Rapidfire Vomit!

I finally upgraded to IE8 (slow, I know, but I’m not that tech savvy). Things look quite neat and they’re actually WORKING PROPERLY. I GET IT NAO.

I don’t have anything to really update about. Zipia will come Monday. I’ll just comment on a few searches.


Search: zipia ems after refund

You will need to write in the Q&A Board. Ask them if they can refund your remaining deposit back to your PayPal. From what I’ve read, they’re generally very good at refunding you. Within 48 hours 🙂


Search: bing lee complaints

You probably got to my post about the rude delivery men, which IMO is something Bing Lee needs to really fix. I understand the efficiency thing, but there’s no use me paying over a thousand dollars worth of whitegoods PLUS $50AUD delivery fee for the delivery men to just put it down and take my old one away within 5 minutes AND be rude about it. Come on, seriously. That’s ridiculous.

Another complaint is the “everything’s negotiable” thing. When you pay cash you should automatically get a discount, but if you don’t mention it, you don’t get a discount. IMO that’s really shady in the sense that it’s dishonest. I’ve bought a multifunctional printer over $500 and I didn’t get anything off even though I paid cash, because the workers were hungry for commission. And before that we have bought many many things like that. Seriously, if you want your customers coming back without a bad taste in their mouth, give them the discount voluntarily at the counter and say “you got a 10% discount for paying cash :)” – I guarantee your company will look good and  your customers will be happy. The level of inconsistency is really remarkable.

I don’t have any other advice other than (1) ask for a discount when paying cash (2) avoid delivery items because some of their delivery men are rude (the last 2 who came around were nice though, but that’s because they came to replace the FAULTY FRIDGE THE PREVIOUS TWO DELIVERY MEN WRECKED). Bing Lee does NOT waive the delivery fee under any circumstances. RetraVision, however has time after time offered us free delivery. I’m not saying you go to RetraVision, I’m just merely suggesting that there ARE alternatives.

Otherwise their products are top notch and they are quite excellent for everything under the one roof.


Search: you are beautiful same as boys over flowers


They have some similarities since some of the characters are similar, but DO NOT EVER SAY THEY ARE THE SAME. D:


Search: what it’s like to be young and depressed

This search is frightening. If you’re young and think you’re depressed I highly suggest you talk to someone.

If you’re just searching it up to find a blog by a sad teenager, shame on you.



Until next blog!


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