Useless bloggerism to keep me (semi) awake

Well. As you all probably gather from my previous post(s) I’ve been working on my design proposals for tomorrow (Friday)  morning. I’m having problems deciding what to place on the sheets and how I’m going to print these out. I’m quite concerned because given that it’s going to be early, I will need to print these off preferably tonight actually, because I don’t want to end up with nothing on the wall (they will ask you to dis-enrol <- is that a word? Because that’s the word they used). I don’t have any printer ink either so I guess I’ll be making a trip sometime soon (preferably within the next hour) to walk 10 minutes away and grab myself some ink. The worst case scenario will be me printing off my submission in segments so I can get full A3 colour (actually that thought just occured to me – I was planning to chop everything in half and get ugly white margins around, but printing in segments suddenly doesn’t sound so bad of an idea).

Hmmm so blogging is useful for having brainwaves. GENIUS!

I can’t wait until Friday is over so then I can relax on the weekend (for a little bit) and be able to just have some fun.

Now thinking caps on – I’m going to be putting myself in quarantine and working hard on this. I’m about 80% done for one of my proposals but only about 30% for the other. YIKES! Better get cracking.

Oh and I have class tonight from 5-8pm. GREAAAAT. I can’t miss it either – I have to be there to take down notes since it’s assessed. DANG.


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