So not only now is my net capped but I woke up feeling extremely sick. Thanks, stupid left eyelid jumping! This is like, a really really good thing happening. =_=

To be fair though, the past few days I’ve been tackling an abnormally runny nose (it started when I dug out my wardrobe to find my rainbow top, which for some reason didn’t get inserted into my hanging “shelves” in my closet – I didn’t even realise it was gone till I realised it was a while since I wore it, and it’s one of the staples in my closet). Not to mention, add a little bit of stress and also add in a big change in weather from like 34 degrees to about 24 degrees, and subtract about 4 hours sleep from your normal sleeping routine – this is the concoction for illness.

Though obviously not as stressed as other times, and nor was I half as upset as the other times I’ve been upset, I still manage to get myself sick. This has got to be the second time in my life this has happened, and no, I don’t enjoy it one bit 😦 It really does feel like one of those typical drama scenes when the father or mother discovers their child has spent their entire savings on the stocks and then found out that the company cheated their money/ went bankrupt, and the father/ mother faints and collapses into a long term illness. That’s about what I’m feeling right now, but obviously I didn’t collapse or anything ridiculously melodramatic as such.

International tracking once again seems a little slow on the Australia Post part – I’m currently hoping that they deliver to my door, because I’m in no condition to walk to the Post Office and back with a 3.5kg box with 2 soft toys inside (you can image how large it will be). Or at least I believe that I’m in no condition to do so. At this rate, they should be delivering to my door :3 Ah well. If I get it soon, I’ll definitely take lots of photos and stuff and put them up :3

And there goes the one and only cough lolly in the house. Sigh. I’ll be eating mints instead for the rest of the day. I’m gonna drink all the water I can >_>


2 thoughts on “Friggin’…!!

  1. OMG sweetie! You forgot the “lol”, “haha”, “:P”, “:D”, “OTLL” in this post!!

    I found a solution, give me admin rights to your blog and I’ll add then for you! 🙂

    • Lol I could give you admin rights, but you need an account 😛
      And yeah, I left those emotes out… I feel uber crappy. I think I have a cold >_<

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