miketsu design

Hello, all 🙂

I’ve been trying to tinker with the idea of  freelance graphic design jobs – I tried out the site that C recommended me but I can’t get my blasted telephone verified because I keep pushing the hash (#) button but its telephone system won’t recognise it OTL

Anyway, I’ve set up my portfolio blog – it’s only to do with graphic design only. I’ll do an architectural portfolio (probably named miketsuarchitecture) sometime soon.

I’m plugging the link on the side, but here it is:


Hum de hum. Apart from putting on my refined logo works and stuff, I’m hoping that I one-in-a-million-chance get some freelance work through there. Like I say, I’m just a student so I’ll only be charging a fraction of the price, as long as what you’re willing to pay me is reasonable! 😀 I’m just looking to expand my portfolio and I love designing anyway ;__; So if you like my touch on graphic works, give me a try? XD I can save y’all some moolah >:3

I’m gonna go set up the architecture blog now lol – before the url gets taken. I should change the title to this blog the “miketsu blog”.

Adios amigas!


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