Monday mail fairy


It’s been a while since I last blogged, mainly because I have my eyes glued to The (new) heaven sword and dragon sabre 2009. I shall conclude that most of the men in it are REALLY HIDEOUS (I was SHOCKED at their choice for the guy who plays Yang Xiao – WTF IS GOING ON. I thought that Zhang Tie Lin was kinda pushing it in the 2003 version, but this guy is kinda WORSE – he would have been alright had he been 10 years younger or caked on makeup… RAWR! I guess the best one is Sun Xing from one of the ancient ones, but that’s a given lucky because that guy doesn’t age!).

The other day, my mum found an article in the Chinese paper with the title “Japanese and Koreans think that Chinese actors are too ugly for the screen.” Whilst the patriotic side (well not that I’m Chinese Chinese) would like to overtake me, I’d have to wholeheartedly agree. There are very few male actors IMO that are as pretty as Korean men. Most Chinese hearthrobs are in fact not even Chinese, but are Taiwanese (closest you can get to China). Don’t tell me to say anything about HK male actors. I’m not fond of the HK entertainment industry at all.


Monday Mail Fairy : Book Depository and Zipia shizz

Monday morning began with a simple check of the express post site, which told me that I had a card in my mailbox. I also received the other half of my Book Depository order in my mailbox, so I actually would have had something to read on the weekend, but because I didn’t bother checking, I was bored >_> Soft cover books come in a bubble envelope. Neat. Came in perfect condition 🙂

I got my Zipia shizz today! As usual, Express post NEVER delivers to my door (even though they drop the card to my mailbox early in the morning) so I had to go pick it up. 4.5kg worth of juicy Korean fashion. Oh yeah, ❤

This is a recap of what I ordered. Click the image for a larger version, and you can search it up yourself on

I’m not going to take any photos, so I’ll just go down the list.


(1) Gradation jean by BRAND: selvage; $36USD

Quality: 10/10; Expectation: 7/10 (wtf rips); Fit: 9/10 (-1 for pant length); Price: 10/10

I was REALLY LOOKING FORWARD to this one, but this was a let down. The material is soft and hugging (and yes, it was a 29″ sized fit rather than the measurements on the website, though it  felt snug for a 29″ and just fit perfectly on me), but it smelled like vinegar and there were 3 horizontal rips on each leg WHICH I DIDN’T SEE IN THE PHOTOS Dx Maybe I didn’t look carefully. But oh well. Lesson learnt. I’m just not a fan of rips. Scratches are okay :\ (I just rechecked the item, there were rips, but I didn’t think they’d be that much? Possibly I did know but didn’t expect it to be like what I got. Like each rip is the same size like it was measured with a ruler… sigh, it could have been randomised some more?)
On top of that, the gradation I think was a bit weird too. The jean length was also just right but it made me feel a bit short. I don’t think I really like the gradation look (also because it’s a blue wash denim – all of my jeans are actually black wash denim, so blue looks weird to me), but I have a feeling that gradations will be the next thing in after acid wash since they are starting to pop up on Zipia. Maybe it’ll grow on me.
But despite any nasty surprises, this brand comes with a label, a wash and care label (which is consistent for all their jeans), and an extra tag that says “This garment has been specially hand treated in order to produce it’s [sic.] unique character. It’s totally normal for there to be some variation from one garment to another. Also some effects can diminish after a few washes.” On the other side, it says “Fashion may fade away but style remains.” There’s also a barcode. Great idea minus the wrong punctuation, but the thing that irks me most is that this tag is in the shape of an envelope you usually find on jeans containing a spare button. There was nothing inside >_> Nice touch, though.

