Guh x_x 2

Last night I actually stayed up until 2am in the morning to watch the SBS Gayo 2009. I couldn’t finish it (I stopped after Taeyang’s performance) and decided to sleep and finish it today instead.

Eurgh, I tossed and turned for who knows how long (you would have been asking, “then why didn’t you finish watching it?! D:” – but I was yawning and I was very tired) and today, yep, legs like jelly (arms too, since I lugged around a rather heavy bag on such a long strap Dx). The only reason why I hate sore legs is knowing that the aftermath will still lurk around the next day and make your life feel crappy.

But anyway, the Gayo was really good! I really liked the males doing the female songs (zomg zomg zomg – plus I get to see Nickhun doing the Mister dance – HAPPINESS – PS: Nickhun is going to be my fave in 2PM, he’s so cool >:3. I like Hankyung of Super Junior best and he’s Chinese XDDD) and vice versa. JYP wasn’t too bad, if only they just let him do the first song and end it (this is the first time I’ve ever seen JYP perform, so I admit he has talent and still looks fresh for his age, but he needs to get off the stage D: mkay thanks – so I stopped halfway his second song and started watching part 2 of the Gayo XDDD). The only thing I didn’t like about the Gayo was that the groups performing were limited (this can’t be helped obviously when you have another television station, yadda, yadda) but if you overlook that, it was really enjoyable :3 [Oh, and also because of the fact that Big Bang only had 2 members present OTL]

Actually the Gayo was a lot of “firsts” for me because I’ve been living in a cave for the past month or two. No youtube (because I haven’t been going somewhere with free net XD) and I rarely download music (especially singles, I like to download albums in one go). So don’t be surprised if I say “I haven’t seen this ever…” – it’s Misa we’re talking about lol. Just like how yesterday I kept saying “because he/she is Chinese” as the answer to everything 😉

First time I heard Ring Ding Dong. That’s way too hypnotic D: But it was awesomesauce while I watched it, jaw dropped. It was the first time I’ve heard or seen anything f(x) and I think they are terrible – they can’t even get their image priority right >_> It was the first time I’ve seen any performance of B2ST’s “Mystery” and the head roll thingy is creepy and made me laugh XD It was just really weird that they had their arms crossed haha. It fits it though since the way they sing the word “mystery” does kind of do a loop. I’m starting to like B2ST more, mainly because I think the leader is awesome and I do like Jang Hyun Seung/ SO-1 and AJ. I’d like them more if the rapper looked the same as he did before debut ^^; But bleh, I’ll wait for them to actually release an album before I make up my mind. Watching their documentary did give me some insight (and they are all super talented) – I’ll just have to grapple with their image, since their image is quite different to the other boy groups.

2PM does the most awesomesauce parodies. The camera focuses on Yoona of SNSD way too much. GD’s bowl hair cut actually didn’t look too bad on screen, it looked worse in screen caps and pictures (dayum it’s his real hair, not a wig x_x). Taeyang is so awesome and I think he needs to release a new single or his album like NAO. I also figured why Bom looks weird – it’s because of her chin :\ After School is going to be on my list of to downloads/ to listens because I actually am starting to like UEE. Also while watching After School I noticed that they all have the same-ish nose. I want ;__;

And yeah I could go on, but that’s about it for now.

Off to do some more stretches and general things to make myself seem like a busybody and get rid of these bodily aches.

Oh, and before I forget, just a quick revision of the Zipia items:

(1) The wedges are still very comfortable despite them killing me. Half size up or stretch – and they’ll be super comfy.

(2) Zipia ops was not shedding dye – rather, the fibres on the dress were coming off. You can’t find the dress on zipia anymore (they went OOS) but it did say that the piece was cotton. My mum thinks it’s wool, but I don’t think so. It’s just another knitted cotton piece that acts like wool. Well, that was a lucky call for my bag. Coming to think of it, if it was really dye, then my bag would not have cleaned at all.

(3) The acid wash jeans are sosososo excellent. They’re hanging outside to dry, and apparently when my mum was washing them, they didn’t shed any dye or colour at all (the gradation jeans shed a lot of dye, considering they bleached it to a gradient effect).

(4) I’m going to watch Avatar tomorrow with my friend, D. He’s going to give me the photos from the night shooting. I’ll somehow share them with you guys (or I could get him to Facebook them up – but I’ll have a look at the photos first hehe) when I see y’all next! And yes, I haven’t watched Avatar – I had nobody to go with and everyone already watched it >_<

(5) Hence I’m going city-ing tomorrow, JUICY FLIP FLOPS FOR ME. I’ll get them in the morning. WOOP. I’ll post photos on here, true moo style. I know what it’s like anyway (pretty pink box), but whatever, I’m going to moo it.

(6) After talking to M last night I realised that I own 15 pairs of jeans? (Yeah, I recounted >_> and keep forgetting I had this… or that) HOLY S… no more clothes shopping for me. The sad thing is that I actually wear all of them, or will wear them (I’m going to definitely wear the gradations and the acid wash as regular jeans, because I do that with everything I own OTL – except for the HEART Big Bang nii hoodie – I’ve only worn that twice and I don’t think I’ll wear it any time soon – if BB comes to Sydney, please sign my hoodie [$90 of nii hoodie badda boom down the drain but I don’t care]??? PLEASE???)

So NO jackets, NO pants (you know in the 15 pairs I didn’t include a pair of black “jeans” – I counted them as black pants – and that means I have 4 pairs of black pants, one pair which is far too large to wear, but that’s beside the point, and I own 5 pairs of leggings? WHY? HOW OFTEN DO YOU SEE ME WEAR LEGGINGS?), NO SHOES (despite me wearing the same pairs over and over, my flats aren’t worn enough for me to want to chuck them out yet – PS: flip flops are in a different league, they don’t really count as shoes in my books XD), NO CLOTHES (I have plenty of winter wear, ops, and now a few tees to go around). NO EARRINGS WHATSOEVER (unless they are designer).

Fingers crossed I can keep to that. Also, NO MAKEUP OR SKINCARE. I have plenty, I don’t need any more. (Perfume x 1 only is an exception).

Right. Got that hammered into my brain. Gonna keep to it. K? K.

Until next blog!


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