Out with the old, in with the new.

Seriously, I had oodles of fun yesterday but I woke up this morning with sore legs and arms OTL

Today my phone contract expires/d. \o/ YES!

I was so sick of paying a handset fee for my Sony Ericsson. Whilst it was a neat looking phone, and there are some reasons why I wouldn’t change it (*queue in evil smirk here*), I think it’s time to change it. I just realised how tattered it was (dropping it here and there – I also threw my phone a few times in anger during those rough times in such a thing called a relationship) – not to mention it was constantly screwing up on me. It was no longer reliable. The sound quality however is excellent, battery life too. It’s just a really nice phone, had I had a better 2009 and less software bugs.

After looking for a long time (and briefly browsing on the website before I left home), I was surprised that the amount of phones on offer were very limited. But at the same time, a few Online Only offers were actually available in store! I’m really not a phone person. I’m not really interested in phones, and I only have an interest when I need to get a new one. OR IF IT’S A SOFTBANK WE’RE TALKING ABOUT! 😀 😀 😀 😀

Asking the dealer for a recommendation, she recommended me the Samsung Jet Icon aka S8300. Luckily I asked, else I would have ended up with a year old Nokia model or something. Eesh. But anyway, the phone is prettier in real life than on the website photos. I’m a Samsung user myself (forked out my first $500 on a Samsung phone when I was still in high school, in the later years of Year 11), but the phone battery life is of such exceptional quality and the looks were so fine. In fact, it still works perfectly to this day (my mum uses it – when she rarely needs to contact me). My beef with Samsung is the poor sound quality when you talk to someone on the phone. It was like that with my first Samsung phone, and it apparently is still a similar story as I heard from my friend A, who bought a Samsung sometime during last year (I saw that on display and I didn’t go for it since it’s an older model anyway- though the pink is extremely cute). FINGERS CROSSED IT’S NOT THE CASE FOR THIS ONE.

It was previously free on a $69 cap, but I can get it free on a $29 cap, and it’s a new addition to the $29 cap pool. This will suffice. So far I haven’t experienced any lagging (since it’s a touch screen). The interface and buttons are quite intuitive (I like how there’s a scroll button on the side), and the camera is a glorious 5 megapixels with even a flash. I mean, that’s ridiculously good for a free phone okay. The beef I have so far with this is the stupid widgets bar – I just pressed a widget to see what would happen and what it did was glue it to my background -_- No amounts of pressing the “DAME!!” button would get rid of that junk, and to make things worse a weird search bar popped up and wouldn’t disappear. Why can’t these things have little x’s at the top right hand corner like Windows (or top left as a Mac) to close these damn things? I had to reset my phone because of it. It was infuriating because the manual tells me to shake the phone and the widget will drop back to the bar. UHHH NUHH. DIDUN HAPPEN.

Another thing that annoys me is the screen. It’s a fingerprint magnet and it’s a beetch to clean. I put this in my bag with another object (which had sticky tape on it) and the sticky tape icky glue got onto the screen. WTFSAUCE – I only left it there for like 10 minutes! Some Magic Cleaner spray I got from the previous Gmarket haul got rid of most of the ickiness, but I used my sunglasses cleaner to get rid of it and now it’s back to normal. GRAR.

I need a crystal hard case for this. Because the case they provide sucks.

Otherwise the phone comes with a gig of phone memory and it accepts SD cards. Too bad the SE used an M2 card and not a MiniSD. Can’t use it.

Oh, and I’m not a fan of the ugly button in the centre. It actually doesn’t really do anything. Probably more  useful for like music playing applications or something.

Sorry SE – but you need to retire. It looks like the SE is the bad one while the Samsung is the good one. And YO, I’M USING A GU JUN PYO-ISH PHONE – LOLOLOLOL.

I could only get the phone in white (black phased out), but it still looks nice. It just only sucks because all my technology thingies are black. BUT WAIT- WHITE MATCHES INSTAX!

The phone came in a really sexy box though. And the extras like the headphones were really pretty too. Too bad I don’t use them.

Anyway, the new phone has a whole shizzload of cool features (that most likely you have to pay for, like the GPS), but I’m not gonna go through them all. I honestly don’t use my phone often enough to care. I really wanted a phone with a QWERTY keyboard though, because I really hate typing SMSes (sorry to those who have to read my horribly typed SMSes – I have little to no patience when it comes to those).

So far I like the phone even though it has been stressful (yes, stressful, because I woke up being irritable). Just wait until I like, make a phone call or something. I might get very angry then if the sound is craptastic. But I still have my old phone, so that will work if I need it.

Oh and I can change the back cover and stuff lol – that’s the fun part. Anyway.

That’s just the highlight of my day so far. I’m going to shake off these muscle pains and looking forward to tomorrow 😀

Badda-boom, contemplation for streetwear fashion.

Until next blog! Most likely tomorrow night. If not later this afternoon, if I really have something to yak on about.


2 thoughts on “Out with the old, in with the new.

  1. Oooo pretty new phone! I like touch screen but I hate the qwerty touch screen >.< Fricken iphone one sucks big time but the apps make it worth while! Cant wait to see it 🙂

    • Lol the problem is I don’t even get a QWERTY touchscreen 😦 It’s still the same number pad as a normal mobile which really annoys me >_> tap tap tap OH CRAP TAPPED TOO MANY TIMES… sigh .__.

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