Anna Sui COVET!

As you may know from my wishlist, I have 2 Anna Sui items I really want – the brush stand, and a mirror. I want the brush stand simply to put my pens in, because I want to replace my pen holder (yep, this belongs to my list of “things to replace”).

I got an email from YesStyle not long ago, and here were some of the newly added items to their catalogue:

DFS is cheaper!




If you spend over $100 at DFS you get the little Anna Sui tote as a gift. I really want it, but I doubt I can spend over $100 on Anna Sui alone. IF they sell the headband, then my life is SO MUCH EASIER. In fact, I don’t even mind getting their makeup base as well (which has been a really recommended product) and just make the purchase. WOOT!

To tell the truth, I’ve been thinking about going to DFS to buy the Dior Miss Cherie Blooming  Bouquet because I could get a gift with it \o/ (well usually, you can, there are HEAPS of offers!)

OMFG – I WANT THE HAIR HAND. IT’S JUST TOO AWESOME TO RESIST. I’d love to wear that during late nights to keep hair out of my face ;_; TOO CUTE, TOO CUTE I WANT ❤


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