Bank account balance: -$8.31

Today I actually managed to get a negative account balance (GO ME!) – it was largely because my Internet bill got deducted and today I spent way more than expected.

The day started off with me running to an ATM machine to buy lunch and tickets to Alice in Wonderland 3D – the movie was alright. I’ve heard some negative reviews by my friends/ people I know, but I personally thought it was worth watching. The graphics were good and the movie was overall I think well done. The thing that irked us most was the fact that in the movie, Anne Hathaway’s lips were black rather than red (in the posters they are red!) and it looked remarkably odd. I thought the girl who played Alice looked quite peculiar as well, but I got used to it. Anyway, everything else was fine. There was a little bit of randomsauce towards the end (trust me, it will make you want to facepalm – because I surely did), so apart from a relatively weaksauce ending, the rest of the movie I think was quite good. The fashion and the graphics are really inspiring – it’s worth watching!

We then had lunch at Mizuya (no more free ice cream – boo! But then they have more icecreams available – not that we had any). Between the two of us, we had 2 platters of sushi, a soft crab shell salad, takoyaki and hot green tea each. Green tea sucks because they don’t offer refills (Wagaya does, for free), but the tea was pretty strong. We paid $25 each – could have gotten free karaoke lol – but next time 🙂

I then succumbed to spending my last dollars in my wallet for a military jacket I saw. My justification was that I thought it was well priced (FIFTY FIVE DORRA), looked awesome and FIT NICE. It’s a black one, so at least it’s a different colour. Anyway, no lining, but still, luckily I bought it because my class ended at 7:30pm and it was cold!

Hopefully I will have photos later (I’m too tired since my class ended late and I just reinforced the buttons – because I’m very particular about buttons) – if not on Saturday from our excursion 😀

A shoutout to the birthday parties on Friday (R) and Saturday (A) – sorry I can’t make it, but do have oodle loads of fun 🙂


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