True story.

About a month ago, I was talking to P about drama. So we were basically browsing on mysoju and reading various plot synopses of Korean and Japanese drama. If we saw a drama with a funny name, we’d just click on it and quickly skim through the plot synopsis (yes, we did this for the entire list).

Anyway, he is a MiSa fan (not a fan of me, but Mianhada Saranghada). We clicked on something random, and he casually said,  “oh hey, it’s the Sorry but I love you guy. He’s back from military service! I didn’t know that. But I like that guy.”

Then, I said, “my friend is currently watching Cain and Abel” – so I clicked it.

Instantly, he was like “oh hey it’s that guy again! I want to watch this now”.

Jokingly, I said “are you sure you two aren’t related or something?!” since it was about 2 clicks in a row that we stumbled across the same actor. He just laughed and we continued looking at other plot synopses.

Epic phail. He wasn’t the one who was related, instead, I was, since we have the same surname.


Yeah. Whoooooooops.

PS: I think I know why I thought Shin Hyun Joon was the MiSa guy – it’s because probably on mysoju they listed the cast in a different order and possibly wrote Shin Hyun Joon first for C&A, so I got confused. Or else I would have seen So Ji Sub instead and would be like “oh. Same surname.”


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