Search of the day: FM Hair Salon, Pitt Street, Sydney review

The actual search term was originally: fm salon pitt street review

This review is going to be a little outdated, but bear with what I think.

The salon itself is quite nice and airy. I chose to go to FM because there were so many people inside. It was actually the first Korean salon I’ve ever visited, so I wasn’t too sure what I should expect.

From what I remember, there’s very limited seating inside, so if you are accompanying a friend or something, maybe FM isn’t for you, because I remember there was only a sofa or something. They take your bag and put it on a shelf behind the counter (Kim Sun Young puts your bag into a drawer under the register). Note that FM has less staff that KSY, because from memory, there were fewer chairs.

I got my hair washed, and I sat for about a minute and a young handsome hairdresser (well the only male one) just finished up cutting a lady’s hair. She was all smiles and was really pleased with her hair cut. I was extremely lucky that for the next 30-40 minutes that I got him as my hairdresser.

I suspect he was a director because he was really good. Without me even asking, he cut my fringe (and kept looking in the mirror, thinking, trimming – a bit like how you see stylists work it in Korean drama) and he got it absolutely perfect. I’m not even exaggerating.

He then curled my hair with a hairdryer and I walked out really happy and giddy.

I have what they classify as “long hair.” I usually pay $38 at Kim Sun Young for a cut, wash and dry. At FM Studio, I paid $40.

I am not lying when I say this: the one and only hair cut I got done at FM Studio was probably the only one where I went in, got my hair cut, felt happy throughout the whole time, and came out feeling like I looked like a superstar. The hair was awesome and I loved the look of it. In fact, I still feel so good about it that I am confident enough to post a picture of it I took on the same day I got it cut.

Sorry for the low resolution, I lost the original image since my old computer died on me.

*looks at the photo* I look so much younger and slimmer back then ;__; This is what architorture does to me…


Prices aren’t bad. Atmosphere is OK (KSY is better and larger). People are friendly.

However, the guy who cut my hair no longer works at FM Studio Pitt Street. I don’t know where he went!

If he was still working, forget about KSY. I’d go back to FM. I don’t care or know what he did to my hair, but it flattered my face shape so much that I was happy until the day it grew out and went fuzz on me.

I’ve heard some pretty bad FM Studio reviews about the female hairdressers there and apparently the one at Strathfield might be better.

If you are after a haircut and want better than average results every time, go to Kim Sun Young instead. It’s $2 (or more) cheaper, atmosphere is better, and they have a reward card system. Not to mention, all their hairdressers graduated from a hairdressing school, so they all can actually cut hair. Dyeing the hair at KSY is also a very good option because the hair stylist who does it, is really good at cutting hair. That was probably the second best hair cut I’ve ever had.

I guess it depends if you want to take a risk or not. I risked it with FM, and I was extremely lucky to get such a skilled hairdresser. However, every time I walk into KSY, I know I’m guaranteed a good hair cut, and there’s almost zero risk involved.

Have a look as you walk past and see how many people are inside and watch if the hairdressers look like they know what they’re doing. I can’t really review FM to you much, apologies for thatΒ – it’s just been too long since I did! But the experience I had was excellent. For others, maybe not so.

If you’d want more information, go to Soompi forums, and go to the Australia subforum. There are a few threads on hair cuts/ hairdressers – have a browse through (they’re only about 3 pages long) and if in doubt, make a post and someone will reply.

Happy hair time!


This edit is from March 2014. I realise that what I have written above was written several years ago. KSY is no longer as good as it was before. I don’t think they are good value for money, and the word I can use to describe them is “sloppy”. I went in a few times to get many more split ends than I originally had before walking in. I know that their price is good as it is $40ish for medium to medium long hair, which is actually really a medium price point, but I’ve learned that if I pay a bit extra ($60 in fact), I know that I get my hair shampooed twice, leave without as many split ends (none, actually), and feel good about the money I’ve spent on a hair cut.

There are many other Korean salons that have popped up, but I have not tried them. But one for sure is that I will not be recommending KSY. I only visited FM once so don’t take my experience as the only review out there to trust. This review is really outdated, but hopefully it can give you some food for thought. Ask your friends where they get their hair cut, because more often than not, you will find that your friends will know better than I would. Thanks for reading, just thought I needed to edit this since it was no longer correct.


29 thoughts on “Search of the day: FM Hair Salon, Pitt Street, Sydney review

  1. Hi there, im thinking about going to KSY tomorrow for a colour. I’m Asian and they’ll need to bleach my hair first because I have dyed it dark brown in the past.

    Just curious to know if have had your hair dyed there before or if you know how they are when it comes to dying hair?


    • Hi Janice, hopefully you see this comment soon.