(2) Wedge heel in black (size 225/ 5.5) by BRAND: Abel collection; $20USD

Quality: 9/10; Expectation: 10/10; Fit: 9/10 (-1 for too narrowness); Price: 10/10

These were surprisingly much nicer than expected. The quality was nice, the shoe make a was a bit thin overall. I took a mark off for the fit because while lengthwise it is PERFECT (this shoe does fit like a 5.5 Nine West), the front part is quite narrow. I think I will need to do a little bit of stretching. The heel is comfortable at only 3cm, but they are quite elegant. Not bad for $20USD, beats paying the $50 flats from Chinatown with slightly better quality but probably less life in them. The synthetic leather sole part is also really a plus. There’s some grip on the sole, which is a plus.

(3) Chiffon ruffle skirt in brown (NO BRAND); $5USD

Quality: 9/10; Expectation: 10/10; Fit: 10/10; Price: 10/10

This is really a bargain. I ordered this to wear under shirts that were long enough to cover my butt, but too short to be a dress. I should have ordered the other 2 colours as well. The only thing that irks me is that the elastic banded waist thing is really flimsy and I have a feeling it’ll have crap elasticity and eventually wear out. For $5 though, still damn good.

(4) Cute long box by BRAND: again; $12USD

Quality: 9/10; Expectation: 9/10; Fit: 9/10; Price: 10/10

I took off marks because of the following.
(1) It’s slightly transparent. Fixable if you wear the right undergarment. To me, it doesn’t really matter, I hardly can care less about these things, but I just wish that I didn’t have to think about it.
(2) It’s HUGE. The model on zipia is TINY (as most Korean models are), and when I wore it, it wide AND long. It was more of a guy’s fit. In fact it is so long I can wear it to sleep or even have it pass off as a dress (wear some shorts under it).
(3) Because of that, the fit takes a mark off. Big.

(5) Fur point casual vest (NO BRAND); $37USD

Quality: 10/10; Expectation: 9/10 (-1 for WTF); Fit: 10/10; Price: 10/10

Excellent. It’s much cuter in real life. The price is so worth it because when you wear it, you feel as warm as a polar bear. Forget buying jackets on Zipia, they’re expensive and it’s hard to tell if they’re warm. I can tell this, THIS THING IS SO WARM. It’s just a vest D:
The hood also has fur on it as does the two sides. The back is lined with cotton.
I took a mark off for expectation (WTF) because all the buttons have “MARC JACOB [sic.]” written on them. If only they wrote “MARC JACOBS” instead 😦 Actually, I don’t like my buttons saying anything at all. I’ll probably still wear it, but I’ll be careful when I wear it out. I’ll be sure to let nobody get close enough to notice the engraving on the buttons. I’m too sensitive >:\ Otherwise it’s really warm for lounging around at home.

(6) Irregular tiered skirt in black by BRAND: romance papa full house; $22USD

Quality: 10/10; Expectation: 10/10; Fit: 10/10; Price: 10/10

Lovely! It comes with a zipper on one side and the back of the skirt is bunched up elastic so you get the perfect fit. A bit on the thin side, but it’s made of polyester so it’s good quality.

(7) Loveholic kangkang tiered dress in black (NO BRAND); $20USD

Quality: 9/10; Expectation: 9/10; Fit: 10/10; Price: 10/10

This is knitted cotton, so it’s way too warm for summer, but it’s really warm for winter or autumn (more so autumn). I think that was the thing that didn’t really meet my expectation. Next, it’s actually sort of transparent since it’s knitted, and the stomach area is actually just one layer (whereas the other bits are layered). This is why the girl in the stock wore a long sleeved white tee under this dress -_-  
I wore the chiffon ruffle under this and it looks quite nice. Without it, it’s a bit short, but it’s okay if you wear some emergency shorts underneath. It looks quite nice, like the stock photos. Overall, quite nice.
My mum says that the material is crap. I think it’s still okay, because it’s knitted cotton, which is really weird looking.

(8) Mickey printing cotton in light grey by BRAND: selene; $18USD

Quality: 9/10; Expectation: 9/10; Fit: 10/10; Price: 10/10

Again, another transparentish tee. I got light grey instead of white because of the translucent paranoia, but even so the problem didn’t get solved. The fit of this tee shirt is slim, so it will hug you. It definitely is a girl’s tee shirt. I took a mark off for expectation because I read on soompi that zipia gets their stock from Disney. The long sleeved starbucks looking tee is indeed from Disney, however, this one was not. I was disappointed, but it’s just a label so it’s alright.

