USYD photoshooting, and other randomsauce.

Today was a fun filled day, though I had some scares pretty early on in the day (one was that today coincides with Animania– nyahahah just keeeding, that’s not a scare). We went to USYD quadrangle to shoot after err- being inspired by a particular Youtube video and from seeing past shots. Ramille haven’t been, so it was their first time. For L and I, we were both going there again, so it was familiar. It was really HOT though – so sunny it was muggy and gross!

Anyway, scares:

Firstly, I almost thought that my Sony Cybershot needed some surgery.

Taken from my camera and watermarked as miketsu, but R was the one who took the shot.

As you can sort of tell, there was major vibration/ shaking in the camera mechanism for some unknown reason. It’s actually probably the battery, because it started working again! Unfortunately, it means that I didn’t get to take many photos 😦 Boo.

But I processed what I could using L‘s photo processing techniques >:3 In particular though this was the most quickest point and shoot shot ever (I have a thing for shoes – clearly each photoshoot I just do it when I remember to), I reallllly like this. That’s why I threw it up onto tumblr.

Ramille/ ACSRAD = Secksay ❤

Scare number 2 – my Instax spring went bust. Usually when you pop the lens back in to turn off the camera, the settings will rewind back to default, but for my camera, it doesn’t. I guess it’s alright since the settings still work and lock properly, but dayum, I’ve never dropped the camera or handled it incorrectly. It was probably like that for a while but I don’t remember when it started happening. I think it’s because I am a bit too harsh when I turn off the camera – plus I’ve taken quite a few shots (nearly 80), so well, yeah, expected-ish. But it’s alright. As long as the light settings work, I’m not fussed.

I won’t throw up the Instaxes here. I can’t be bothered >_>

We then went to Takeru for lunch with C and M – interruption – their omurice is reallllly good. You have to try it. Then we went to get Melona, and we played basketball 😀

I got better at it? Hahaha – I could get quite some mean basketball shootage in stage one (second time round though), but I was too tired and R started throwing with me >_> Sigh. Stamina is crapsauce. I’m getting more efficient and accurate though! I’ll get myself to stage three – one day.

Fashion around the city is really really bad – nasty shorts, nasty… stuff. L would say something about a particular girl we saw, but I won’t talk about it. NASTY. Saw a cool art display (sorry I’m tired, I’ll skip over this…) and well yeah – just a bit of everything, really 🙂

We then headed to Kinokuniya since parking was around there, and I needed to grab 2 presents. I’ve wrapped them neatly now! Now I have no more wrapping paper left XD Oh well, I’ll think about it later.

I’m very tired. I didn’t sleep much last night so sorry for this blog of random. My fingers don’t want to type even >_>

I’m considering some serious freelance logo or graphic design jobs, so I’ll be designing a business card for myself soon. After that I’ll try to put up an advertisement online. Maybe I might be lucky and get someone who is willing to give me a shot. Otherwise you poor dears will be bombarded with my crappy business cards XD

And speaking of that (direct word associations lol), I can’t wait until my next Gmarket order. I need at least another photo album >_> I ran out of space in my one lol. I don’t want to break the set I took today either, so I’ll be shuffling the order and saving those for the next album.

Had lots of fun! Tomorrow onwards will be work work work. Boring boring boring. But yay for thinking about possible design jobs – I’d be stoked if I got even just one XD Then hopefully things flow from there on… ❤


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