Snot Machine.

Well okay it’s not as bad as the title suggests but this morning I woke up from a string of really bad dreams (almost Hana Kimi style and stumbling across a blog that actually doesn’t exist that had shocking content on it > protected post later) and a blocked nose. Said blocked nose most likely came from the dust trigger yesterday. FML. I can’t believe I dug out my wardrobe for my mum, when it wasn’t in my wardrobe to begin with. Ugh.

I’ll be stuck at home drinking down all sorts of mysterious concoctions of herbal medicine because I actually want to EAT YUMMY FOOD ON THE WEEKEND *rawrs*


Search: iris nss computer theme

You mean the music or the actual computer theme? There are several similar looking computer themes available probably at I know, the site is a complete nightmare to navigate at times, but you’ll get there eventually. Plus you can download for free. If you have an account you can download without being exposed to a multitude of annoying ads. But that’s dA for ya.

Note that to change your theme you will need to patch your computer probably. I did it back when I was using XP. I’m on Vista at the moment (will upgrade to Windows 7 soon).

If you meant the music theme, go to – select ALL ALBUMS on the side bar and scroll down to find IRIS OST Part 1. That OST has all the instrumental music used in the series.


On a random tangent, I just got an email to access tickets to sold out shows on Sydney Festival Nightb \o/

I feel so VIP.

But no thanks. 😉


Search: is jang geun suk married

I don’t think so, no.


Search: v line mask

It’s called the Yufit Perfect V-line Hot Face Shaper Bra.

That’s actually what I ordered off Gmarket. Comes in a box of 7 masks and is retailing at Sasa stores in Singapore for $35SGD. Refer to for more details.


Search: etude house in campsie/ where to buy etude house in sydney

It’s a shop named LOVELY HOUSE on Beamish Street, Campsie. If you do a google, you will get the address probably from Google Maps. 

Turn left as you exit the station. Do not cross over to the other side. After you cross a few traffic lights you should see a pink sign saying LOVELY HOUSE. There is also a store in Chatswood by the same name.

They have 50% off Etude House products at the moment but they have VERY limited stock (it’s running out, fast) and some prices are quite expensive, especially their eyeshadows and stuff (mostly because at 50%, an eyeshadow palette is about $18AUD – not too bad, but considering they are like $10 from Korea, think again). The only things I personally thought were worth buying were the brow pencil (it comes with a brush on one end, but my mum commented it was very short), and the VIP lipstick, since it’s similar to ordering off ebay and I could swatch it.

They give you samples and a membership card. I think they do that if you spend over $10, but I’m not sure. Ask 🙂


Search: etude house vip lipstick review

I will do this later. But in a nut shell – depending on the colour you buy it can be very pigmented or sheer. Lasts quite a while, is moisturising, smells like peach and doesn’t taste funky like most lipsticks. But a must is you MUST swatch before you buy.  The colour DOES come off when your lips touch something, like a cup. So even though PSH and JGS are pashing like mad in that CM, in reality, JGS would end up with peach coloured lips, too.

Last but not least, the lipsticks are quite small. There’s not a lot of product – there’s less in these lipsticks than say your average Estee Lauder sample lipstick even. But bleh, the packaging is really cute (locks really tight so you don’t have to worry about the cap falling off), though it’s plastic so there is a chance of it breaking and getting scratched. I paid $9AUD for it, and it’s worth about that price. Any more than $10 USD, forget it! It’s not worth that much! It’s meant to be a cheap brand in Korea anyway, so don’t let people rip you off!


Search: japanese flowers

Cherry blossom/ Sakura? 😀 They also like the chrysanthemum, but that’s a royal flower. Nobody else can use it cept for the Royal family.


4 thoughts on “Snot Machine.

    • Hi, no I don’t know the address but if you follow the directions exactly as above, you will find it. It’s on the same side as the station to the left of the station.

    • Hi, I’ve only been to the one in Campsie. I don’t know where it is in Chatswood – my friend has seen it though – it should be fairly small and probably in a shopping centre, but I’m not sure.

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