Search of the day: 2B Alternative – for face… and leg.

Search: kmisa 2b
Search: 2b face slimming results
Search: 2b face slimming

Wow, so many searches. I’m flattered my wordpress UN was also included in one of them. :”) You remember me, YAY!

I actually received an email from about their promo for 2B Alternative Skirt ready. It apparently says something like over 1000 users testified the usefulness of the Skirt Ready/ 2B product. Actually, most of the reviews are in Chinese, so if you can’t read it, then you’re in for a big jip.

Curious, I clicked on one of the youtube videos they linked somewhere on their site (I’m trying to dig it up now, but if I can’t find the link, you’ll just have to take my word for it), and the user was speaking in Cantonese, saying that she was using a tube of Skirt ready. The tube was still about 60% full, and she has been using it for 2 weeks already. She remarked that apart from liking the improved skin texture and having the gel sink in really nicely, she didn’t see any slimming effect. In fact, 5 tubes is supposedly one treatment, and she said that it’s just too long to wait for any result.

The caption that Sasa put for this video was something like “legs are smooth and sexy!”  – the most she says is that it makes the texture really nice and smooth.

This is why I am saying you need to be careful with the sasa emails and whatever’s in English that isn’t written by a member. Of course sasa wants you to buy the products. They’re EXPENSIVE and you need to buy in bulk for this to supposedly work.

I use the 2B Alternative for Leg (not Skirt Ready) and the review was pretty spot on. Legs/ skin are very moisturised, sinks in well and isn’t sticky. Maybe it firms up the skin a bit, but there’s not much slimming going on. I’m too annoyed to use it on a regular basis, so you’re better off using it as a moisturiser instead.

I bought mine off ebay for like $15 or something like that, ish. Check ebay and sasa and compare the prices.

Now now, I know that the searches ask for the FACE SLIMMING results – I was originally going to write this review after I finished the two vials, but I only got through one.

Again, you need 5 boxes of this stuff to actually see any result.

Each box contains 2 vials (looks really fancy and pro packaging… very lovely) and each vial is 7.5ml. Apparently you only need a drop. Use morning/ night and massage upwards until absorbed.

The package basically describes the product as an alternative to Botox. It’s designed to soften the jaw muscles so you end up with a slimmer looking face. It also has a lot of good natural stuff in it to help improve the quality of your skin.

Results? I can’t see any slimming. It makes the skin really moisturised. But keep in mind, I only finished one vial, on and off. I really can’t be stuffed doing it every night and expecting it to help me because I’ve seen more effective results with Yufit. The right side of my face at the corner of the jaw feels really squishy – I tried to fix it with 2B and I couldn’t tell much difference – and if there was, it would have been too small. However, Yufit masks almost instantly firmed that up for me.

2B for face is probably excellent for wrinkles and the under eyes bits where you think you have dark eye circles and whatnot, because 2B for face apparently boasts whitening properties.

Practicality of the packaging? Wait till you try to get the last few drops in the vial. This product is not cheap, especially since it’s sold in such tiny amounts. Not to mention, 5 treatments of this stuff is bound to cost you over $200 ish (I forget the price, check sasa or ebay) – and a botox shot is probably going to just be slightly more expensive and probably much much more effective.

I got mine off ebay for somewhere between $30-$40. It was cheaper than sasa and I wanted to only try out one box.

My advice? This works probably like an essence or something. I wake up in the morning and my face glows 😀

Maybe if I went through 5 treatments I would have seen a result, but I don’t know. I don’t think I’ll try a treatment, because it’s expensive – say, $40 for a box – I probably won’t see much of a change. A box of Yufit is the same price and I can see results after just the first mask. The only problem with Yufit is that you can only buy them from sasa stores physically (not online) and they only sell them online via Gmarket.

Try just one and see. If you think you can keep up with the treatment, buy more. If not, don’t bother wasting your money or time if you’re not going to regularly use the product.

PS: If you want slimmer legs, you’re better off doing this exercise or jogging in general.

As for the face, I’d definitely say Yufit.

11 thoughts on “Search of the day: 2B Alternative – for face… and leg.

  1. Hi. I am considering buying Yufit, thanks for your recommendation. May I know how often you should use the mask? If one box has 7 pcs, do you have to use it everyday? Are the masks reusable or for one time use only? Also, I went to Gmarket and saw a cheaper Yufit product but the mask is COLD, not Hot. Would you know which of the two is more effective? In your experience, does the effect of the mask wear off after sometime? Should you use this mask a few days before an important event? Sorry if I have alot of questions. Hope to hear your reply. Thanks again.

