Rapidfire vomit! (again)

Search: bookdepository singapore
I’m pretty sure they ship to Singapore. Check their shipping and FAQ.


Search: oldboy pacemaker spoiler
Again, written in white.


There is no pacemaker. Or rather, the remote control wasn’t real. The remote control was just an ordinary control used to start a stereo player. When Dae Su gets the remote, he presses the button frantically, just to hear the recorded voices of him and his daughter engaging in their incestuous affair. This brings Dae Su’s spirits down and he is further tormented by this as he is reminded/ proven that it actually happened.

Bad guy Lee then shoots himself in the head as he thinks through the flashbacks of his dying sister, and cannot bear to keep living without her.

Dae Su finds the hynoptiser (the lady) and asks her via a letter if she could erase his memories for him, especially that of his incestuous relationship with his daughter. She warns him that it may fail, and he agrees to go ahead with it. During the hypnosis she splits Dae Su into two – Dae Su the original, and Dae Su the monster. The monster leaves the original Dae Su and with every step he takes he grows old until he dies, taking the secret away with him to his death.

When Dae Su is found by Mido and awakes, she asks if someone has been there, as there are 2 chairs in the distance facing each other. She says that she loves him, and he gives a wry smile.

Apparently the ending was like that because the director wanted to leave the audience thinking whether or not he did or didn’t remember the “secret.” However, if you ask me, when he was found, he was a long distance away from the chairs with footprints in the snow. I suspect that the Dae Su at the end is actually the monster that walked away. I think that the actual ending should be, that the hypnosis failed.



Search: gucci handbag for sale sydney

Try http://sydney.gumtree.com.au/

However, if you ask my personal opinion, bags at Gucci start from just $499AUD (this is the bum bag). Handbags start from about $700AUD to over $2000 if it’s leather. I think you’re better off just going to Gucci boutique and buying it there. You have peace of mind that it’s under warranty, brand new, authentic, you definitely get a dustbag + shopping bag and you get a receipt and you can try it on as many times as you like without the obligation to pay/ buy.

Honestly, guys, people keep telling me this, and I really hate it when people do it: “at expensive high end boutiques nothing has a price tag on it,  because rich people don’t need to look at the price tag – they just buy it.”



Even rich people would ask for the price! And what about the Chanel boutique? Almost everything has a price next to it. Don’t give me that crap about it being too secretive! What about at LV and Gucci – all their belts have price tags on them – why do THOSE have to be special?

It’s because, did you know that all you had to do was stick your hand into the inner compartment of the bag that you were interested in? That’s where the price tag is! RAWR!

Don’t be shy asking an SA. In fact, don’t be scared to take it from the shelf and stick your hand in. Because even if you ask an SA, “how much is this bag?”, they usually never answer you immediately – they will simply put their hand in, find the tag and tell you the price. You can do that yourself – it’s not that hard, and it’s not scary at all!

[/end rant]


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