Love thy neighbour… only if they are worth loving.

Long story short: A year or two ago an elderly couple lived above us for over a year. They moved out, a new family came in. Recently the family moved out and the elderly couple MOVED BACK IN.

You may think “oh but elderly people are the best! They don’t play heavy bass music or throw wild parties!”

Yes, that’s very true, and in fact, I probably would still prefer elderly couples over young roommates. My number one preference however, are young families with small children, because they tend to be more quiet, responsible and gentle.

Anyway, I hate the elderly couple.

At 7am (sometimes 6) they’d go out onto the balcony and start talking. Really, SERIOUSLY? WHAT IS THEIR PROBLEM? I know early rise and shine is a good thing, but some people work late shifts. My dad used to wake up at 10am because he starts at 11am, and finishes work late (anywhere from 11pm to 1am depending on if he went out to eat afterwards). It’s inconsiderate!

Not only that they’d take their grandchild out onto the balcony, throw them around (that’s dangerous) and go “OH! OH! OH!” while the kid shrieks.

We can hear everything. Because we live directly under, and the balconies are open, not sealed. And guess where we can hear it clearest? That’s right, in our bedrooms, when we’re asleep.

Right now I can hear a drill or a floor polisher underway. Sometimes we hear hammers, or drills (our walls are made of concrete frame brick veneer – but you always drill concrete, never brick). We also sometimes get the woodsaw and the electronic saw sounds.

I can understand if you’re an avid fan of renovating (though I don’t see the point, the family that moved in between only was here for about a year, I highly doubt they’d wreck the floor boards), but if you’re a carpenter that’s a no no.

I don’t care if it’s within the reasonable hours the council states you can make hullaballoo, but there is a LIMIT to which you make this noise (there is a decibel limit). At the moment this floor polish noise is REALLY ANNOYING. It’s like hearing an army of sumo wrestlers on the floor and farting simultaneously. Or it’s like putting an ailing refrigerator motor in your sound blocking headphones. When it’s windy, I can hear their doors slamming because they’re too cheap to make a door stop. And soon after the door slams, I hear it again because they stupidly open the door anyway despite knowing it’s windy and that it’d slam. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM?

They make almost ALL their telephone calls on the balcony, and they scream out from their balcony to the visitors on ground floor where they are.

Truthfully speaking, neighbour-wise, they aren’t really too bad. I’ve had worse. But the general gist of what I’m saying is, yes, what you’re doing is sort of “legal” but to me the noise is too much of a distraction. YOU DO NOT USE A FLOOR POLISHER WITHOUT REST FOR 20 MINUTES AND COUNTING. This is NOT a construction site.

With this sort of renovation, they should have received the thumbs up from the strata agent FIRST because this isn’t a small fixture. This is a large scale God knows how much more they’re going to do project.

Not to mention, it’s the weekend. Don’t you guys have a LIFE apart from doing this crap? If you’re going to do this renovation crap, GET IT DONE QUICKLY. They purposely do just a tiny bit now… and then tomorrow… or maybe the day after…. NO!

I HATE waking up from my sleep to be woken by a damn floor polisher/ sander!

Do you have bad neighbours you do not love, at all?


3 thoughts on “Love thy neighbour… only if they are worth loving.

  1. LOL!! we used to have a little shit that used to grab our shoes (that we kept outside coz in NZ people are *correction* were trustworthy) and chucked them on the roof!! >.<

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