Gmarket Haulage Number 3

Can I start this post off  by saying how awful I am feeling? I felt so bad last night I went to sleep early and now I’m a full time snot machine. I feel so bad. Eugh. I hate having a cold? What is with the weather? It was like summer – then March – INSTANT DROP IN TEMP. Dude, why change the weather so abruptly >_> I’m going to crawl back into bed after this post.


Despite being slightly annoyed at the tracking website – AustraliaPost’sfaultnothingtodowithanythingelse (so Gmarket didn’t come in yesterday) I got mine exceptionally early today, delivered by the same guy as last time (who is made of pure awesomesauce). Even though Australia Post delivered it a day late, this order took in total 7 days from the time I ordered, to when I received everything. This is REALLY FAST. I’m pleased!

I got my mum to go downstairs and pick it up for me because I had just woken up, and I was feeling very very shoddy. I had a good sleep, though! But ugh, this is a pretty violent cold I must say. I can’t describe how blocked my nose is. Ugh.

But receiving a parcel makes me happysauce!

Believe it or not, it’s the same size as the box last time. How was it even possible to fit 2 soft toys into this? Apparently, it was very possible.
EDIT/ Apparently my mum said it was larger than last time. Thinking about it, YEAH – it was double (or rather, 1.5 ply corrugated card) instead of one ply, and she’s right, this is a bit taller in terms of height. No wonder this came in pristine condition – no bumps or anything since it’s a better box (albeit heavier).

Weighing at 3.48kg (yes, very precise), this wasn’t actually much heavier than my previous order. But then I didn’t have to really carry it, so I wouldn’t know.


This time however the box was clearly filled to the top ish. You can tell from just measuring the distance of the internal boxes to the edge of the exterior box.

Once again I line it up for you.


I had to get it. Amazingly though this was the only toy that was in an actual pillow sort of shape (since it’s kinda flat) so I had to get it! They sell the loaves too, but those are more like the hugging type of pillow you use when you sleep.

There were only 2 boxes inside (contrary to me believing there’d be 13 :P) – one with film inside, the other with MR PIG RABBIT!

I was surprised that Gmarket removed the box Mr Toast came in. But thankfully, it means that I didn’t pay any excess postage in terms of boxes and other random stuff. I’m pretty content. But it still didn’t feel like 3.5kg to me rofl.

From err – left to right, top to bottom.

(1) Mr Pig Rabbit (in its own box)
(2) Konad nail polish, free rhinestones, 2 special polishes, 3 image plates and a letter in Korean
(3) 5 x 20 film. plus an envelope filled with more downloading coupons
(4) Mr Toast cushion/ pillow (my backwarmer LOL – it’s soft and always happy)


Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT my pig rabbit! This is for C :3 The tie is a bit crooked, but I think it’s detachable (just move the tie across because it must have moved a bit). I haven’t taken it out of the plastic packaging or anything lol. It comes attached with a tag with a card thingo with the YB cast cover thingy. Haha – I suck at explaining ;_;

But through the plastic it looks well made and it’s true to the picture :3 I haven’t even squeezed or squished the thing lol – I bet it’s soft XD (and it’s confirmed it’s really soft! ❤ Glad you liked it :3)

Its box has a cute bear on it and it says “Happiest place on earth” – so Mr Pig Rabbit came from the happiest place on earth 😛 YAY FOR HAPPY PIG RABBIT >:3

Konad, glorious Konad!

What I ordered:

Pastel purple, Beige, Orange Pearl, Deep Shining Blue, Peach Pearl nail polish (all 15ml).

Note – I don’t think I ordered Pastel Purple 😦 I could have sworn I ordered Pastel Blue instead, because I wanted a colour I didn’t have, obviously! I was planning on making a sky with pastel blue. I’m not sure if I chose the wrong one from the menu (I think they’re next to each other), but oh well, it doesn’t matter. The colour looks very different to the Missha one I have, and it looks fairly neutral. I still have the blue that Ramille gave me for a random surprise “birthday” present, so I’m still able to make a sky. The orange pearl looks really nice (though it came a bit too late since summer is now over), and I got the navy blue because it looked so lovely. Perfect for frenching or those more formal shooting events – I don’t have black polish, actually, believe it or not. I only have the black special Konad polish but err yeah that doesn’t count since it’s too rich for normal use XD

Note that the colours I ordered in this order are very similar or identical to the ones I posted for OPI in my wishlist. I can cross nail polish off my list! YES. The great thing about Konad is that they only have 60 colours to begin with. I narrowed it down to just these 5 lol (MINUS THE PASTEL PURPLE RAWR).