      I’ve had my hair dyed at KSY before – I dyed it purple. They use L’Oreal hair dye and when I walked out of the salon my hair was a beautiful cherry purple – however that faded in about 2 weeks.
      It cost me $132 including a haircut and I have long hair (not super long, but long – I think they will charge maybe around $160 if you have really long hair, like up to your waist).

      Generally if you’re getting your hair dyed, you won’t have a single problem at all, because you’re paying so much and they will give you their best service. They will cut your hair properly (I’m finding they’re being a bit sloppy these days esp with my last cut) and they will make you sit in a purple silk gown. They make sure every single strand has been dyed and the result has been good – my only problem is that I simply dyed it a fancy colour that originally wouldn’t hold to begin with.

      I hope that this helps! Btw I went to the Pitt Street KSY.

      PS: Before they dye your hair they always ask you if you’ve dyed your hair black before – if you just let them know you dyed it dark brown, they’ll think of a way πŸ™‚

  2. Hi there! My friend and I are planning to cut our hair this Friday in Sydney. I would like to know the price range for Pitt St KSY. I have a long and very thick hair.

    • Hi carmen,

      KSY charges about $38-$41 dollars for wash cut and dry (this is blowdry/ style).
      be sure to ask them before you go in, but it shouldn’t be more than $41 unless your hair is really really long!

      Hope that helps!

  3. Hi I have never dyed my hair before but now i have a sudden urge to I’ve cut my hair at KSY on pitt and it was pretty good >< i was planning to have a two tone dye from ash brown at my root to ash blonde to my tips I know ill probably have to bleach it and my hair isn't that long but not that short either and I'm just wondering what the price would roughly be for dyeing (+bleaching), a lil cut (+ wash), and probably treatment.

    • Hi,

      I honestly don’t know how much it’ll be because it depends on how long your hair is. I also don’t know how much a treatment costs at KSY but if you have longish hair, I think that it’ll probably be somewhere from $180-$250 including a treatment. It’s best to just drop in and ask them before you get your hair done – they can give you a price on the spot so that you don’t get surprised once it’s all done and when you pay for it.

  4. Hi I need some advice. I’ve never get my hair cut in Syd before. I’m planning to get my hair cut and dye soon. which salon do you recommend? (preferably korean hair salon) is KSY reliable? just outta curiosity… do I have to tell them what kind of hairstyle I want? cuz I have no idea what kind of hairstyle suits me… will they charge me more if I ask them to cut whatever they think it would suits me? thanks

    • Hi Chloe,

      I’d say go to KSY. It’s the safest bet so far, but go to the one on Pitt Street – I find them to be the most consistent. Always ask beforehand how much a haircut is (if you want a wash, cut and dry, ask how much that is).
      You have to tell them what you want – if you’re not sure, you can tell them how much you want cut (eg. 1 inch, 2 inches) and ask them to layer/ thin your hair. They’ll just do something generic. If you have something specific, let them know. They will not charge you extra – a haircut is a haircut and they will charge you for just that service. It’s best to have some idea though – it will make everyone’s lives easier πŸ˜‰ Hope that helps!

    • Hi Angel,

      You can walk in without an appointment, that’s perfectly fine πŸ™‚ If you’re in a hurry though, make an appointment to guarantee a slot. Hope that helps!

  5. Hi Kmisa,

    When I made an appointment with KSY on Pitt Street today, I have been told there is no such a hairdresser called Susan but Sue, very wired. From Angel

  6. FM hair studio , Pitt St Sydney is the worst hair salon I have ever been to. They completely ruined my hair leaving the bleach on too long and it all snapped off in large amounts. The Korean lady who did my hair was useless, she had no idea what she was doing and panicked when my hair all broke off. I would not recommend this salon to anyone. The hairdressers there don’t even know the basics of hair coloring. It has now cost me over $400 to get my hair fixed and I’ve also had to cut it all off!! I am in the process of reporting this salon . Don’t ever go to FM studio hair salon in Pitt St Sydney .

  7. this almost a year old already but I’d like to ask about KSY, since I wanted to get a male haircut there, since I used to go to kippo but my reg stylist left, and I wanted to get a korean haircut/style, do you have any sort of recommendations? like who to ask for styllst and which KSY or should I try FM? Not sure D: hardly experiment with my hair until I left high school (stupid local haircuts D:) now im rich! bwah

    • Definitely bring a picture of what you want with you so that the stylist knows exactly how to cut your hair. KSY and FM are very different to Kippo as KSY and FM are more like budget, speedy/quick/okay quality, whereas I’m assuming Kippo is probably better quality but more expensive. I always recommend Sue at KSY on Pitt Street because she left me and at least one of my readers with a pretty good impression. If you’re after something pretty simple, both salons would probably be the same. Noble hair which is just a bit further up from KSY seems to be doing well with male haircuts – I saw a guy ask for something pretty specific and it sounded like he was a regular. If you go to Noble, ask for the guy to cut your hair – well, anyone except for the lady with the manvoice (it is super deep) – stay far far far away from her.