    • Hi Reg,

      Thanks for visiting 🙂

      The box recommends very frequent use – you don’t have to use it every day. From memory (I threw out the box because I finished it) it asks you to do it every 2 or 3 days. The masks can be quite costly though so I just did it once a week. The masks are only for one use only, so you will need to throw it out after you use it.
      I’ve only ever tried the hot mask. The cold mask seems to be a good idea, but check the drop down menu on Gmarket to make sure that it is cheaper or not (sometimes the seller makes the listing price cheap, but you have to add money when you select the item) – so it might end up being the same cost.
      I think the effects of the mask are most evident after you’ve used it, so it does wear off a bit – but I feel like my face has decreased in size since using the Yufit (sharper chin).
      You definitely can use the mask a few days before an important event, or even the night or morning of the event – the only thing is that you must check beforehand that you’re not allergic to the product (you can probably do a patch test – cut the package open a bit, get some liquid out and test it behind your ear, or on your wrist and use some sticky tape to seal the mask package back up). The mask should not leave your face blotchy in anyway – it might feel like it’s making your skin blotchy (the hot mask did), but I didn’t experience any redness. It was like using a normal hydration sheet mask.

      Hope that helps!

  2. sorry it may bit off topic for a bit! So I do have the 2B Alternative for leg but not skirt ready! I have tried Super Calf Contour by this person blog

    It was from Singapore and had use that lotion since Summer 2009! I lost inches of my legs/calves! But that product is discontinued and it worked for me! You can see the Super Calf Contour here on
    on what I did use before, but it is discontinued and that lotion was from Singapore! And it did worked for me, but now it’s discontinued, I can’t buy it anymore, so I got the 2B Alternative for Leg and same effect as the Super Calf contour one with Extracts of Gingko Biloba, Lotus Flower Seed Pod, Ginseng, Grapefruit Oil, Horse Chestnut, Guarana, Peppermint, Seaweed Adlay, Hyaluronic acid and Argirelene! The Guarana and Argirelene is in 2B Alternative just as Super Calf Contour! See the photos on of Super Calf Contour on the link above!
    I haven’t tried 2B Alternative Skirt Ready, but I am trying the 2B Alternative for legs! Even this topic is about Skirt Ready, The lotion that I posted above this sentence actually works and it was on, but I didn’t buy it from Sasa (The Super Calf Contour) sorry if it’s off topic about skirt ready! I kinda cheated on using the lotion! I use my hand held massager on high and creating my own body wrap on my legs! I felt some kind of tingling effect and a tightening effect! SO the 2B Alternative for leg is the same effect that I was using as the Super Calf Contour! The 2B Alternative official site

    It said no massaging necessary, but I just use my hand held massager which is the percussion massager on high for something minutes pressing it almost hard on the skin! I use to send a message to the person on Super Calf Contour from Singapore the official website (not from, and she said that the hand held massager will go deeper into the skin tissue! Because you are kneading the skin deeper to make the effect strengthen! That’s what I did and then I use my body wrap (like those that goes to the Spa) onto my legs! I measured my legs before using the lotion since 2007 and I weigh 105 pounds as 5’1 and weigh 105 pounds as of now! But my measurement was between the tape measure 13 inch to 13 1/2 inch since then and weighing the same as of now! But as of now, my legs/calves is almost 12 inch on tape measure than before I weighed the same! All I did was use a hand held massager than the pictures showing how to massage with using only the hands and I felt a tingling tightening effect, then I did a body wrap on my calves! I do sleep with it also! That’s how I strengthen my effect on it! When you are massaging it by hand, the pressure on your hands is only little! When you are using the hand held massager, the percussion one is best because it’s vibrations has tons of pulse vibrating on your skin compare using with only hands! 🙂 So I’m still using right now the 2B Alternative for leg already without using my hands for massage! I just use the percussion massager!
    Maybe it may work on others, but some may not! I do a tape measure before on goal! So my goals is getting there on to be 12 inch on measuring tape! sucks that I didn’t take a before and after picture of the effect and I’m from California! I was surprised that my legs/calves looks more slimmer than in the year 2007 and now I can fit the boots over my calves smoothly! Before I was afraid to wear skinny jeans because of my big calves! Now of 2010, I can fit into the skinny jeans size 0 (not stretchy pants, but average) the only bit tight was my hips, but that doesn’t concern me because it’s not a low rise jeans and not to the waist! I was concern of my legs/calves!

    You guys can try the hand held massager, but the best one is the percussion massager, you can google it and how many pulse vibrating on the skin compare using with the hands!

    • Thanks so much for your detailed comment – I’m sure readers will find your experience useful!

      Massaging definitely has a lot of benefits, including reducing water retention which is how your calves slim down fairly quickly without any fat burning exercise going on. The super calf contour sounds pretty good – too bad it’s discontinued. I’m still sceptical about the 2B working – if anything, I think massaging to reduce water retention is probably what’s doing the slimming, but that’s what I think 😉 Either way, the bottom line is that massaging is good and it works!

      Thanks for your comment! xoxo

    • The answer is maybe.

      Just using one tube won’t work, but using 5 might not guarantee results either.

      Better off doing massages or exercise and counting on that than relying on 2B.

  3. I would say that this 2b alternative skirt ready is very effective. I just finished 1 bottle and I have seen results already on my calves. I think it depends on your genes also and your bone structure. I just love the product. Have a nice day!

    • Thanks Nikki for your comment and sharing your experience with the product 🙂 I’m sure the other readers will find your comment extremely helpful 😀

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