Instead of a mini buffer or whatever, I got 3 packets of Konad rhinestones for free – one pack in pink, one silver, one in blue. I’m not sure if I like this more than a buffer or not 😛 But I’m pretty sure these are worth more than a buffer/ emery board XD I think they sell this stuff for like $5 at least a packet in the city or wherever >_< So YAY FOR FREEBIES!

On the right I got 2 special polishes for stamping – one in pink and one in purple (both 5ml). These colours are going to be really handy for lace stamp designs. I was thinking of getting yellow and stuff and getting the fruits template, but I decided that my nails are too small for that (have people realised how tiny my nails are? Obviously not short like those people who bite their nails and stuff, but I have naturally small hands so I can’t do much with my nails >_>). One of them came with English instructions and the other in Korean lol. What a considerate seller XD

I got 3 templates (mum commented on how heavy they were. Hmm.) and they were bundled together and wrapped with that white foam stuff on the left like what you find your nashi pears covered in. I got the templates m57 which has a tiger stripe, cross hatch, leopard print, 2 lace patterns and some flowers; m79 which has a more sophisticated cross hatch, polka dots, clouds, rose and some dots, another lace pattern; s9 which I think is a special Japanese themed release – it has a small kokeshi doll, good luck cat and 5 different cute flower patterns. Darn I should have gotten the red special polish for these! But I’ll use pink instead I think.
(I can do T.O.P EMOS! But I bet they sell the emos on Gmarket somewhere for cheap rofl)
(I’ve been looking forward to this one. Too bad I didn’t get my pastel blue :()

As you can tell, there are over 80 different Konad templates. I narrowed down to just these 3 because a lot of their templates overlap. They have like a template for Christmas, one for USA, one for Hawaii – they have a lot of specific templates, but I personally wouldn’t use them more than once. They had love hearts and ribbons and stuff which I would have preferred getting, but I didn’t want to order that many (also small nail dilemma). I think it’s alright because I got that Korean nail art kit with the glue on hearts XD

TIP FOR BUYING KONAD TEMPLATES: Like I said in the previous post, get out a pen and paper. I jotted down all the templates that I liked (template number) with a short description (eg. lace, prints, flowers) and then I compared the ones I jotted down. I eliminated the ones that were too similar and picked the ones with more designs that were better on the one template. The only thing I doubled was the cross hatch, but I wanted the leopard prints lol. Plus it had lace too. But anyway, yeah, if I need any more of these I’m gonna get them from my secret location 😛 But coming to think of it, the ones at the secret location might not be authentic. These all have Konad hologram stickers and stuff on them. I’ll check next time if I happen to visit secret location and see @_@

MORE VALUE FOR YOUR IMAGE TEMPLATE MONEY: I realised the higher the number the template, the more detail it has on the plate. I mean, their earlier plates only had smaller designs/ stamps, then they just got larger and larger to cover your entire nail 🙂 More value for money rofl. I’m too lazy to cross hatch and I’m too clumsy for it – these will help – A LOT.

The letter I got in Korean I think basically talks about the products they had and they wished me a happy 2010. I don’t think I got anything more than the first and last sentence LOL. But it said something like “we have a range of nail stuff… but we don’t have manicure stuff” O_O I might be wrong (I probably am LOL) – but if they wrote that I’m not surprised – that would make sense since they chose to give me rhinestones instead (and they were SELLING these rhinestones in the listing okay D: So I’m very stoked they came free).


These were the designs I did using the s9 template and Deep Shining Blue polish I got. Japanese flowers and yukata style! ❤ They’re the best design I’ve done so far.

This was a lace design using the polishes and the other 2 templates I bought from Gmarket 😀

But last but not least, I’m very impressed with this seller because they didn’t put each nail polish bottle into its own box. It’s like they read my mind. Not only that it came in a plastic bag. Not the safest, I must say, but lightweight and they came fine in the mail so I can’t complain (each nail polish came in its own plastic packaging anyway). YOU GUYS ROCK??!! If I buy any more, I’m definitely going back to that seller. But I highly doubt I need any more nail stuff lol. I have a bit too much now. I’m tempted to chuck out those cheap Revlon polishes I bought though lol >_> They were those colours that were cool but not wearable on a daily basis. And they’re gluggy to apply, too. KONAD FTW!

And finally I get nail polish that makes me a little more girly lol. The stuff I had before… D: Hahahaha OTL For some reason I feel masculine wearing blue polish. But then it had to do with the fact that I also had my hair tied up and I looked remotely like a random male ulzzang wannabe in one of my luvo shots with Domo-kun >_>

Mr Toast now is tied onto the back of the chair. Yes – TIED! The cushion comes with 2 ties on the bottom corners so I can tie them and secure the cushion in place! As you can tell the cushion is quite strategically ergonomically dimensioned as the width is just perfect for the chair and the height too.

