you all can just guess.

Anyway, I met up with Ramille and their childhood friend from NZ, K, who happened to be an engineer – *smiles* – as you call know (even he did lol), architects and engineers don’t particularly get along well with each other 😛 But he was cool – and he wasn’t a civil engineer either LOL – that made things a lot less awkward o_o

Went to grab computer parts for K and well yeah – went to Poporo for lunch where I ordered a Basa Fillet set – which btw, is really good. For ten dorra (WHICH I DID/ COULD NOT PAY BECAUSE R ALWAYS SNEAKS THE MONEY BACK >_>) it was a really good bento set. And if you’re wondering, Basa is a fish lol.

Oh and before lunch we saw this guy typing on a projected keyboard with his computer monitor being his sunglasses. FAR OUT. According to R that technology costs about $25 000! I don’t know what they’re called, but it was really really cool D:

We saw the crowds at Market City waiting for Joey Yung’s autograph signing session. All 3 levels were filled with people along the balustrades on the edge of the atrium excitedly waiting for her to appear. I can’t post photos of it (sorry I even took the photos at all – they won’t surface and it won’t happen again) because there’s a sign outside of Market City that doesn’t allow video or photography. Before we went to lunch maybe about 30 fans were waiting in the central area waiting for her. Then it turned into about 60, possibly 80 in the centre. Some had flower bouquets and about 1 in every 10 people held a “JOEY” sign (written in Chinese of course). The MC had to suffer with a bad microphone and sound system, and even when we left, we didn’t get a glimpse of her. Oh well.


She’s a really popular singer (sort of turned actress at some times) in Hong Kong. She’s quite a successful and well liked idol – her image is of a sexy kind and it started a few years ago when she started to I think campaign for a gym (?) – wait wiki said it was a slimming parlour – and lost quite some weight. Anyway, that’s that.

We went to TGV and then to the little secret store. Hmmm – Ramille then dropped K home and he lives in quite a neat little area really. Incredibly quiet and quite nice. I’ve lived in an older walk up flat before and his one was quite cosy. I’ve been in some really bad ones. Might just be my area :\

Back to the city we went and we watched R do some serious DDR – HE IS THE MAN D: Proness! Heavy mode, spins, and even can do the double mat in single mode. Crazy! I can chuckle and laugh if I can even get the half beat steps and pass 6 feet (I can only do 5 at most) in Standard mode. L also came from after finishing work, and we then had 3 games of basketball. Galaxy World basketball is quite awful, really. The balls aren’t heavy and the game is short. I guess it’s got to do with it being for kids. Oh yeah, and they steel meshed the top so if you throw it too high, it goes  nowhere. Sucks.

L then also came ~ and we had dinner at Takeru. Nom nom nom – soft shell crab salad! I generally hate salads because people can’t make the leaves not taste bitter, but yeah – awesome stuff. I finished the entire salad. That’s for my healthy dinner (though the crab was deep fried ._.)

Yummy. It was such a wholesome salad, much better than the one I got at Mizuya, which was mostly just crab leg.

We talked about colour filters for camera flashes – and I have been thinking about them. I’m wondering if I should just get the Holga ones (since they come in a set) or to make my own. I’m not too sure where or what I should buy. Either way I’ll be thinking about it later – money running low x_x

Went to Prize Paradise later (with the intention of going to AKA for Palty, but they closed at like 10 :() – failed at basketball miserably (well after 2 games of DDR and 3 games of basketball, plus a load of other random crap I’ve been doing, meh meh), failed to get any toys – though Ramille were crazy! They won like, 10?! Insanity.

We then went home and had an awesome talk about random stuff. FUN TIMES ❤

And here’s the damage done – sorry I couldn’t really recount the day in a really nice and linear way – I just don’t want to go into detail about every single little thing or else I’d BORE you all.

If you’re wondering why I’m not watermarking stuff, it’s because I probably feel there’s no need to. I will do it when I feel like it’s necessary 😉

1. Free tissue box from Orange IT, Capitol. I ran out of tissues so this is awesomesauce – in return I am advertising for them here lol. I know nothing about their products or anything.

2. Karate Domo – I had no luck winning a mini paw (why I wanted it is beyond me) but putting in just a dollar for this, I managed to get it. The claw didn’t release it at all, and YAY!

3. (Under Domo) – a harddrive R donated to me filled with movies until I get myself a proper harddrive XD Thank you! Seriously, if you guys ever want/ need it back, let me know – I’ve blinged it up nicely, you will love it!

4. Blinging stickers from Morning Glory – the purple ones for the harddrive, and the blue/ white ones for my audio enabled headset for my computing course (because I want to be gangster and have some blinging headphones) – one interesting thing to note is that the price on the back of the smaller packet is about $8AUD, but I bought it for just $4.95. I’m starting to really like Morning Glory now because they’ve improved their stores by colour coding stuff, they’re having generous sales, and they’re also lowering their prices. I remember when I was in high school, Morning Glory was mad expensive – now everything is really quite reasonably priced I’m really surprised. It’s actually cheaper to probably buy from Morning Glory than from Korea. That’s something for you all to think about!

5. (Under everything) – Korean Hula Hoop from Morning Glory – it was going at 50% off so I only paid $15 for it! Comes in a case and the case with a handle. It’s purple and white, which I think is quite nice – I tried this out today and I instantly could feel a difference in my waist. After an hour I can still feel this cool tingly sensation. By the way, I only hula’d for about 5 minutes total (I can only do like 5 revolutions and it’d drop to the floor) – that’s how long you’re supposed to use for the first time. It make my skin red and blotchy, and it hurts, but I think this will work quite nicely. I also had to stop because I can’t really spin the hula hoop well enough – it drops to the ground and as it does so, it bashes into the side of my leg (same spot too), so I’ll be expecting some bruises along my legs :\ I’m not really looking for a waist – I want a flat stomach. But this does make you warm and slightly sweaty – nowhere as much as normal exercise though. Maybe if you did this for about 15 minutes, but yeah – that’s for a bit later. I’ll be doing about 5-10 minutes of hula hooping daily now, and on top of that I’m going to walk to uni and preferably back home.

There’s no way I’m going to run from uni back – I wasn’t wearing the right gear on Friday evening and it was gross. Never trying that again.

Click for larger image.

Anyway, I stayed up until like 1:30am to bling the harddrive. It was actually really difficult though it was made easy since the whole thing was already aligned and stuff, but it was just rhinestones on a bit of double sided sticky tape. I had to cut out every single row, attempt to line it up, and I did the hearts myself – I was lucky that I calculated it quickly and correctly (hey for almost midnight, I was thinking pretty clearly) and they look like hearts 😀 YAY! I even blinged up the USB part so I know which one to plug in hehehe. I could have done more, but I only have several rows of rhinestones left. I want to keep some in excess in case if some of the rhinestones fall off. A few of them are coming off the sticky tape, which is why they aren’t really shiny (they look like dead pixels), so I can replace them if they come loose.

Anyway, that is my past 2 days 🙂 My next post will be about blinging my headset hehehe. I have to cut every single one out I think. Let me think this over first.

Until next blog!

PS: I will be cutting my nails this week. My cuticles are screaming for me to do so.

PPS: Will I bling everything I have? No. I only will bling things I think that are boring or aren’t so pretty. For example, if I bought something I thought was pretty on its own, I wouldn’t bling it – if that makes sense. My audio headphones are by a company named LASER which isn’t too attractive. I will be blinging over that.

PPPS: I realised my entire post consists of purple. FRUSTRATION? Perhaps – but no, it’s because it’s an awesome colour XD


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