This morning I woke up at about 8am because some idiot upstairs went onto the balcony and started chuckling madly. Woke me up. Argh.

Anyway, today was my mum’s dentist appointment and luckily enough, I was allowed to go with her. I decided that today would be the day to buy my Juicy flip flops. YAY!

The problem was that by the time I got there a lot of the sizes were gone. Most were only size 8, 9, 1o, 11 and some were even last pairs D: Back in those days when they first landed in Sydney, they were $60 a pair and I cringed so badly about spending that much on a shoe that wasn’t even a sandal (I still think that these days, actually) – but now they are $80. I have to give in because they will never go on sale, and the sizes go so incredibly fast it’s ridiculous. When I showed them to my mum, she agreed that they were much better quality and make than the ones that were selling to begin with though. Not much to choose from – there was only one design that had any size left, so I got it.

Despite the ribbon thingy covering the platformish bit looking a bit funny, I prefer it to look crisscrossy rather than a “CHOOSE JUICY” printed on the side.

The flip flop I bought is called “CLEVER” (haha, get it?? ._.) and I got it in brown. According to the black flip flop there’s a navy available, but it wasn’t on display and I didn’t ask for it. I probably would have preferred navy, but it’s alright. Brown is awesome.

As usual, with my awesome Juicy luck, I was the only person to have ever tried these on. I know this because at the time when the guy came out with these, the tissue paper was still on the charms and ribbon. This is a size 6 by the way. But yes, it seems that I always get to buy Juicy shoes and be the only one to have ever worn them. How awesome is that?! I don’t have to worry about other people’s feet’s sweat germs. Now that sounds pretty gross XD

These are ridiculously soft and comfortable though. Plus I love Juicy tissue paper. That’s another sheet to add to my collection >:3 This box isn’t as nice as the other box I’ve gotten though. But it’s compact, and I can’t complain.

I started liking these flip flops ever since I saw a girl wear them on a bus. I liked the fact that Juicy could make a flip flop so elegant, and it was definitely the ribbon and charms that did it. Not to mention, if you watch He who cannot marry, Kim So Eun (Jong Yujin) wears Juicy-ish flip flops for the entire series. Such a casual but sweet look.

KAWAII! How can I resist? I love their charms. Everything else by Juicy however, I don’t really like because they’re just overboard. I like their shoes though >:3

Pretty padlock charm. I’d reuse these charms if these flip flops ever die on me. They’d better last a good 5 years before that happens though.

Feels weird since they are somewhat platformish. Hopefully I conjure up the guts to wear these out since I did buy them already.


Three Kingdoms drama adaptation should hit the shelves of pirated DVD stores in Chinatown after the 20th February or so, as Chinese New Year celebrations are currently underway overseas (and as a consequence has halted pretty much all work in general).

That reminds me that I still have to review The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2009, which was IMO full of vomit. I’ll be back in a few hours with that.


We were in Market City and my mum dragged me into a store that I used to buy shizz from but stopped doing so because they started to only sell their own branded clothes. Seriously, I only liked them because they stocked K*2 Factory clothes. (NB: K*2 is a premium streetwear brand that is popular in Hong Kong with highly exhorbitant prices. Seems like they changed their clothing a lot in the recent years – back then it was pretty hard out, I must say – they sell K*2 on Yesstyle now, but eurgh, the stuff looks awful compared to what I remembered seeing in their store.)

I was looking at a pair of ripped leggings that looked kinda cool (just to check the price) and they were $35 (without any discount). However, I also managed to cut myself with their coat hanger. NOOB. Great way to start the day at 10:45am.

It’s actually nastier in real life since I didn’t touch up the colours. And yep, it did start bleeding but just barely.

Now it looks like I made an unsuccessful attempt to cut my wrist. Hmmm. Let me reassure you, do not try this at home. I was annoyed even though this was a scratch. Just DO NOT TRY IT AT HOME – OR AT ALL FOR THAT MATTER.

Something tells me that I’m not gonna walk into that shop for a long while. Hopefully not ever. We only liked that store because they had a $10 storewide sale a few years back because they were going to renovate. I mean, K*2 SKINNY JEANS FOR $10?! YOU’RE KIDDING MEEEE – a mini skirt that covers half your ass is about $500HK (that’s about $90AUD) – let alone a pair of full length pantsssssssssss! It was a one off thing though. I should have bought the entire store at the time. :\


Onto other matters, I’ve finally been changed to the new Facebook interface which seemingly looks more simple but actually takes dog vomit amount periods of time to load. Hmmm.



I’m not going to reply them in full, because they’ve been answered in my other “How did you find me?” posts. This is just a selection of awesome searches that I got in the past, I dunno, 2-3 days. So if you landed on this post and didn’t get your answer, be sure to search my other posts (type in miketsu *your search here* into google and if there’s an option to show more results from my blog, click that. You’ll find your answer in no time ;)).

lovigan – OMO!! AGAIN!! ❤

so ji sub naked – I love this search. If you find leaked naked images, please come back and share the link with me? PLEASE?! But anyway, check out the OMONATHEYDIDNT livejournal, or find my So Ji Sub hotness post. I linked to a site with raunchy images >:3

gu jun pyo impersonation youtube – as far as I’m concerned, Hongki of FT Island did a BOF parody. The other impersonation I know of is done by mychonny (or was it on the yourchonny channel? Hmmm) on Youtube – grab the link from the side. I can’t remember which video it was, but it was one of the last 5 he did.

zipia jeans size, zipia jeans – they are true to size. Measure a pair of pants that fit that you own and measure across the top and times by two. Or if you know what pant size you are (in inches), it should be the same. PS: they’re very comfortable and excellent quality.