(9) Pumpkin shorts in navy blue by BRAND: 200% cotton/ Enjean vintage; $19USD

Quality: 8/10; Expectation: 8/10; Fit: 9/10; Price: 7/10

This was the most disappointing item out of the entire bunch. Admittedly I should have ordered the medium so it could have hung by my hips and sat lower, but I don’t think it’d make any difference because of the design.
These shorts are apparently longer than the ones I’m wearing right at the moment, but because of the fit and design, they look like those short shorts people wear while running, and it’s even shorter than my current shorts. The cotton whilst being good quality actually feels like business shirt material, so it’s way too thin and feels too weird to wear. My mum also jipped me into buying navy blue (I definitely would have gotten black instead) so I really hate the colour. It’ll take some time adjusting to it.
It’s still good quality and I might figure out a way to wear them (until then, I’ll keep the Style Networks label/tag on), but these were a really big disappointment. Not worth $19USD. At all.

(10) Simple suede boots in black by BRAND: Abel collections; $18USD

Quality: 10/10; Expectation: 10/10; Fit: 10/10; Price: 10/10

I was so surprised to find a pair of boots for this cheap on Zipia. In comparison to those darned shorts, these were much better value for money. The boots are a little on the thin side because it feels like you’re putting on a pair of leg warmers, but they stay up. Towards the foot area there is some mesh to wrap around your ankle. The size is perfect (I need to try them on with socks, but I know they’re perfect) and there’s just a slight heel and grip on the sole just like the wedges, since they’re from the same brand. Really decent buy for a pair of “boots that go with anything and everything”.

(11+12) Stylish thin baggy (sweats) grey+ black (NO BRAND); $9USD EACH

Quality: 10/10; Expectation: 9/10; Fit: 9-10/10; Price: 10/10

Excellent quality, but it was very thin (I know the descript says so, but still >_>) and it wasn’t sweat pant material. It was like legging material. Still it’s alright because they’re a bit like harlem pants so the top part is baggy, but they’re legging ish on the calves. My mum is going to have some paranoia wearing these out, but I’m hoping they’ll stretch out for her so she doesn’t have to worry. The price is really decent and they’re very soft and comfortable. Easy to throw on and rock to uni in. These could easily double as leggings if you’re wearing a long top. I get to keep the black pair, so on my lazy days, I’ll definitely be wearing this 🙂

(13) Unique vintage jean by BRAND: selvage; $39USD

Quality: 10/10; Expectation: 10/10; Fit: 10/10; Price: 10/10

This pair of jeans is from the same brand as the gradation jeans, so it comes with the same consistent labelling. These jeans are EXCELLENT. They have paint specks and everything on them and they’re actually a little more coloured than the stock photo. They’re actually more green yellow greyish than the white looking stock. The fit is excellent (pant length is a bit short IMO, but still, I like the jeans so I’m not taking any marks off), and these are just a really pleasant surprise if you want a pair of acid wash looking jeans. And for $39USD – damn, these are EXCELLENT. This is easily the one out of the whole batch that I’m really really surprised and pleased with. As usual, zipia jeans are soft and really comfortable, AND NO FUNKY SMELL. What a difference – two pairs from the same brand, yet so different. (Both have excellent soft jean quality, but meh, the smell)

(14) Vintage washing cotton dress by BRAND: +enter; $33USD

Quality: 10/10; Expectation: 10/10; Fit: 10/10; Price: 9/10

I took a mark off because this item was so pricey, but otherwise it was worth it. The cotton is thick, looks exactly like the stock photo (cept it doesn’t come off the shoulder like the photo – I have broad shoulders? Or she stretched the dress beforehand, and I think the colour looks a bit different – I think they gave me the wrong one >_> but oh well), comes with the belt (elastic and sparkly and really neat) and it’s hawt HAWT HAWT. It’s not transparent at all and it looks really good. A bit on the short side as usual (what is this with short dresses and me? It’s not because I’m taller either, because Koreans tend to be a bit taller than me), but it’s SO EXCELLENT. Could have been cheaper, still, but then again, they charge $60 for a tee here P:

