Movie: Kurosagi

Today I also managed to watch Kurosagi, the movie.

While I watched the series, I felt that there was a really special atmosphere to the whole series. I quite enjoyed the episodes, but I felt that the atmosphere changed to a very heavy one in the last two episodes and everything was rushed. P said he was hoping for more character development in the series, but there was little – only a swindle per episode. I told him that perhaps the answer to the lack of character development could be answered in the movie. Guess I was kind of wrong?

The general plot of the movie is like an hour and 20 minute long episode of your average Kurosagi drama. No kidding, it was a movie about a very detailed swindle. The cast is almost identical to the drama, but there was very little Horikita Maki and almost no annoying Yukari. If you were hoping for character development or resolution, I can tell you, there is none.

Like with all plots, there is always an underlying theme. In the various Kurosagi episodes there’d be an underlying metaphor for each swindle case. In the movie, they used Shakespeare in particular, and borrowed on Caesar’s death/ betrayal, as well as Othello (though in the movie, Othello is actually a board game similar to Go). Basically, the theme was, Caesar was killed because he trusted his friends, and died because of his trust. This is the same with swindling – the person who trusts and lets down their guard, will be the loser. This ties in nicely with the board game simultaneously, so you get the play between a board game and the swindle cases.

I felt some parts were too long, some parts weren’t believable (dude, the guy Aikawa Sho plays would NOT have been played around so easily), and more so, the movie lacked any development of plot in regards to the original Kurosagi story – it’s yet another “to be continued” thing.

In all honesty, if you enjoyed the Kurosagi episodes and wanted to see him at it again, this movie will be something you will enjoy. If you were trying to dig deeper like my friend, P did, then you will be in for some disappointment, as there really isn’t much difference between the movie and another episode. You can call the movie a “special’ episode, perhaps, if that seems more appropriate.

Overall, it’s still an appropriate watch, but note that it’s a movie so the atmosphere is quite different to a drama. The pace is much slower, and it has the movie “quiet” thing in the background, if you know what I mean. Anyway, maido ari!


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