$1 nail polish sydney – you can get (cheapest) for $2.50? 😀 As far as I know, I’ve never seen $1 nail polish unless they’re tiny. You can try Paddy’s Market.

park shin hye fanfiction – try You need to be a registered member to read the Fanfiction section. PSH fanfiction sounds kinda… nm 😡

gucci designer killed – that sounds awful Dx

fake burberry brit sheer ebay – I have no idea 8D Burberry Brit Sheer is a limited edition item. If it’s still at retail RRP, then it should be real (because I still see a lot of places still selling it here in Sydney) – but if it’s cheapish, then stay away from it. Limited edition fragrances rarely dip below RRP. But I don’t really know. Usually they tend to bump up the price a little – but it’s probably not as popular as some other limited edition fragrances around. I STILL LIKE THE PINK BOTTLE. But oh well, it’s in better hands now ❤ Anyway, wild digression – I’ve been meaning to make the point that with “cheaper” prices (not really possible since it’s Limited Edition), just buy it from a shop. That’s the safest bet!

so jisub feet size – are you a fan who wants to buy him shoes when you see him in person? This search sounds rather perverse…
But yeah, his feet do look quite large. Maybe a size 12? I know someone of similar height with size 12 shoes, but I have absolutely no idea.

mc hotdog dirty – very. Very. His lyrics, anyway >:3

kinokuniya slimming foot patch – I get confused if this search intended to be for a foot patch that will slim you down, or a patch worn to slim the foot (there’s a difference, hehe). I think I know what you mean (the foot patch that slims you down), and no, I don’t think Kino sells them. They used to sell them at Maruya for $2.50 per pair of foot patches. However, they’re bogus and they don’t do anything really. If you really want to slim down, do exercise.

mizuya karaoke sydney prices – my friend J went to eat at Mizuya. This image is courtesy of him.


That aside, the prices look fairly reasonable and standard. I’ve heard mixed reviews now – J said it wasn’t that great, but it was sort of alright as a snack/ karaoke place. My friend D said his sister went and really liked it. Guess it depends? Note that J is in his 20s (23ish?) whilst the little sister is probably 18, 19. As you know, our food tolerances get stricter as we’re older.

Until next blog! (which I’ll be reviewing vomit drama)


4 thoughts on “It’s MOO TIME

  1. Hokay my love, I love you but damn them Juicys are some ugly-as shoes!! xP YAY FOR SHOPPING THOUGH!! =D

    LMAFO @ Mizuya menu!

    Though Zipia jeans are semi-true to size. I’m a size AU8 but in Zipia I’m a 28.. double-check your measurements otherwise you will be stuck with too-large/too-small pants.

    I really – bizarrely enough – like the new FB layout. It’s oddly intuitive which is a foreign concept to me re: FB.

    Do your search terms posts actually get you clicks..?

    WOO LOVIGAN!!! ♥♥

    • They are not ugly >___________________> *whacks Maggie with a rolling pin* ~ *points madly at the ribbon and the charm* I will prove it to you next time they are awesome shoes – you’re forgetting that you’re supposed to wear them 😛 This is why I hesitated because they look so outflandish and crazy – then I remembered that half of it gets covered by a foot.

      There are uglier Juicy shoes (and by this I mean someone even a foot can’t cover, since it’s the thing that actually covers your foot), so these ones aren’t bad (methinks you just need to watch the He who can’t married and see it in action lol) – there was this pair (slipper) they used to sell with a sole hard (like tap tap hard) that we thought would have been better used to beat a naughty kid’s ass XD

      [And yeah, those search terms are the ones used that people actually click my site for. Very odd. I usually post the ones that are new or really bizarre. Most of the search terms are repeat terms.]
      Oh right, nm, I misinterpreted it – but still, generally yes. People tend to search the same things over and over. They’ll find their answer – somewhere – on my blog. And plus I do so many of those kinds of posts, but they do get views, so it’s not just random. Of course, they’re only useful if someone searches the same term again 😉

  2. They look soft! I’d wear them!

    I had nice soft Guess ones but they don’t last as long as Havi’s. I remember having the foot dent go deeper and deeper, that’s probably why Juicy decided to make them platforms to use that type of material.

    Havi’s last forever! ❤ I'm wearing some now lolol

    • Lol they are really soft *_* Havi’s feel like I’m wearing cardboard in comparison – but we’ll see how long they last 😛 If they last not so long then I’ll invest back into the Havaianas. But I’m hoping they last for quite a while – I keep seeing Xiaxue wear her green platform heel ones and she’s had them for ages *_* I’m wearing my Havi’s atm too! *hi5*

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