(15) Washing print tee by BRAND: design by J&Y; $13USD

Quality: 9/10; Expectation: 9/10; Fit: 10/10; Price: 10/10

Uglier than the stock. Lol. In terms of when you just look at it. When you wear it, it’s alright. It’s a bit bigger than the stock, too, which is alright though, because it’s not too big. This is a longer type tee (I like my tees long) and slightly transparent. But for $13, this is really good for a washed cotton looking thing. I’m not complaining 🙂

So, that’s the end of my Zipia review! The items I’m really not happy about are generally the gradation jeans (it’s hanging outside, because we had to wash out that vinegar smell, and my mum got irritated when she flipped them inside out since her fingers kept getting caught in the slashed rips -_- – I could do a DIY and sew them a bit back up, so there’ll still be rips, but not gaping measured slits =_=) and those blasted pumpkin shorts. I don’t know if I’ll try to sell any of the items – most probably not because they all fit. The shorts are a bit on the small side, but that’s about it, really. They can be used as emergency shorts – they don’t exactly look like underwear, so it’s good to wear under. But given the strong blue colour, I’m not too sure. Either way, doesn’t matter, I’ll figure it out.

I think I’ll have to stay away from Zipia for a while, given that I don’t have a job and ordering several hundred dollars worth of clothes really isn’t that healthy for my bank account. My  biggest problem at the moment is that I spent my online funds through online shopping, but I rarely deposit anything back in. This isn’t just my own purchases, my parents ask me to make purchases using my debit card, and they reimburse me back via cash. I wish I could just tell them to deposit it back into my back account -_- Rawr. Either way, I’m gonna save up. I WANT A BOSTON BAG DAMN IT.

Was I pleased with Zipia? In general, yes. For $400AUD worth of shizz, this wasn’t bad. On average each item would have cost about $27AUD (now that doesn’t really make me too happy since I had some bogus items) but I’m satisfied because I rarely shop in Sydney for clothes. I got hooked onto online clothes shopping because I know that if I don’t force myself to buy before I try, I won’t have any clothes at all. By ordering the clothes, it forces me to wear them. So far, the tactic has worked. I do wear all of my online purchases. Cept for 2 I got from Yesstyle. I still need to get rid of them. They do not fit me at all.

So anyway, that’s that! Generally anything over $10 is probably better quality. Things over $20 are good quality, and anything over $30 will be excellent.


Other matters going on in my life that don’t really matter but I thought I’d just like to mention them anyway

Today is a Monday again, which means that Monday night is YUFIT night!

I’ve religiously done one YUFIT mask each Monday night. Tonight will be the third mask.

Is it working? To be honest I haven’t got a damned clue. I was thinking of taking before and after photos every single week, but I got sick of the mug shots (yes, mug shots, not luvos) so I decided to just take one final photo at the end when I finish the entire box. I have noticed that my face looks a little less square. The masks tend to try to make your face curvey (like a U shape) and I think the part on the end of the jaw on the bottom of your cheek is a bit more tighter than before. Either way, I paid for it, so I’m going to use them until the very end. They seem to be working, but I’ll be back in… a month 😛

I still need nail polish remover OTLL My nail polish is flaking off and I’ve just been adding more polish onto the flaked off bits. Looks sloppy, but then hey, if I didn’t tell you I’ve had these nails for about a week and a half, you would have just thought that I can’t paint my nails properly 😛 But yes, because of flaked off polish, now I have 8 nails with full polish, both thumbs are frenched. Inconsistency sucks Y**a Balls.


