Back to uni

… I just woke up after a nap. I was so tired I just collapsed onto my bed and slept for 2 hours >_>

Well, the good thing about starting uni is that I manage to find my energy from somewhere.  The bad thing about it of course is that it takes up a lot of your time and you have stuff due in. Less sleep for me!

One of the great (and bad) things about starting is seeing all the fresh new faces around campus. It’s mostly to do with the fact that the campus feels brand new, but I feel very old. I’m in my final year now, so I feel like there’s a huge age difference. But think of it this way, when I started university, I was only 17. I’m only turning 22 this year.

I also get a chance to see all the “fashion trends” and dressing styles. Today was a relatively warm day at 28 degrees – it was even warmer due to the fact that I walked to uni in 20 minutes and then climbed I think 5 flights of stairs up to my classroom. I totally forgot that while you’re moving, you’re not really sweating. It’s when you sit down, stop – then it will look like you just walked out of a shower. Which is exactly what happened. Not a good idea to walk to uni on a hot day. At the same time, it felt good. I’ll probably keep this up for the next 5 weeks at least, so I’ll be healthy and sporty :3

One of the WORST fashion trends so far today is what R called “nasty shorts” (you may know these as “hot pants” or “hot shorts”) only in its sister form, “nasty skirts” – which are IMO 500 times worse. (Though both forms were present and popular)

Girls, I know you might have lovely thin legs and thighs to show off – but nasty skirts are NASTY. I saw a girl with a nasty denim skirt – and you know, denim mini skirts are generally tailored so that they don’t have a tendency to fly up in the wind – they do however have a tendency to continually ride up your hips and sit on your waist where there’s less circumference and feels comfy (for the skirt, not for the wearer). This girl had a nasty denim skirt – nothing wrong with the denim colour, but you could literally see butt curves and  associated shadows. Needless to say, I overtook the couple – I couldn’t keep walking behind them >_>

Then I saw a girl with a nasty pleated skirt, which was even worse cuz it flew up. Then she tried to restrain the skirt, but in a really not-so-intelligent way, because the skirt is pleated! You need to pull that skirt taut or else it’s just gonna fly up again!

Girls – I am a girl – please don’t be offended if you see that I am picking out these so called fashion mishaps (and if you’re wondering, my orientation is straight, so I’m not checking you out or anything). I honestly don’t really care if my skirt flies up (because I always wear shorts under anyway) – but if you’re going to wear something ridiculously short – please think before you do so. It’s not pretty when you’re walking up the stairs and someone’s behind you, or if you bend to pick stuff off the ground. It’s never a good idea to wear a nasty skirt. In this respect nasty shorts aren’t so bad,  but I’ll bet they’ll give a wedgie. Not pleasant.

At least cover your rear fully and properly! Why don’t people just wear shorts underneath? Don’t give me the excuse that it’s “too hot” – because safety shorts do NOT add any insulation whatsoever. I generally wear my zipia pumpkin shorts as safety shorts and I’ve already commented on how thin and lightweight the cotton is. If it’s too hot, then most likely the safety shorts are polyester – just, please, START WEARING SAFETY SHORTS!

It’s only 28 degrees today, too! I survived wearing long jeans (and skinny ones, too!) and a tee – I was even wearing my midcut converses – you seriously do not need to wear a singlet, nasty shorts/ skirts and non existent shoes. It’s not tropical weather.

If you’re one of those who wear nasty mini skirts and manage to (1) fully cover your butt (this helps if you are flatter in figure – unfortunately I know I have a butt, so all my dresses and skirts end up ridiculously short at the back – this is why I usually wear pants or shorts – ahhhhh – well until recently, that is, because zipia needs to be worn) (2) at least take appropriate measures to keep it covered (safety shorts, constant adjustment, buying/ wearing an appropriate type of skirt) and (3) wear them and look good wearing them – congratulations!

Anyway, my nails are really chipping  fast. It’s because I didn’t use a base rofl – I’m lazy okay, I didn’t want to wait. Doing two stamps on each nail and a top coat for each took one hour already and I’m impatient. I need to grow more efficient at this though, because I want to have at least one nail design per week to post up here. Hopefully I find an hour each week to do it. I think I’ll be redoing my nails either tonight or tomorrow – I’ll definitely post it. This purple checked+lace design is growing on me, though! Lace stamps indeed are very cute – that’s why I got m71 yesterday 😛 I think I’ll be doing Kimmidoll nails next. I’m still trying to figure out how to do them without having emo looking nails. I want to do a set where the nails are actually different instead of repeating the same thing for each. Blah, I’ll figure it out.

I smell dinner – so I’m off. I think I can make a small badge tonight, but I don’t have enough felt at home to make a set of shoulder badges. I might also give myself a rest though – obviously watching 2 Korean concerts (full of T.O.P giddysauce too so eyeballs go all sparkly) and sewing for about 5 hours at night wasn’t a good idea. I was very tired this morning (I woke up at 10am for a 12noon class – haha). I’ll pick up the sewing kit tomorrow. I’ll do my nails tonight and seal ’em well.

Yufit night tonight! (A bit early, though, I just did mine a few days ago – like on Wednesday or something) – I’m not sure if the product got changed or if it went expired because the date on the packages were 2010.02.17 – if so, I really wish I could mark that seller DOWN – Oh my God – it took them a while to post out the Yufit masks and possibly they’re not really good? They still worked fine though. I’m wondering if it’s the batch date – but I received that on the 17th February. So I’m not too sure. Oh well, never buying from them again. I’ll be buying from the first one who sold out!!

Anyway – gotta run now. See y’all later tonight.

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