Peter’s of Kensington reopening Sale and Gmarket order arrival

Peter’s of Kensington has a sale with an extra 10-25% off selected brands off the already discounted price.

Depending on what you’re buying, of course. But most items are only 10% off extra.

I was so angry when I got there because the line went all the way UP THE STAIRS and along THREE WALLS of the chinaware floor. Even though my mum and I picked out something to buy, there was NO WAY I was willing to wait anywhere from 1-2 hours because of a fry pan. That’s LUDICROUS.

We’re heading back tomorrow, early. So folks, don’t think “it’s a Monday, it’ll be empty!” – very wrong. I don’t even know why there were so many people there :\ Haha.

But it’s good for the last minute buy! There are a lot of things to buy, and almost everything has a discount label on it. Check it out!


Gmarket order

My Gmarket order arrived and I picked it up at the Post Office. It was possibly the next most ludicrous thing that has happened today, because the box was ridiculously large for no reason. I can’t believe they are charging me shipping because they put it in a box – they should have just wrapped up the box with that durable waterproof plastic.

I ordered a box of Yufit masks.

The size of the box is ridiculous!

On the left is the parcel I received. On the right is a box of 10 sheet masks by a Japanese company named JUJU COSMETICS. The difference in size is very noticeable.


As expected, they simply put the box they received from the seller (sent via Domestic EMS to the warehouse) and put it in the EMS box. I still think they should have just wrapped that up with plastic and slapped a label on top.

We get to the goods!

Upon opening the small box, the package was wrapped with more than enough bubble wrap. I could see that they had included a sample with my order, which is quite lovely of them, considering I did end up paying extra shipping just for a stupid EMS box D:

Left: Yufit masks, Right: Some sample I assume that also has to do with slimming

So from that HUGE box (well it wasn’t huge, it was just big in comparison to the actual product I was getting), this is what I got for about $42AUD including express shipping from Korea. I still reckon it’s not a bad deal, but it could have been cheaper had they not used an extra box.

The face mask box is actually quite big – it actually fits almost snugly in the box as you can tell with the image including the bubble wrap. Each mask is also extremely heavy and wrapped in high quality (though this sounds really environmentally unhealthy) polyethylene packaging (looks just like your ordinary metallic stay fresh material). Scrap that, the 7 masks altogether were actually pretty darn heavy all up. They didn’t lie about it being 610g lol. The box says about W22800 (that’s approximately $22AUD) for postage, which is pretty hefty. Gmarket only charged me all up about $16AUD for shipping, so it was MUCH cheaper than what the postage actually costs. In fact, I’m just confused at how it even works. But oh well. The masks were worth it, and that’s that.

[NOTE: I originally mistook the shipping for being only $7 because I keep thinking the masks cost me $35- they were actually about $24USD for the box. Because the shipping is still quite a bit, the discount in the product kind of “makes up” for it.]

Now it’s time to see if they work or not! I’ll use it tonight or something. I have some C&A to watch, so I’ll use it while I drama 😀

For the people interested in buying this product, the back has a description and instructions in Korean and in English.

The instructions say that the masks work via heating and lifting. It recommends using the mask 3-4 times per week, and maintaining the face shape by doing a mask 1-2 times a week after you’re happy with the results. I’m only going to do this once a week, because I don’t see the point in doing it so often. The mask also contains stuff in it that supposedly is good for your skin and infuse some moisture into it, so I guess these masks won’t be a waste of money.

As for the sample, it’s by a company named “age lock” (a subdivision of Yufit), and they are “Sports Body Slim Wipes.” There are two sheets in this tiny packet, and the instructions are completely in Korean. I have no idea how to use it, but I will deal with it after I finish the Yufit face masks. YAY!


For now, yes. I get nothing refunded to me, the price seems ideal, and I’m happy overall with what I paid (as I noted the shipping costs). The packaging is more than excellent (why you even need bubble wrap for a box of face masks?) and everything went quite smoothly – provided you don’t have yourself some snail speed Internet. However, I was lucky that this seller did not overestimate the weight of these masks – in fact, the weight was underestimated. I’m still not sure about buying Konad nail polish and paying for 0.7kg per bottle. Well either way, when I’m bothered I might find the set of polishes and we’ll see. Might be cheaper in a combo deal?


I was paranoid about them omitting my postcode and country, so I put everything into my address line. They not only got that bit right, they also put my postcode under postcode, and country next to country. So do not worry – they aren’t too bad at labelling addresses.

PS: I still need to go check out that dress store C went to to get her lovely New Years and Christmas dresses Dx

But on another note, my mum might take me to Cabra one day >:3 Just for fun, apparently – lol ❤


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