What the…

Overnight, I woke up to this comment. This has got to be the best spam comment I’ve ever received. It makes no freaking sense whatsoever. PS: It was linked to a place selling Ray Bans and was posted on my 2B face and leg post. Aren’t spammers wonderful?
2010/02/06 at 1:10am

I enjoyed the article and thanks in on to posting such valuable poop at near persistence of all of us to advert to to, I upon it both convenient and communicative and I sketch to reliability to it as commonly as I can.

Lol, WTH much?


Search: how long does zipia take to deliver

Depends on how far away you live from Korea and how long it takes for Zipia to get in your stock. No longer than 2 weeks, I assume. Check the EMS site and check your location. Actually, when the item leaves the Korean airport, the EMS tracking will tell you a guaranteed delivery date. It’s fairly quick.


Search: boys over flowers conclusion korean version

All’s well ends well. Jan Di  ends up with Jun Pyo, Ga Eul ends up with Ji Yung after like 5 years though.


I hate it when it is soggily raining for a week. Nice change to the weather, though.

I’m out now, gonna do some Minitokyo stuff.

Until next time!


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