Happy “Lomo” New Year

Happy New Year!

Again another experimental photo. Seriously, this camera has a tendency to shift things. It’s quite odd and mind bending, really. But I kind of still like this shot. It’s a bit blurryish, but the colours came out really nice still, and the composition isn’t bad (considering that was NOT what I saw when I took the shot). This is why you need to do distant ish objects. Sucks that this can’t do macro at all, or it starts to shift things in a weird way. But yeah, this photo looks somewhat lomo-ish o_o

But that’s my New Year’s photo for you all XD

By the way, my posts are structured going BACKWARDS because there were some things I forgot to blog about…

Oh and on another note, there is a counter for the Instax..

It’s on the right of the film cover. Obviously now that I’ve used up a shot, it says “2”, but yeah. Pretty nifty. Though to be honest, I wouldn’t mind if there was a counter or not. I’d be clicking until nothing came out, regardless 😛


My arms, back and legs are dead from basketball last night. I didn’t go at it once, but in fact, TWICE.

We were trying to get over 550 combined score to win a prize at Prize Paradise, but it was proven to be extremely difficult unless you threw with your left AND right hand non stop.

Round 1 was okay because the hoop was there, not moving – then round 2 and round 3 – OMG the hoop started to move from side to side >_< Plus I’m shorter than the hoop considerably (and it is actually closer to you than the free throw line, which is where I used to train myself to throw from) so I had to jump and get accustomed to the distance 😦 I haven’t touched a basketball since I was in year 11 or something, which was about 5 years ago. DAYUM. But still, not too shabby. I’ll be better next time!

On my first go, I got a score of 105, which means I threw in over 50 hoops D: But the thing is, a lot of those balls just bounced off, or rolled off the rim – RAWR!
On my second go, I got a score of 142 so I threw in 71. Not too bad considering I have really bad stamina (jelly legs afterwards Dx) – I probably would have performed better earlier in the day if we weren’t doing this at 10:30pm at night and feeling extremely sticky and gross after an entire day of walking.

It’s pretty fun, and it’s only a dollar for intense 3 minute exercise. I’d go back again if I was feeling stressed and just wanted to quickly tire myself out. Pretty cheap way of doing it, too. I’ll be back…

But yeah. Today I woke up with a multitude of bruises T.T


Yeah. Glitter came off my index and middle finger nails.

I’ve removed all that nail polish though – so it only lived for about 36 hours LOL. Reason being that I don’t like my nails being so bright. It’s a cute colour though! I used Estee Lauder’s Nail polish in CHERRY RED. And a “lazy french” with chunky glitter.

It was a bottle we had from AGES ago but it went on really smoothly, it’s pigmented, and the most you will need is 2 coats only. It dries fast, leaves a streak free finish and is a nice gloss. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that it’s so damn sticky. I got some polish on the side of my nail I thought I’d casually scrape off, but I ended up removing the skin as well D: THIS IS SUPER GLUE IN DISGUISE! Otherwise, it’s fairly easy to remove and it is one of the smoothest nail jobs I’ve ever done. Easy.

But yeah, pink nails are alright, but certainly not red or bright coral. If I had nothing to do, I’d wear it, but on a day to day normal basis, it’s a bit too much for me. So now it’s gone 🙂


Yummy wontons.

Now, who wants to marry me? XD

This photo was taken about a week ago, and this is a plate of wontons that I made. I dunno what you guys think of a wonton, but we make ours nice and soft (so the skin isn’t hard and clumpy), and makee them frilly like a pretty dress. I actually really suck at making wontons, but lately we changed the wonton skin and then BAM I became an instant wonton master.

Leave a comment with your full resumé, income figures and attach your best looking picture to be eligible for consideration. You won’t regret having a bride who can make tasty wontons that taste as good as they look 😛

No, I’m just kidding about the comment part. But yes, I was very proud of myself for making this batch >:3


PS: Some of you may or may not have noticed but I decided to change my signature to my handwritten one. I think it looks nicer/ neater and less stiff than the typed one. But the idea is still the same – a rainbow and the name. Just it’s handwritten and quick.



4 thoughts on “Happy “Lomo” New Year

  1. Fricken hell! How the hell did you go for 2 games?? AND get to level fricken 3 too! Ramon and Me failed haha only got to level 2… I couldnt lift my arms in the 2nd level! Aish! How are people supposed to get a combined score of 550?? I guess if tehre were 2x Brian’s they can get there haha

    Khoa posted pics of the Punching game! I’m gonna leech them and blog about it bwahahaha OMG First Go: 5, Second Go: 5 bwahahahahahaha OMG highlight of the night!

    • Haha I don’t know how I went for 2 games lol. Just keep throwing the ball in XD But I was really tired the second time I played it – so much that a LOT of them bounced off the rim or I just threw them randomly because I was too tired to aim. If I did the game in the morning, I would have gotten a better result probably, but the hoop takes time to get used to lol. In high school I used to just keep throwing basketballs at lunch time – guess it sorta paid off, but I want a score of 200+ next time! Dx

      LOL I know! That was the best highlight of the night! Funny as 😛

        • OMG YES YAY! I’ve been dying to go back to the bball game, but I have to rest a lot first lol. Hopefully it’s not so hot that we’re all tired and feeling muggy >_<

          Hmmm – there's an email reply subscription feature – I could turn it on, but I don't know how useful it'd be since you'd have to subscribe to like all of the posts Dx

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