Omg yay double button (black) trim military jacket!

Outfit of the day: Zipia acidy washy looking dress and Zipia boots (scrunched). I gave the dress another go – IT STOPPED SHEDDING FLUFF! But then I was using different bags today to tell.  But it should be fine now. The Zipia boots however (the suede ones) SHED COLOUR. Uhm, my shins are a bit black where I scrunched them, lol. It should be alright. I am still irked by the shoe factory smell of the boots, and the heel clacks when you walk. You get used to it. I also recommend either inserting an insole or wearing thicker than usual socks – the front part of the boot is a bit thin, so you will be slapping your foot as you walk.

Today the day started off semi-early but it began with me wandering around the city aimlessly before settling for a Gloria Jean’s Iced Mocha. It was alright, but it wasn’t as nice as the first one I ever had (which was only a few weeks ago). I then had to throw it out because while I was walking in the city I walked past someone who was coughing very dangerously – I couldn’t risk drinking possibly contamined iced mocha – into the bin it went. Speaking of which, I hate it when people cough when they walk past you. It’s really gross because it’s spreading germs around and all!

Ice mocha – no, I wasn’t drinking it at 6am in the morning or 8pm at night… polaroid makes lighting funny. And a really sketchy perspective shot on the right. It seriously looked like a render and not a photograph to me.

Both taken at World Square. The large screen is a good idea. A lot of people just started sitting on the benches watching the screen, so I think it’d work for more public spaces in Sydney.

Then I saw the lovelies \o/ So it was Pepper Lunch and giving Ramille their Pig Rabbit time. :3

Pepper Lunch isn’t that bad – it’s just not vegetarian friendly. I ordered a double chicken steak, and it wasn’t bad. The chicken tasted alright  and there was enough on my plate to keep me full. I think though the whole idea of “mix your own food” is a bit iffy since you’re paying not-so-cheap prices for it, but I think it is a fresh concept and it wasn’t badly priced or anything. I used to have this really bad impression of the place (mostly because it looked small from the outside, and you lined up right at the door), but it’s actually pretty big and it’s not bad. I’d probably go back again, actually – it wasn’t too shabby.

Secret stall is evil! I bought my military jacket from it! It looked so awesome that I had to buy it (it’s the same one that I saw the other day >_< Luckily nobody bought it! It’s the last one – they’re done with those jackets!). It looked so awesome buttoned up and I really liked the cut at the bottom which makes it more unique than your normal boxy jacket.

Now, my problem is that it’s a bit tight, and it’s because of the lining inside. I’m gonna sound a bit like Hulk here, but I actually already ripped a bit a lot of the lining inside because I tried to hug myself (ie. cross my arms in front of myself)/ stretch my arms. It’s made of a polyester that doesn’t usually come with a lining (nor does it need one), but it came with a lining. Question – should I just remove the lining? If I do that, the jacket lining won’t rip, and it’ll probably be more comfortable to wear. However on the other hand, the jacket loses a lot of its insulation. I’ll probably patch up the lining (not that anyone will see it cuz it’s on the inside when you wear it anyway) late at night (I wasn’t supposed to buy a jacket!). I’ll take a peek inside through the rip to see how the sleeves and all are attached. If it’s attached relatively well I might consider removing the lining. What do you guys think? It ultimately depends on how the jacket itself is made, huh?

Considering I paid quite a bit for it, I’d be sad to see it go to waste because it’s a bit tight. I have a feeling it’s just got to do with the fact that the lining itself not being well sewn or good quality. EDIT/ It’s probably the quality. I realised that nothing on the jacket has been overlocked, which is REALLY REALLY ODD. Once I do my own work to it (note: I do not sew, I embroid things to the point it’s impossible for them to rip), I think it should be alright. I can’t wear anything thick under it though. It’ll just have to be an autumn jacket (a pretty warm one, though).

I’m so excited! It’s gonna look so awesome with boots. Plus it’s grey in colour and not the usual black/ blue you usually see 😀 *giddy* Though the ones that 2PM wore for the Again and Again performance on the SBS Gayo 2009 (red ones) looked really awesome. Partly due to the fact that it was on Khun’s body – *whistles*.

But anyway, regardless of ripped lining, I’m going to reinforce the lining and reinforce all the buttons. I really like the buttons (that was the other factor apart from the colour and the collar) and I’d go nuts if I lost any of them.

EDIT/ I think I might wear the jacket unbuttoned. When I button I cannot lift arms ._. I think the stitching wasn’t that great to begin with – I can tell via the ends of the sleeves. Le sigh – but still, pretty is pretty. I have a feeling a someone tried this jacket on before me. Cuz I have very small hands and wrists – it wouldn’t have been me wrecking the sleeve ends. But never fear, it was worth it! Definitely D:

Kimmidoll bag holder is really prettysauce. I got “Hasumi”, the graceful one.

I love using Super Macro. It looks so nice.

I wanted “Yoshi” one, but then it was a bit too common (a lot of them sold quickly). It had pink though! But meh, blue. This one has awesome flowers on it though. These remind me of the Konad template I got 😛 Speaking of which, my “Nails of the week” are chipping off – fast. I applied a top coat last night because I realised that the purple lace stamp was fading (for good reason – that is, because it’s fading from my two index fingernails and because I didn’t use two top coats). I’m wondering if I should just redo them for tomorrow. I’ll see how things turn out. I might be too lazy to do so. Also if I do them, I’d want them to look like this bag holder. Hmmm. That sounds a bit too advanced for me. I might sew my jacket tonight instead. That should keep me busy for a good 30 minutes or so.

These things are amazing. No matter how much force you apply with your hands to tug this thing, it won’t budge.

I’m sure these bag holders can hold almost everything and anything. I bet the only time when one of these things fail is when the table collapses, not because the bag holder itself is unstable. It’s a relatively light thing to carry, too, and considering it’s so small, it’s so nifty! I bet it has to do with the dimensions, though. I’m sure all bag holders have the same circle dimensions and somehow it’s like the awesome ratio for defying gravity. And if you don’t need this to hold your bag, it’s a fun “toy” – I just tug on it randomly every now and then.

I can get over 100 points in two stages of basketball! I figured out the secret. All I had to do was take a step back. I throw the ball way too high and way too hard that it always bounces off the rim. NEXT TIME I BETTER GET TO STAGE 3! Still nowhere as good (I got like, 107 for 2 stages), but it’s okay! I can improve!

I also broke my Prize Paradise curse – though it wasn’t just a dollar (I put in 2 – don’t forget the numerous other things when I tried and failed to get stuff), I won my first ever toy at Prize Paradise. It’s a grumpy cat. But I liked it because it was pink and grey. Only it’s just very grumpy.

It looked cute when I saw it in the machine. Probably because it was face down. Hmmm. It has an evil crooked smirk face. But oh well, for $2, meh, it’s okay.

Samsung Jet Icon S8300 also has good sound quality – I’ve received a few calls and the sound quality is not bad. I realised it’s only bad when you call another Samsung phone which has bad sound quality 😛 So yeah, I’m pretty happy with this one. I think the battery life is alright, too, and will last you about 10 days on a full battery. Not bad, not bad.

I also realised that if I rotated my phone 90 degrees, I get a QWERTY keyboard when I’m typing an SMS – lols. Took me long enough to figure that one out! But it’s all good. I’ll have to get used to it, though. I can’t seem to type fast enough. But I’m faster using this one than one of those normal keypad phones!

To Ramille – hope you guys are enjoying the Backstreet Boys concert! It’s about 7:49pm as I’m typing this sentence, so the concert would have started in its beginning stages 😀


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