Old wives’ tale.

There’s a Chinese old wives’ tale (or so I’d like to call it one) describing the circumstances when your eyelids annoyingly jump. If your left eyelid jumps, it means something good is about to happen. If the right eyelid jumps, it means something terrible is going to happen. I no longer believe in this tale.

My left eyelid has been madly jumping for the past 2 weeks or so. I’m assuming that if the tale is correct, I’d either win the jackpot in the lottery or something really really excitingly good that will make me want to wet my pants will happen. So far whilst I’ve been having a “good” time in the respect that nothing really bad is happening, the things that could go wrong all went impossibly and horribly wrong. Sure, it’s annoying, but I haven’t felt this down in a course of several months. Is this meant to be good? No? THEN STOP JUMPING YOU STUPID EYELID.


Today I met up with A who just came back from overseas and we had sushi train at UMI, opposite Capitol Theatre. I’m always 50/50 with UMI. I like their interiors and their food is undeniably fresh since you literally watch it being made before it’s served to you, but I personally think it’s pricey. Sushi isn’t really that big (not even the rice bit, and heck, it’s just rice). I paid $16 for 4 plates and a hot tea. It’s alrightish. It’s not the first time I’ve been to UMI anyway, so I knew what to expect.

J then came along and we all decided to just go for 3 hours of karaoke. We sang – and sang Britney Spears’ Womanizer and along with some other songs. We had good fun 🙂 The karaoke system now tells you when the last 10 minutes are so you’re prepared to pick your last 2 favourite songs. We got a MASSIVE room between the 3 of us – it was like a 20 person room, and we got it since they ran out of the smaller ones >:3

I met up with C and R again and I feel crappy for accepting their retail therapy present for me because I was feeling so crappy >_< But on the other hand I get a Domo tote 😀 Thank you ❤ Guys, Pig Rabbit’s coming in tomorrow – it’s all yours free of charge D: I owe you guys wayyy too much money XD;;

We had dinner at Ajisen Ramen which was better than the last time I went. To be honest my noodles smelled a bit funny though. This is the one opposite Market City, by the way, if it makes any difference. Apaprently the one at World Square is better (and I’ve been there before, it’s quite nice). But oh well, comfort food = comfort food. Even if you put another horrible Greek salad in front of me, I’d eat it. Because I need comfort food >_>


Crappy blogging is crappy.

Sorry, this is a really crappy post and it just sounds like a methodical recount of the day but without any emotions. Actually, probably if you stabbed me in the arm I wouldn’t even feel it. I was desensitised for most of the day :\ Today has been on 2 extremes – really really crap, to relief. If you do not prod me, I’ll be fine. Give me a little bit of time. But to get over my hurdles I really have to face them face to face, really. I think I’ll be okay. And thank you to all you guys for making my day much much shorter. If I didn’t go out and see you guys, today would have been one of the longest days I’d have to go through on my own.

I promise that when my Gmarket arrives tomorrow I’ll be back and being giddy and bubbly.

And that blasted left eyelid of mine is still jumping. My Gmarket parcel had better freaking include a 24 carat lump of gold worth 1kg or something for my eyelid to jump this crazy. Ugh.

Lots of love,


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