TIP: It helps if you can half read Korean lol – or use Babelfish. I’m not Korean myself but I can spell out the phoenetics okay – I wasn’t sure if I chose the right cushion from the menu, but I was right – so do compare the Korean characters. Mine made it a bit easy because the Korean translated something to like “The Bread King” which makes perfect sense since this cushion is made of awesome.

❤ All nice and secured and tight, tied neatly under and around the chair leg.

I was so surprised to see the ties – I thought that this was merely a soft toy, but I’m glad the makers realised that it would also make a practical back cushion so they included the ties ❤

This cushion was only about $15 and it’s so soft! It keeps my back warm as well and I don’t feel so awkward when I sit on the edge of my chair when I know I have a smiling piece of toast ready to catch me when I lean back! It’s cute too! I wouldn’t be able to buy a cushion this size for this price here. No way!

My film this time came in packs of 20, which means they’re resellable >:3 But anyway, that’s kinda handy lol. I don’t care how it looks, as long as it’s 100 film. Plus it was cheaper than last time (marginally, because the other one had a bigger discount but higher shipping rate, while this has a lower shipping rate but less discount). I got more downloading vouchers XD Hehehe.

And I’m in head to toe Zipia today writing this post. Cept for the slippers lol. I’m wearing that fluffy vest from my Zipia haul. Warm. I shouldn’t be wearing something new just keep me from being sick (it’s gonna turn into my “sick vest” soon >_>) but it’s sooo warm D: I think I’m probably too warm, but I can’t tell. IT’S FREEZING. I HATE THIS WEATHER D:

Well now I’m going to fill out some reviews and get my Gstamps >:3 (well maybe later today when I’m bothered).


Also when I realised if I close my eyes and listen carefully, I can hear T.O.P’s voice in the background 😛 He’s like the bass of Big Bang HAHAHA and my favourite is always the bass in any band >_> I love OH. AH. OH ❤ (and other songs rofl)


Until next blog!


11 thoughts on “Gmarket Haulage Number 3

  1. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.. I have so much bloggage to catch up on OTL You put me to shame with your blogging – I’m more active on Tumblr than blogger these days and cuz I’m too damn lazy to blog anything substantial.

    Such crapdom that you’re sick these past few days. The weather isn’t too bad, but it means I get to live in jeans again. OH OH I’M IN HEAD-TO-TOE ZIPIA TOO!!! Except the 0.5cm heel of my left flats is about to fall off- MUSTGLUEBACKON. I think I need another safari jacket thing.. sigh, I’ve already started adding shiz to my cart. And I posted a review in the Soompi Fashion Portfolio thread thing.

    Your posts always make me want to shop! Tragedy.. but no, I refuse. I am saving my monies for stacks of paper also known as magazines from overseas.

    I admire you and C for keeping up with the nail art. I seriously can’t be arsed, hence why I always fangirl over C’s nails everytime I see them =)

    IT’S A MR TOASTIE PILLOW. I saw the full loaves at Capitol in those evil machines that eat your money despite not grabbing anything. I spent like 5 bux trying to get a loaf but NO. Doopid machine is doopid.

    Lulz – my workmate is dressed like a fob today and she’s non-Asian xD She’s got that whole frills thing and thigh-high dress and 3/4-sleeves chiffon dress thing going. Woot!

    Hrm yes, should be getting back to work now… *slinks back to Zipia*

    • Lol well the subtitle of my blog is “Consumerism in the disguise of literary vomit” – where there is consumerism, there is blog >:3 Besides I blog way too often for my own good. Not much substance 😛
      Yeah, the weather just changed just like that, and I didn’t get the hint quick enough to add more clothes. Bummer. But yeah, the jeans thing is good lol – I can wear acid wash more often. WOOP WOOP. Lol glue on! And I smell another zipia haulage very soon ^^;; Imma check out the thread now XD
      I need to save myself. I WILL SAVE. Bought everything already lol..
      C is the nail artist! I can’t do much other than stamping (because to me it’s like doing all sorts of shizz in one go – though C can’t stamp, she can DRAW those things – SKILLLLLLLL!!!) I also don’t keep my nails long enough since I cut them short once they’re too long. I need girly girl nails lol.
      YES! TOAST PILLOW! I saw those loaves as well the other day. They’re not that expensive to buy though – I think you can get them for like $20 max.
      Lol she sounds like she’s wearing something really awesome :3
      And nuuuu not too much Zipia ! Rofl (but I approve) ;D

  2. helo , i want to ask something about order at gmarket if u dont mind ^^ “I got to the second step where you select payment — in the part where you’re filling out your info it asks for ‘receiver’s name’ and ‘sender’s name’ should i enter my name in both places? thans ~ ^^

    • Hi, as long as receiver’s name is your name, you can write anything in sender name. Usually I just write my own but some people write “Santa” or something random 😉

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