Wake up call: things I learned this week

Well, I know I only blogged just a few hours ago, but I decided to blog again because I’m extremely tired and sleepy. For about 2 consecutive nights I’ve received only about 5 hours of sleep. For me, usually I need 10 hours or more to actually feel alive. I know, sleepyhead – but you can tell I am tired. Yesterday my eyes were wide open and alert – this morning I woke up and I can barely open them as wide as possible >_>

Anyway this post is going to be just a nifty recount of the week, about things that I learned or discovered, which may be funny or not.

Cheek to cheek greeting

I’ve never actually done this before. Properly anyway. I’ve had several girls greet me in this way, but they just lean forward and do whatever – no cheek touching, but the other party seemed like they knew what they were doing.

It was only until yesterday when I substituted the greeting with a Japanese bow that for the first time in my 21 years I learned how to actually greet in that fashion.

I feel so out of this world. This is what happens when you actually get a social life – you realise that you seem so so fresh in comparison.


We need a FREE HUGS day

I was having a discussion about hugs and it seems like most people seem to be reluctant to initiate hugs.

Guys, if you think that hugging a girl is not manly, you’re mistaken. Taking initiative is a manly approach – the girls will thank you for it.


So yeah. Do it at your own discretion, will ya?


Gumtree sells a lot of awesome stuff

There was an ad for a real Tiffany and Co bracelet for just EIGHTY DORRA. So tempted but I know I won’t ever wear it. That’s SUCH a good deal – those buggers go for like $300 minimum. It was an extra thick chain with 2 charms so zomg DEAL MUCH.

Though I was meant to be selling my shiz on Gumtree, I ended up emailing one of the sellers about one of their items. She lives like, walking distance from me! We’ll see if I can get some authentification rolling, if so, forget about saving. \o/ Let’s just hope she replies.

Oh and while I’m here, I’m selling my Biotherm Biopur pore reducing cleanser, toner and a S.O.S normaliser moisturiser. I used them for a few times and then I stopped using them because I thought Shiseido was better for me. RRP is $170 – I’m selling all 3 for $100 only, each item being >95% full. So if you live in Sydney and you use Biotherm, leave me a comment! I’m giving a bunch of random samples to whoever buys the entire set. I really don’t want them to sit there and go to waste. Grab yourself a deal!


Alright. I better get moving. I’m very screwed for uni lol. I’m excited if the seller replies to me – if not then it’s just a sign ๐Ÿ˜›



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