Zipia oh tee el

So, I was really bored on the weekend and I logged onto Zipia and just started browsing. I noticed that they were starting to bring in the tshirts and thinking that “oh, I can get these soon to wear for uni” (we do literally sit in pools of sweat during class when we start classes – I remember it so vividly each and every year), I decided to think “heck yeah why not”, considering that what I saw the other day shopping for 2NE1 shoot was just really really bad >_>

My mum then jumped into the bandwagon and then I decided she needed more of those kinda sweatpants (well we call em tracksuit pants) for the casual lounge around at home, because they’re actually quite hard to find around here (good quality and not so expensive, that is). I hope that they are made of the sweat panty material, or else I’ll have to wear them. Sigh. I guess it’s alright though, they’re comfy for winter lounging at home. Usually I wear my good pants at home, which is really stupid.

Anyway, this was the order I put in. Don’t ask me why I ordered a puffy vest, I don’t know either. I can’t imagine myself wearing it, but then it fits my mum as well, so she can have it if she needs. I’m pretty much excited over pretty much everything I put in the order. I’m hoping the tshirts will be thick enough (so they’re not seethrough) and that the jeans will fit properly. I’m aware I ordered size 29 jeans for both pairs – I really shouldn’t have. I kind of forgot to check the cm measurements – going with that, I probably would have been better off fitting into a 28 or even a 27. However the last Sass and Bide sale I went to, I bought size 28 jeans and they were too tight – most probably because they weren’t to correct size (seriously, I measured them when I got home, they were a bit smaller). So I’ve decided to never buy size 28 jeans ever again, and definitely not buy any more Sass and Bide. I QUIT S&B. Now I just gotta see how I can lose some around my waist and squeeze into those or else I would have wasted my money >_> Then that’d make my “29” pants even bigger than they already are. Sigh. But anyway, looser jeans = definitely can fit = even if it’s loose to the point it falls off (which it usually does) I can fix it with a belt. I’m just having my fingers crossed that they are actually 29″ rather than the cm measurements they had up on the product info – because the product info measurements make it sound like it fits like a 30″ and that’s a BIG NO NO. Fingers crossed >____<

So much for New Year’s Resolution for saving up. I managed to save up about $250 in the past week and then KABOOM, gone. Now I owe myself $400 instead. Way to go, Misa.

I’m looking forward to the vintage washing cotton ops, mostly because it costs $33 and it comes with a belt. Fingers crossed it’s not translucent >_> IT BETTER BE WORTH THE $33 – D: I’m also hoping the “loveholic kangkang ops” isn’t made of the crappy linty cotton material. Otherwise, the shorts and the jeans I expect should be top notch; I just hope they fit right, and aren’t too big. Same with the shoes, actually. I ordered the smallest size wedge (from reviews on soompi it seems those shoes run a bit large) so I ordered a size 5.5. I hope that means like a size 5.5 in Nine West kind of 5.5, because that is perfect for me. If it’s like 5.5 but fits like a 6, be prepared for me to kick one of my shoes off as I start walking. Hmmm.


I put in a pair of man sweatpants… they’re GONE. I think it’s probably because Zipia removed it from their catalogue… but NOOOOOOOOO! I was hoping to buy 1 male item from Zipia just to test out the waters ;_; Sigh.

My order is very naked in the respect that I do not have any accessories or bags. I think I have enough of accessories for the meantime. As for bags, I’m saving up so no no >_< Gosh, either way, I’m hoping that all of these are nice. Fingers crossssssed.

I’m also hoping that there’s money left over from the estimated shipping. This order was way expensive :\ Ah well. Maybe another order with C and then I call it quits for online orders for 3 months. I’ll only order when it’s May! Yeah! So guys, please don’t tempt me from March – April 😦 Else my Boston bag will suffer ;__;

I need a job :\

Until next blog!


4 thoughts on “Zipia oh tee el

  1. Boredom = online shopping = OTLL

    I think you should be okay with the jeans. I’m normally a size 8 in jeans, and a 28 fits me perfectly. Plus it depends on the denim of the jeans – if it’s a thin denim, then 28 is fine. If it’s thick then mayyyybe you should do 29 to be safe.

    Damn Koreans and their tiny waists! Maybe your item went out of stock hence why Zipia took it down. I hate when that happens – le sighh..

    I’m pretty sure your Zipia tshirts will be fine – the darker colours won’t be too see-thru whereas white I think you can get away with a pink/cream-coloured bra.

    • Haha yes, OTLL
      Fingers crossed! I know a 29 is uber safe… but I will need a belt definitely. I still need to get a nudeish undergarment for those thinner type shirts. I should put that on my list to buy as well… le sigh… penniless @_@

  2. Like I was telling you before, only a “selected few” are sold in my size 😦 It’s so sad!! I cant wait to see what you got!! YAY!

    Dress Shopping KA CHA!! 🙂

    I wonder if they’ll have alot of Vintage stores in Blue Mountains? 😛

    \o/ Aussie Day Sales!! I wonder how much that “Zipia-Stocked” store will decrease their prices to >.<

    • Lol, I don’t remember any shops in Blue Mountains – but then again we were doing really small stops. Actually, now I remember, there is a small town. Not sure about the clothes though XD
      As for the Zipia store, probably the most they’d discount is like 40%? or 60%? Haha, what’s that still… like $54AUD for the top I got for like about $30 inc shipping. Psssh 😛 Haha – but boutiques <333

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