Early start!

First things first, I got a comment overnight about the cars used in IRIS.


Check out the post if you’re still interested in the cars. I made a really huge edit and now I talk about NSS cars to the North Korean vans and even the Government cars.


I had to go to the bank and I went first thing in the morning. It was hilarious because the banker thought that I just finished high school, and was shocked to hear I was in my 5th year of uni. He thought that I looked young XD

Now I have a feeling whoever calls me old looking is just an idiot 😡 Bwahaha.


My big toe nail really hurts even after 2 days. I think I know why.

I bruised the nail and nail bed.


Thankfully the leg muscles don’t hurt, but if I walk barefoot, argh, I think I bruised something in both feet.  But the nail… omg… have you ever felt someone step on your toe so hard that your toe nail bruises purple within 20 minutes? I have, and it was awful. I was like “you stepped on my foot!” the girl was like “no, I didn’t!” and then when I take my sock off BAM! Purple toe nail and the nail changed within a month. I can’t believe she had the nerve to say she didn’t even step on my foot. It was so painful I couldn’t walk properly and it was insta-death.

The lesson of the story is that if you dislike someone, step on their toe nail.

Just kidding.


Now for some searches, which I haven’t been doing lately. I think the stats in wordpress fell because of the new stats counting system? I don’t know.

Search: lovigan


If you’re an avid admirer of the photos and of us in general, thanks for your interest ❤

If you’re a creepy stalker wanting to become a Lovigan, sorry! Being a Lovigan is very exclusive (V.I.P, mhmm) – and err yeah. That’s all I have to say. But hello (unless you’re a creepy stalker, bye)!


Search: oldboy who was daesu’s wife

It doesn’t matter. You never see her in the movie and she’s not important either.


Search: dental hygiene rude patients

That sounds like an oxymoron in some way. I can’t seem to put my finger on it. Hmm. I don’t know what the search was intending to seek either.


Search: how to use gmarket gcash

Gcash is only used to top up shipping when they underestimate your shipping cost. You can’t use it for anything else, except to pay for shipping. SUCKS, RIGHT?!


Search: keep dentist appointment when sick

Why cancel? You should keep the appointment. But you have to tell them if you’re sick (“I have the flu”) when you’re there. I don’t know why, but that’s what I see from signs when I visit the dentist where I’ve been.


Search:: can i buy blemish balm in hong kong?

Honey (if I may call you that), you can buy anything in Hong Kong 😉

I was serious when I typed that too. They sell just about anything.

Hong Kong is probably the best place in the whole of China to buy BB cream. I don’t think it’s pricey, either, but do your research first in case if you get ripped. I was at a cosmetics store here in Sydney and the SA tried to say that the price they were selling the BB cream was cheaper than Korea and Hong Kong. PSSH YEAH RIGHT. IT WAS TRIPLE THE PRICE.

So yes, you can buy BB cream in Hong Kong, as for where, I don’t know because it’s been a while since I visited. Try boutiques and little cosmetic counters. Sasa is also your best option – they have almost everything.


Search: gmarket never delivered my order

That sounds awful :\ Did they ever provide you with a tracking number? You must log on into your account and look at the history/ recent and there should be a tracking number. If there is you should have contacted the post office. If there is nothing, you should contact Gmarket. If you paid with PayPal, file a dispute. They have to refund you, since they have no tracking number to prove they sent you anything. If you paid using credit card, do a chargeback if Gmarket refuses to refund you.


Until next blog! Watching AVATAR and getting Juicy flip flops today. YUS.


2 thoughts on “Early start!

  1. DIDYA GET YOUR THONGS TODAY??! You’re so American Misa – they’re called ‘thongs’, not ‘flip flops’ xP

    PUAHAHAHA @ ‘Lovigan’ – I wonder who typed that.

    I hate bruised nail beds – I’m betting it was the tightness shoes. I walked in tight shoes once and it bruised my big toe purple for months. Had to wear nail polish all the time and wait for the damn thing to grow out before I could be lazy without looking crap again (i.e. not needing to paint toenails anymore!)

    And dude, you underestimate how babyfaced you are – it
    s not a bad thing! =]

    HOW GOOD IS RING DING DONG – SHINee are one of the best live performers, if not THE best. They’re all in sync and can sing at the same time as sync-ness!!

    Hrm, I always leave long comments on your blog entries ohohohohoho.. >:3

    • Unfortunately, I couldn’t 😦 DJs was closed T.T Fear not, I’ll be returning some time anyway. I don’t like calling them thongs because I keep thinking of g-strings :\ I know it’s American (and I’m one of the first people to totally point the finger and go zomg US Eng = D: D:!!) but flip flops sound nicer in a way with fewer implications ;D

      Haha yeah, I hope it wasn’t a stalker 😡

      Yah, tightness 😦 The good thing is that my nail itself hasn’t been purple, just the bed. It’ll be alright – and holy moly, wearing tight shoes can bruise the toe nail to the point of fallage? Holy shizz. I better be careful D:

      Well considering since I was like 10 years old, people would say I look twice my age ;__; The general trend nowadays it seems is that people are guessing my age less than what I am \o/ FINALLY >:3

      YEAH! It’s hypnotic *___* “so fantastic so elastic” D: D: D: D:

      I like long comments >:3 Huhuhu ❤

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