No money no more, no holidays no more

I think the title is quite self explanatory XD

First things first, I got the Big Bang Big Show 2009 concert and G-Dragon’s Shine a Light concert from Ramille 🙂 I’ve watched the Big  Bang one already! IT WAS CRAAAAAAAAAAAAZY! (get the reference lol – part of lyrics from their song “BIG BANG” ._.) – currently halfway through GD’s concert. I’m wondering since when was GD’s concert Se7en’s concert 😛 Well considering Se7en is also part of the YG Family and he’s been away from Korea for so long, well, gotta give him some stage time 🙂

I also got this beautiful little thing:

It’s the heart usb that C asked me to design for her friends’ recent wedding! I couldn’t imagine my logo design being printed on usbs – and I’m impressed with how it turned out – the usb makes the logo pretty XD Still, uber stokedness from logo being on usbs to invitations to balloons – thank you so much! I’d love to keep on designing logos in the future!

Basically today we went to the Sydney Camera Markets sale. Next time I’m bringing more money if I go. But then it’s July and that’s when everyone’s sick with the flu… ewwwww. But it was a real eye opener – so many diferent things on sale! A lot of them would make awesome props.

Anywho, we went shopping and I succumbed to more Konad templates.

m55 and m71. Fruit and lace respectively.

I found it so cute that the ajumma had stamped nails too! XD

I can’t be bothered measuring if Gmarket is cheaper. I just know I get my template like NAO and I won’t have to spend another $200 just to justify all my purchases.

After looking at a lot of yummy military jackets and seeing some really funky badges for sale, we all sort of decided to just go DIY with them because (1) they were a rip and (2) we could make our own (originality) and hoped that (3) it’d be much cheaper.

I’m not really sure about the cheaper part HAHAHA – but I’m positive I’ll be able to make another badge, at least one hair band and 2 sets of shoulder badges. I might have to get more stuff though, but I wouldn’t be spending much more. If I guestimate, It’d be making it about $10/ badge, which isn’t bad.

Bunny et badge.

I LOVE THIS BADGE. IT TOOK A FREAKING LONG TIME, but it was well worth it. Some of the things I used were things I already had, but oh my, it took WAY TOO LONG. I didn’t even have time to back the badge and make it more stiff because I promised I’d blog at 10pm. I’m already about 6 minutes late!

As for Mr (or Miss) Bunny, I started it off ages ago, but I threw away its arms, legs and possibly the dress I was stitching out of rage last year. Thankfully I still kept the head. It took me 2 hours non stop hand stitching to make 2 arms, 2 legs, attach it to the body and then stitch on the military jacket stuff. And to R, hope you enjoy “no sleeves no more”! This ain’t a military jacket… it’s a military vest!

I am SO TIRED! Better sleep before 11:30pm tonight. Just waiting for the shower now.

Uni starts tomorrow! Better get my lazy self to get a new concession sticker for my student I.D. Eurgh. Too. Lazy.


3 thoughts on “No money no more, no holidays no more

  1. That Badge is awesome!! We’ve got to get moving on our ones lol I need to cute them letters too. That night turned into “Clean out the closet/old clothes” night instead >.<

    And yes, I thought that Seven took the stage for a little too long but he was still good though. Their concerts were fricken amazing! That Centre must be massive! I want to go!!

    • Omg I know! There were SO MANY PEOPLE AT GD’S CONCERT D: I was sooo shocked – plus everyone’s like standing, too, not even sitting, so that’s a LOT of people D:

      And thanks :3 Can’t wait to see your badges! 😀 I’m still trying to find my baggy ZE:A pants lol – dang it 😦

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