Necessary bloggerism for the end of the week

Design proposal

If you’re interested, click for miketsudesign here to see my expression of interest which I pinned up on the wall today. I got my first choice! YAY! There were so many people putting their stuff onto the walls it was making me paranoid, but I’m happy 😀

There were a lot of creative proposals, like a bunch of grapes (like hexagonal faced – I don’t even know what to call them, balls?) with images on all faces, wine glasses, wine bottles (unfortunately, empty :P), models, 3D wall panels – it was really crazy and bizarre. I guess I took a rather timid approach in comparison lol – and I thought I was being bold (enough). Oh well 🙂

It was a long week, but it was well worth the while 🙂


Library scanning system has a few issues

I was at the library 2 days ago and they’ve changed their scanning system. Whilst it’s more accessible (not just one scanner but in fact EVERY photocopier is a scanner!), the scans are lamesauce. I have to type in my email with the touchscreen pad EVERY SINGLE TIME I want to email my scans to myself. The photocopier doesn’t save my address – I have to retype it. I scan at 300 dpi, and somehow it managed to make my images look like crapsauce. I can’t scan more than 3 pages at a time, too, because it exceeds the 15MB limit. Imagine that – an A3 sized full colour sheet being 5MB? That can’t be right. Not at 300dpi either.

If you scan more than 4 pages and it supposedly exceeds the 15MB attachment limit, the photocopier cancels the job and guess what? You have to type your password in again. Somewhat nightmarish, but I guess it’s alright. As long as there’s a scanner, I can scan all the juicy journals there are in the library since I can’t take them out of the library 🙂

I was missing an entire article I scanned, and I think 2 pages because they didn’t send it to me! They took my money, but didn’t deliver the goods!


After 2 weeks of living on meagre pennies, I have some income

Somehow I survived this week. Money is a big problem in my current life. Funnily enough, it was never a problem until now.

Most of you don’t really know this, but I’m actually one of those people who rarely buy things, saves up regularly and would only buy during sale time. It’s a normal thing, isn’t it?

Unfortunately since I started this blog about 8-9 months ago, that was when I turned into some pretty serious retail therapy addict (mostly because of a failed relationship, googly eye candy Korean fashion and designer goods). You can imagine about 4 years of my personal savings pretty wasted just within the past 9 months. And if you’re wondering where I got extra income from, there was a time I sold a LOT of stuff on soompi. I didn’t earn much (maybe like $50 by the end of it all and I ordered in LOTS of stuff), but I got free stuff for myself and my mum and could pay for a few meals. Which was good enough for me.

I really hate talking about money because it makes you all grumpy (especially if you’re in lack of it). My goal of saving up $2000 this year is looking miserable – I owe myself money, and after doing calculations, I’ve saved up only a grand total of $30 since the beginning of this year (or is it -$70?  Actually it is -$70 :\ – but now I’m back on board and I have now saved a total of … GAH I’M CONFUSED AND LOST COUNT. Either $155 or $55. I can’t figure it out T_T). I’m going to put that money back in and hopefully it’ll stay there. I need a holiday.

OKAY – I FIGURED IT OUT. I just have to reach my target account balance. That’s it. No more counting. Too confusing.

And everyone, please remind me to stop watching 3D movies in VMax – I get the luxury of getting half price tickets since I’m a student, but $19 is not cheap.


To rant on BBB or not to rant?


Until next time!


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