Random searches

I haven’t been updating lately – apologies. I’ve been sluggish, and so have the visits to this blog. The stats fell KABOOM the last 3 days. It’s probably also to do with the fact that I’m not around, but meh.

Search: my face is too long can i do face surgery

FOREWARNING: I’m NOT a doctor. If you are concerned, you can talk to a specialist.

Common sense tells me, probably not, unless you want to make major changes to your bone structure – or if you’re willing to expand your face horizontally. There are ways of making your face not seem so long. Cut a fringe (US ENG: bangs) to reduce the length of your face. If you’re thin, you can think about putting weight on. I think you could probably get silicon injections to the sides of your face even. Maybe. To be sure, always consult a professional and ask about your options.

Search: can you fix a wide forehead with surgery

Again, I’m not a professional, but from what I can suggest as the simplest solution is to cut a fringe (in the US you call them bangs) to hide the corners of your forehead.

Search: i don’t get gmarket

It’s just like Korean ebay. There are lots of sellers, and you buy from them. The only difference is that the sellers send their items to the Gmarket warehouse, and Gmarket sends it to you, so you get all your purchases in one go. If you were to  buy from ebay from various sellers, you’d be receiving parcels from all over the place and possibly getting scammed. Gmarket is seemingly a lot safer as the warehouse regulates whether or not the seller sends you your item, since it’s Gmarket to who ensures you get your parcel.

To buy, you have to first make sure the domestic shipping address box isn’t ticked (unless you live in Korea) for the item to be eligible for overseas shipment. Then you scroll down the page. If it’s a clothing item with various styles, you will have to remember the code associated with the item, and select it from the drop down box.

You add these to your cart, and eventually you checkout and pay with your preferred method of payment.

It’s a bit scary, but it’s quite simple once you get the hang of it.

Search: zipia 2010 group orders

Try www.soompi.com/forums/ under the Selling and Trading forums in their subcategory “SURVEY” . If you are a new member you might need to make a few posts before you can receive Private Messages, which is the main form of communication that takes place on soompi.

Search: kim so eun vommit

Why?! D: I like Kim So Eun :\

There are a few more, but I’m tired lol. Until next blog!


2 thoughts on “Random searches

  1. Dude how to you get these search stats?! I feel so noob when it comes to blogs & search stats, I think it works differently on Google.

    LOL @ the search terms that lead to your blog + your advice ❤

    • On wordpress we have a stats page with a graph showing how many views, a table of the past two days showing the number of hits per page and the search terms used to land on the site. I think Blogger definitely has it, because a very long time ago, Xiaxue could dig up her search terms. Try your dashboard and somewhere in the stats- it could just be there but you never noticed 😉

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