Patchwork quilt of random bloggerisms

I don’t have anything to really blog about, but I just feel like doing so, in rapidfire vomit style.


This month’s Marie Claire features Victoria Beckham as the cover

The interview was quite interesting (from what I quickly read before I had to blow out my nose), and the photoshoot images for her interview are impeccably beautiful. I don’t really know her all that well (was never really a fan of the Spice Girls and never really cared for many celebrities), but the photos were lovely. You must see it.

On top of that there’s a $30 membership card for Witchery for all readers – no minimum spend required. That means I can get something $30 for free! Though I know $30 won’t get me much lol. The only Witchery thing I have is my purplish grey trench coat you all saw me wear to Cockatoo Island. Even so I stupidly bought a size up because I thought I was going to be bundled up with thick jumpers and stuff. Argh.

The latest Chanel catwalk collection features huge bows in the models’ hair. It’s time to invest in a large bow if you haven’t already! Dayum C is so ahead of fashion ๐Ÿ˜›

Dior is bringing back the top hat. Argh – just pick up the magazine and flickย through it ๐Ÿ™‚


Really really really really sick.

I know what it’s like to be sick – in fact back in those high school or whatever days before I gained weight and got a better immune system, I would catch a cold about 3 times during the winter. Not healthy, but I know what it’s like to feel sick. I’ve had some really bad sick days. I can say this isn’t the worst, but it’s pretty bad. I’ve had worse of course, but ugh, I can’t believe that it’s taking me this long to recover! By now I should ideally be breathing normally through my nose. What’s this with the hokey pokey – this nostril blocked and that that nostril blocked? My poor nose hurts! This is why I don’t want to go out anywhere, because sweating = salt = burning skin around nose.

The medicine is not so effective to say the least. I’ll try some honey or something. That might help.


Confusion, confusion.

For those who have supported me in the past few days over a pretty bizarre incident, thank you, thank you โค

REMOVED – seems like said person can read my mind. I’m relieved.


My clothes keep disappearing.

I could have sworn my Zipia sweat/ harem like pants were washed and put into my “shelves”. I’ve lost them now. I don’t particularly feel like digging out my closet either. Possibly mum has them on her side? I’m so confused… but I want to find them… the weather is about right for wearing them now ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

AND YES – I just realised that the weather is cool enough to wear a knitted dress but warm enough for the dress to have short sleeves ๐Ÿ˜€ I would like to give my acidy wash dress another go though. Dunno what bag to use though, if the fluff keeps coming off >_>


Redo nails tonight

Surprisingly whilst blogging, I don’t feel so sick any more. I’m going to redo my nails probably tonight because the blue is coming off (I haven’t touched it with any top coats lately and the design sucks anyway). I’m gonna do something lacey. Because I’ve been sick I skipped my Yufit night, too. Argh.


Minitokyo Knockout 2010

We only need 3 (or 2 if flyin goes ahead) more participants to get this thing rolling. So far, so good.

Depending on how many rounds we all decide to have (though I think possibly the shorter one will be better for everyone), one of the HELPER02s will be shifted to a judging position.

Everything is ready: Round 1 theme is more or less set in my mind, the prize is here, the preview is up, and I just need those few names and I can start to draw out the names and post up the video. You ONLY NEED TO BE A MEMBER OF MINITOKYO TO PARTICIPATE! Though previously mentioned in the recruitment thread however, the competition is a bit like Minitokyo All-Stars – there is an amazing line up of wallers (more amazing than I had ever thought I’d get *_*) but the prize is really up for grabs. I’ve thrown in those chance weapons/ cards, so it could swing towards anyone.

If you know anyone who’d like to participate, please let them know! There’s a slight minimum level of walling skill/quality required (just has to satisfy the Policy), but I’m sure anyone with basic Photoshop skills, has good touch/ good eye for mistakes and execution and can think laterally WILL be able to do well. In a competition like this when your name is at stake (and a prize too), everyone is bound to do better than they usually do. Take up the challenge!

I’ll still be scouting the galleries in the next few days (when I feel a bit better) for potential participants. Again, sorry if I skip you – but usually I will send an invitation to members I think who have got the basic skill and some pretty nice touch/ style but with great potential.


And I’m going out to my balcony to get some Vitamin D. It’s the first time the sun has come out in the past 3 days. YUS.

Until next blog! I’ll probably be back tonight or tomorrow morning with the Nails of the Week ๐Ÿ™‚ I should make a category for this lol. But I can’t be bothered. Hmmm. Actually, I might. Later. ๐Ÿ˜‰


6 thoughts on “Patchwork quilt of random bloggerisms

  1. Omg!! You must tell me more!! You can’t just leave that super short. Maybe I’ll have to read it again. I’ll play bbal with you! No way we’ll get to stage 3 tho lol

    • Lol it’s hard ._. And let’s play bball lol – I have Mr Pig Rabbit for you anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully I’m not sick when the weekend comes around (I feel and sound a lot better right now, actually). I can’t get to stage 3 either lol. On my own I’d barely even make it to stage 2 T__T We need Brian or that dude I saw the other day who got to stage 4 and over 400 points to get to stage 3 lol Dx

      • Lol I think I still will hold them back >.< I suck at that, I have absolutely no arm strength at all!

        We'll be in the city on saturday! YAY for BSB and yay for Pig Rabbit!! OMG IM SO FRICKEN EXCITED!

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