      • I usually go to Sue from KSY on Pitt as well, but I was told today that she has left! Was really happy with my previous haircuts by her. Any ideas where she’s gone?

  8. KSY in the city has been the worst experience for me.. I actually used to go to KSY in strathfield but my hairdresser left (I hate it when that happens!!) and I tried KSY in Pitt st and they burnt my hair. I don’t perm, color or do any thing to my hair on a regular basis (besides cut) but my hair was like broomesticks after chemical straightening. They charged $350!,! Even though it was all frizzy everywhere!! In the end I reported to the ACCC and got a full refund.. But that doesn’t fix my hair!!! Now I go to FM in strathfield. Don’t know about the one in the city… But Strathfield is really good.. my friends get a perm from Jennifer and she’s actually really good.. The best thing about her is apparently she’s been at the salon for years.. So I know she’ll be there when I go again..

  9. FM:No, I DON’t recommend that place. The price is reasonable with according sloppy service.
    It is my first time to be so unhappy after a hair cut with the female hairdresser there.
    She seemed so busy and treated my hair without too much care! I cut it myself this morning when I found a strand of hair sticked out from side of my neck. Can you imagine that? And I had to repeat myself twice for asking a glass of water! She simple just gave me a unwashed mug from the table to use, no disposable cup in the shop?
    I will try to be fair, maybe she is the only one doing this, or she had a bad day, but first impression does count!

  10. Last week my friend took me to her regular KSY in STRATHFIELD. My friend gets a wash and blowdry for $38 dollars. I thought that was expensive, but since we were going to an important dinner party I thought i should give it a try. After our hair was finished, the lady at the counter asked my friend if I was Korean. And because I wasn’t, I had to pay $44. Is it just me or is it discrimination?? Should I report them somewhere? My friend was so angry she told the lady she’s never going back. I’ve also been with my other Korean friends to other korean salons as well and have never had to pay more because I was not Korean. Isn’t it rude?? I just can’t forget last week. Never had that treatment anywhere in Australia.

    • Dear Lilly, was your hair much longer than your friend’s hair? If so, then the $44 is reasonable and the question about being Korean or not was just normal chit chat. If your hair was the same length as your friend’s I don’t see why they had to charge you more. In that case, I’d just tell everyone I know not to go there. I’ve been to KSY many times (not Strathfield though) and nobody has ever asked me if I was Korean or not, and I was always charged the same price, unless my hair was significantly longer than usual. That’s really strange, and it’s a terrible experience to hear about.

  11. My hair is actually approximately and inch shorter than my friends and its much thinner… I think if u walk in speaking Korean you get it slightly cheaper?? The staff specifically explained to my friend that because I was not Korean I had to pay $44. I don’t see any reason my friend would lie to me??

    • Then that’s discrimination, and you shouldn’t have had to go through it. I’m not Korean myself but each time I walk into any of the KSY city branches I never have to ask how much I need to pay as they charge me fairly each time. Those ladies at KSY Strathfield should be ashamed of themselves and you shouldn’t have paid the $44. I guess next time it’s just best to always ask how much it will cost to cut your hair before you go ahead with the haircut so you know exactly how much you’ll be paying.

  12. was just on the other blog writing about my good experience with FM in Strathfield Cause I visited the blog awhile back and got good reviews of the FM in the city, but couldn’t get my lazy arse up there so went to the one in Strathfield (1 commenter said they liked the fm opposite from the fm next to Optus) which I found easier to say the fm next to ANZ bank. Last time I checked that blog there wasn’t ne links to here?? Or was I just Blind?? Ne how just realized today that this blog is linked… Well looks like some people had bad experience at FM Pitt st and KSY Strathfield but then there are good reviews as well so I guess you just have to find what suits you the best.. Well My first FM Strathfield experience last week was the best. My hair was shoulder length but kdramas and Kpop music videos gave me the sudden need to have long hair… So I coloured my hair lighter for summer and did a full hair of extensions. Was $500 for extensions and cut, colour and blowdry was $100. I did the hair extensions that are platted into your hair cause they don’t fall out, and last time i did ring hair extensions which were like $500 in chatswood kara? Cara? (cant remember the name.. it was years back) they were shitty. But rings are cheaper now adays or is it just here?? not sure like half price so if u want something short term maybe u should do rings.. Ne way I’m loving my Kpop look alike long silky hair!!! It was the best New Years present I gave to myself!!!

  13. Man I would love to post the pictures of my natural looking extension hair before and after but don’t know how to post pictures here!! Sorry for constantly bragging about my hair!! But just can’t get over it!!! I hope everyone else loves their hair and self wherever you do ur hair!! just find the salon that suits you the best!! I think I’ve finally found mine!!! πŸ™‚

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