I lied. For now.

I was planning on going out but given the stinking hot weather and the fact that I changed my mind again, I decided that I didn’t want to spend any money on anything. Yep, not even the Shiseido stuff because I figured it’d sit in  my closet for a year before I start to use it anyway, so there’s no point.

(But I might go after lunch depending on how I feel – no guarantee though)

Anyway, remember the massage roller I blogged about ages ago I said was a weapon in disguise? Well, it finally attacked me. My leg now has a grand total of 5 bruises. In other words, if a small roller causes 5 bruises of damage in about the area of your palm, a Korean hula hoop will likely cause more damage, exponentially proportional to that of the massage roller. It actually didn’t hurt when I used the roller, which is what baffles me –  now when I press on one particular bruise it HURTS. The others, however, don’t. If it’s any consolation, I had a theory that the massage roller could get rid of stretch marks. It has worked for my other leg, and it seems to be working on my bruised leg (despite the bruises, it does feel smoother – I’m starting to freak out I did something similar to tenderising meat D:). I’ll update on that later. No pain, no gain, right? I rather sport a few bruises for a week than be stuck with stretch marks for life.

Each day is getting more boring than that last these days. Last night I was frustrated and did a few random drawings I shoved onto my tumblr. Yes, pretty much everything you see on tumblr is mine, with the exception of a photo or something like that. To think I took a drawing course in semester 1 and still end up with anime looking squiggles… oh well.

Blargh. I’m feeling so lazy. So lazy even the joy of blogging isn’t appealing to me. Until next blog… OTLL


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