Guh x_x

My legs feel extremely dead at the moment x_x This is proof that I really need to get fit within the last month or so of holidays. Eurgh.

Anyway, today was the first lovigan-ish meet in yonks! \o/ Had lunch at ROLL+ and then we went around window shopping. I had ordered a sushi bento, but it actually was a sashimi bento? Dayum, but it was still good 😛

M joined in with her gang, and then we went boutique hopping. We made M walk into Burberry \o/ YAY!

2 things that really distracted me today:

(1) Zipia wedges were far too narrow and were squishing my feet. My feet aren’t really wide, but they’re not exactly narrow, and I even stretched them beforehand. Guhhhhhhhh. That was PAIN. So much that I completely forgot to give M her So Ji-Sub manpron (ie. Sophie’s Revenge). DAMN IT!

The wedges were actually quite tough because I actually double taped my feet and the wedges ate through BOTH LAYERS OF TAPE. How desperate I was just to keep wearing those shoes Dx

As a consequence of excruciating pain (oh the moment I took off those shoes it was like peeling off a new artificial layer of skin ie. it was an integral part of my foot I had to remove, but at the same time it was like it was a relief D:) everyone hauled me over to General Pants to get a pair of Havaianas, which I’ve been refusing to buy because I think that flip flops or sandals are barbaric looking >_< Not in the sense that I think they look terrible or anything,  but more or less the same reason why bars refuse to let people in without covered shoes – because I just happen to believe that feet should be hidden into a shoe *__* But the Havaianas were comfy (almost like walking barefoot, only you have to get used to something in between your toes, which is something I don’t really like XD) and they saved my feet. My big toes feel like they want to rip off, but no blisters 😀 (EDIT/ Actually, I do have blisters. But they don’t hurt, and they’re small. It’s all good, they’ll dry and peel off, meh.)(EDIT2/ HOLY I HAVE 4 BLISTERS? WTFZOMGOUCH?)

Thanks guys! *gives everyone a hug over the Internets*

BUT DAMN YOU ALL (at the same time) – YOU GUYS MAKE ME WANT THE JUICY FLIP FLOPS AGAIN D: (Counterfeit products otherwise annoy me – stupid Dixon No 1 and Celcius on George St… they shouldn’t be selling counterfeit Juicy flip flops >:\)

(2) Zipia “vintage washed cotton ops” was shedding its dye off onto my bag.

For some extremely lucky lucky last minute decision, I just opted to use my LV bag. No real reason other than probably because I thought it might shower (waterproof – tick) and that it was smaller so I’d carry something lighter. LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY. Had I worn the Gucci I would have died on the spot from dye rubbing onto that lovely light monogram (and BAM! Permastain). I’d be SO GUTTED and want to hit my head on a pole.

Thankfully, it was just rubbing a bit of dye onto the handles (I made the discovery when I taped my feet the second time around when R and C went to JB Hi-Fi – lucky discovery, it could have been worse) and the canvas (shrugs) – so the damage wasn’t all that great. The handles were a bit dirty to begin with (remarkably clean considering this is the SECOND time I’ve encountered denim [and that I’ve been using it every single day for about 4 months in a row, rain, hail, or shine *_*] – the first time I was dumb and tried to WASH IT OFF – *DIES*) and the canvas is fine. I can’t do any major rubbage at home right now because I don’t want rubber shavings on my floor, but I’ll do it tomorrow on the balcony tomorrow XD

I’ve decided that after 10 years of owning the bag (ie. 2019-2020, if I’m still alive then :P) I’ll get new handles for the bag if they’re really shabby. Hmmm also, if it is proven to be a good experience, I’ll replace the handles every 10 years. Depending on the cost, of course. If it’s like $3-400 for a pair of handles, dayum, I could get a bag with that, actually O_O (see below)

And let me recommend you all that at Hot Dollar there are rubbers (erasers) selling at $1.50 for a pack of THREE. These actually work better than Staedler erasers DAMN IT. Too bad they didn’t have any A5 visual notebooks in stock cept for a black paper one. Not so useful to me :\ But yes, dayum for a 50c eraser, I rubbed throughout the day and had to hand carry the bag. And it was HEAVY.

R got a new DSLR 😀 WOOP! Cannot wait to see what awesome photos there are to come.

Had dinner at Poporo, and I must say their rice bowls are so much better than udon/ ramen (I think they’re a rip because they only fill half the bowl with soup and you get about 20 noodles and 6 bits of KFC popcorn chicken sized chicken bits). Yum P: I had a takoyaki, teriyaki beef don and a green tea milk (which was quite nice! TIP: Mix well before drinking or else you’d just be drinking milk – this makes double the milk intake today, meaning double the calcium. YAY FOR NATURAL TEMPER CONTROL!)

So that was my day, rapid budget style. 2 meals, and a pair of flip flops. $60ish P: $65 if I wanted to be anal with the calculations.

Random discoveries/ quick recaps:

– Burberry waterproof fabric bags (as in the polyester type) in a pretty pink colour is only $450AUD ish. Which is REALLY DECENT.  The bag is waterproof, there’s a zipper, and there’s an internal compartment and there’s a lining. Handles are probably leather too, but I don’t know. DECENT!

– Burberry Prorsum trenchcoats are extremely yummy, but are more than $4k- $6k range. OUCH. That hurts more than my legs/ feet.

– The LV vernis collection is DAMN BARGAINISH? I got RIPPED considering I paid more for stupid coated canvas, when you could get a 100% leather bag, with same not-so-comfy handles but with better length, and with infinity x better handle attachment (buy a new handle, attach straight away – unlike mine, I’d have to wait for it to get stitched back up – BAH!) EURGH RIP RIP RIPPED?? But then considering the size (of the bag) was what I was after, it’s all good.

– Dior wallet is HOT HOT HOT. Well priced, too :O *rubs shiny patent leather in my imagination*

– Boutiques can be cheaper than Zipia and lovelyshoes since you get to bargain and you get your goods straight away – when they’re on sale, of course. Those boots were damn hot but frig, $300 – HELL NO. For $300, add another $20 I can get a Gucci belt on sale D: PS: All boutiques look the same, too. BUT ZOMG THEY WERE SELLING THE T.O.P SHOES IN HEEL VERSION AT THE BOUTIQUES (that I’ve never been to because I’m not Asian enough to know about them D:) *SPAZZES* HAWTNESS!

– Oh yeah, and I shall end this post with an illustration. I was going to not blog about this (because I forgot lolol) but since I remember, might as well.

We were walking in QVB when I saw a familiar face. I actually looked away for a split second because I thought I was wrong, but when I looked at him again, I could tell he recognised me. So I said “HI!” and waved (waved meaning putting my bottle of water against my face. Hmm.) NO I WAS NOT IMAGINING THINGS GUYS, THIS WASN’T THE FIRST TIME D: It just seemed weird because the last time we saw each other was like THREE YEARS AGO? He smiled and nodded (casual, yet courteous normal greeting). Meh, it’s been such a long time since I remember seeing him around uni x_x So I decided to draw myself below. Pretty accurate for a 10 second scribble.

Until next blog!

PS: M, SJS Manpron, next Lovigan meet – REMIND ME. So don’t buy/ download the movie  – I HAZ IT D:
PPS: C and R, I will bring your USB next time! I put on the SJS manpron, a random Japanese movie I hope I haven’t given you guys to watch, and also a few interesting Jan Di photos I promised (figured it’d save you guys bandwidth and save me from attaching photos to email). Ta! And there was no Family Outing on the USB ;__; But woop, SBS Gayo ❤ Cannot wait to watch P:


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