Sorry for my absence. I’ve been on Minitokyo and off it because my Internet is going to get capped soon. I don’t really have anything interesting to blog about, either. But hopefully the Zipia review was enlightening 😉

Until next blog!


5 thoughts on “Monday mail fairy

  1. YOU GOT THE ACID WASH JEANS?!! Dammit, I want a pair but something tells me I’m not going to have the balls to wear them once they come in the mail.

    I am wearing head-to-toe Zipia today – only my undergarments are non-Zipia ahahahaha.. jeans, t-shirt, shoes, necklace, bag, cardigan ALL ZIPIA. I’m so proud of myself… and I have another batch going. Again. OTLL x 100000000000 – Zipia jeans JUST FIT me. I wish they were one inch longer, but otherwise they’re a pretty awesome length.

    Still waiting for some awesome Zipia flats – I bought some flats from a real, actual shop the other day but zomfgod blisters. Diana Ferrari should not equal blisters!! DD;

    YAY FOR YOUR ZIPIA WEDGE HEELS. I’m got/am wearing those today in brown – OMG WE’RE TWINS ahahahahah.. ❤

    Zipia crack cannot be healthy. I admire that you have the patience for nail polish – my nails get like 2mm long and I start hacking away already.

    …hrm I should get back to work. I'm going to make some tea xD

    ^ not enough 'xo' to express Lovigan love! ❤

    • Lol, the acid jeans look really nice – I forgot to mention but they have studs on the back pockets and all. They actually look quite timid when you put them on. HOW CAN YOU NOT WEAR THE ZIPIA CRACK?! For $39USD dayum it’s a bargain buy since they cost at least $200AUD here Dx

      \o/ 100% – undergarments zipia! Lol! But batches are good. The addiction just isn’t 😛 You need to stop zipia sometime and drag yourself to LV for some shiny eye candy! I 100000x agree about the jean length, I wish they were longer, but they’re not too bad in terms of length (the jeans are nice, fit snugly and that already wins over the length OTL)

      Oh noes Dx I can’t describe how painful it was to wear patent flats by Nine West… for over 10 hours for graduation… PAIN.

      YAY FOR TWINNESS! *hi5s* I’m wearing the suede ones though *fingers crossed Maggie also has the suede ones*

      My nails are far too long at the moment and are asking me to cut them. My nails are strong, but now when I type I’m like taptaptap with my fingernails and the applied force tells me my nail is going to hurt :\ I admire Camille for her nail designs – always so innovative and hand drawn Dx The best I can do is just stampage since I can’t even french my nails even if my life depended on it (even with sticky tape involved I somehow make it messy)

      lol ❤ Can't wait for your next bloggism ❤

      xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo x infinity! 😀

  2. haaii 😀 im from sweden and just found out about zipia, and now i’ve found like 26 pieces im about to order… i just wondered, since most of the items are cardigans and tees and longsleeves and stuff, if you think the length will be good? cause im like 1,60 cm, and really skinny and stuff. like, the shirts, are they in normal length, or are they way too long and wide? nyaah im kinda worried because the total price is like $310, and with the shipping included its $369 >__< soo it would be a total waste of money if nothing fits and the quality sucks D: do you know how tall most koreans are? o.O

    • Hi Hannah,

      Koreans tend to be on the tall side (165cm) for females – most of the models on Zipia are around that height (the models on zipia are 185-168cm, around 50kg or less). I’d double check the cardigans on the model (photos) and see if they are long or not to get a feel for it. If it looks long and tight fitting it probably should be alright.

      The products on zipia photos are pretty much exactly what you get – however though once I ordered a jumper (more like a dress) and one tshirt which turned out way huge (but the style was to tuck it into a shirt or a pair of jeans). Sometimes their dresses are a bit too short (I’m almost 165cm) and just barely cover my butt.

      I think with your height you should be fine with just about anything you order – cardigans and jackets are pretty much some of the best items on their catalogue, so I don’t think you need to worry too much about those 🙂

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