Nails of the week

So, as you all know, I bought this awesome Kimmidoll bag holder.

I’m an absolute sucker for Japanese print things. I absolutely LOVE IT.

You’d be wondering why I don’t like Chinese prints instead – it’s probably because I’m so used to seeing them – but the Japanese prints are so POP that I just love them.

Anyway, using this as an inspiration, I decided to do some Japanese flowered themed nails – I was going to use deep blue and white base for my nails (alternating) but I HATE the pink special polish. Warning – it’s CRAP! Get the red one instead. I’m totally facepalming over the pink special polish – I’ll find a use for it somehow, but argh. Not good.

Left hand

Right hand

Sorry for the exceptionally blurry photos. HOWEVER – I cleaned up around my nails. Excuse the fluff on my fingers for the left hand – I’ve been using wool cotton pads and they SUCK – they disintegrate in your hands when you use them for a bit longer than usual T_T They were the worst attirer puffs I ever bought.

UPDATED WITH CLEARER PHOTOS 😀 Does a lot more justice to this set.

But yeah, these were done using Konad’s Deep Shining Blue polish and just the white Konad special polish, using the s9 template. I strongly encourage you all to check out the s series templates – they aren’t available here in Australia (and if they were, I bet they’d be more expensive than the m series). I got this off Gmarket a la Korea, and these are totally worth it. I love the flowers and I know the photos are really crappy – they look really really awesome in real life. As you may or may not know, most Japanese yukata are deep blue with white patterns. Or well, they’re commonly blue and white. They come in a range of colours, anyway.

Because it’s night time, photography isn’t the best. I might be back maybe tomorrow with better photos – yes yes? GYAH I LOVE THESE.

Until next blog ❤


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