Signs of feeling down and going downhill.

Well, sorry if I haven’t been around much – I’ve been feeling better from the cold, but the mood is going in the opposite direction. I’ve had a pretty bad week >_> If you know me personally, you’d probably agree OTL

I just realised that I am in need of a haircut (yes, it’s been 3 months already! Doesn’t time fly?), and that I really really want a military style double button trimmed jacket, as well as a pair of mid-shin high (maybe glossy) pointy toe lace up boots. I would also very much like to recolour my hair, even though I said I wanted to grow it out back to my natural colour which is pitch black. I am so random. But I really really want a jacket like that, and I want those boots. I don’t even mind if they don’t have lace (actually, they must have shoelaces if they’re shiny), I just want them to be waterproof or shiny, and have a pointed toe – because those don’t exist in my wardrobe. My mum commented on how lovely the Chanel boots were in the ad for Marie Claire, and was interested in knowing how much they were. Oh dear me, no hope of me getting those. I don’t have the money for it at the moment. If I see a double button + trim jacket at the “secret stall” on Saturday, well priced, you know what’s going to happen. I’m going to buy it. Sigh. I hope I stop spending after those few items. Can’t afford it, and this is just only retail therapy. Dangerous therapy at that, too.


Where’s the best place to start meeting new people? I want to take M‘s advice. She approves of me meeting new people. I approve of myself meeting new people. I think it’s much more healthier than I obsess over someone for a week, then another for another week, and another for the week after. Too bad I’m just not like that. Hmm. I know most people are going to suggest stuff like taking up lessons somewhere for something or another. I wish I had the time to do that. Hmm.


To prove how stressed I am, I present to you my latest two Instax shots.

I instantly think of Two Face from Batman. Don’t ask me why.

Dude, seriously, the image on the right – major facepalm. The sky was pastel! It was all nice and light and giddy like L/R‘s photography colouring. But no, I end up with something dark and gloomy. They’re probably right – what mood you’re in will determine what photos you take. Oh, and major polariod shift. In this case, the image shifted up. It just looks majorly depressing thinking about that photo D: ARGH.


Onto other lighter matters, I’m adding a “Nails of the Week” category. I’ll go through my old entries and move them to there so it’ll archive a bit better. The entries will slowly be moved within the next few days when I’m feeling exceptionally bored.

These are my purple! nails for this week:

Can you believe that artificial lighting is better than natural lighting? What is this world coming to >_>

Hum de hum. Pastel purple Konad base, white Konad special polish cross hatch stamps from m79 template, and purple Konad special polish lace stamps from m57 template.

I’m not sure if I like these or not. I realised after finishing that I shouldn’t have done lace tips because my nails were short. And I’m not sure if the cross hatch pattern even goes with the lace – I was better off doing horizontal stamps of the lace in purple, pink, purple instead. The cross hatch pattern looks like those patterns you find on a jumper you’d get from Dangerfield or something >_> The pastel purple polish was a nice surprise, though. It wasn’t really that purple – it looks more like a borderline pink to me. In a way that’s a good thing.

With all solid colours however, I’ve decided that all nail polishes will be goopy – even a Konad. While I got the colour on okay, it still feels a bit thick (not as thick as Missha though) and I feel it’s going to chip on me soon.

These nails took me one hour to complete (right hand included) and it consisted of I think 3 stamping fails (quickly wiped that off with some nail polish remover without wrecking the base). The cross hatch pattern is actually very hard to get right because it’s not wide enough for my thumb (or most thumbs, probably), and it’d mostly end up on your skin. The best way to do the lace stamps is to roll your nail onto the stamp, rather than rolling the stamp onto your nail. It sounds counter intuitive, since you think that the stamp’s purpose to to apply the stamp to the nail and not the other way around, but you will get neater and more accurate stamps if you put your nail to the stamp. As such, I haven’t gotten any kinks in the stamp using this method. It’s really easy to roll the design and fold it if you stamp to nail however (which I’ve gotten for the past few times, I must say).


I’ve finished my roll of paper! And it only took me about 6 months for that to happen. I draw way too much for my own good. I’ve got a LOT of doodles to upload to tumblr – I just haven’t processed them yet.

Speaking of drawing, today I felt that I wanted to do something for Minitokyo and I did this:

It’s no secret, I drew it with permanent marker and then I retraced it digitally and coloured it in. And yeah, it’s meant to be that kind of rough, comic feel – not sure why, but I just wanted it to be like that.

The task was to draw a staff member, so I drew brom. See how obsessed I’m going to get with those jackets? I even drew one here. But no, I’m sure brom doesn’t look like that. I think of graphic tee, jeans and converse, but I just had to draw this because it looks leet. Actually, I think brom might even have wavy/ curly hair. Oh well. I must say even though this drawing isn’t fantastic, it’s pretty superior compared to my usual doodles lol. This is quite some work in comparison to my doodles.

The drawing itself took me about 3 minutes (you can imagine that I could have ended it there and then), but the retracing and colouring took about 2 hours in total. I bow to those vector artists – I have no patience to do something elaborate as such. But then I’m contradicting myself, because I’ve done my fair share of elaborate line work and colouring in. Back in those days I would work on a wallpaper for 2 weeks without any complaints. Now I just sit here for 2 hours and wish it were over already. I am nearing my expiry date. Hmmm.


Let’s go to the beach and take some polaroids. Blue turns out beautifully in polaroid shots – I can’t wait to see how it’d look like with the water against the sky. Let’s do it some day.


I was looking through my stuff on my bookshelf when I realised I received a handout flyer for a Traffic Light party. For those who don’t know what it is (I’m sure everyone does) – you wear red if you’re taken, green if you’re single. For some reason the flyer came with wrist bands and that’s the reason why I took it – for a free wristband. I just realised after a year of having this on my shelf that I was given a yellow wristband >_> Erm, I’m sure when I got the flyer I was NOT single at the time lol. Dayum.

Thinking about it makes me sad now D: I need a green wristband >_> Hmm.

OKAY – enough hmming – I’m ending this post now lol. I’ll be back whenever to blog about whatever XD

Until next blog!


One thought on “Signs of feeling down and going downhill.

  1. those nails look amazing! i don’t think you should be second guessing your decisions about the lace, the criss cross, etc. because it looks perfect, and also, your nails are not that short.

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