Merry (summer) Christmas!

Hello all!

Merry Christmas from Misa!

Yes, I am wearing a woolly cap and sunglasses. Because I can.

Well aware that I have over censored the photo whilst having a variety of funny disguises. I don’t like to be identified and I keep getting creepy comments like “zomg is that your room in the background?” so therefore, none of my room is in the background. The colours are funny too, because it’s rainy here in Sydney, so the sky was dark. Also, webcams don’t exactly have the best camera quality. Soooo you guys will just have to put up with it. Rirakkuma also says hi 🙂 And yep, he sure is quite big – his head is bigger than mine 😛

But yes, Merry Christmas! Were you good this year? What did Santa bring you?

For me, this year has been awesome! Despite having a terrible 11 months out of 12 months this year (I’m serious, it was that bad – but of course I had my happy moments throughout – it’s bit like a cloudy sky but with patches of sun here and there- what’s what this year has been like – always cloudy, but depending on where I went, there could have been some sun), I pulled through it all. Met a bunch of AWESOME people and I’m back into the normal swing of things. I used to be antisocial and not even be interested in celebrities – not even male celebrities. But now I am human again and I am doing incredibly ridiculous amounts of giggle and internal teehee-dom upon seeing fit, handsome, muscly men topless. YUS.

Now I just got to wait for the bottomless images. JUST KIDDING. 😛

So apart from rediscovering celebrity manpron, I spent a load of money and got that Konad stamping kit from the lovelies ❤ I’ve ordered from Zipia before at least once in my life (I can be sure I’ll be going to the “Fashion Heaven” section, since you can’t go wrong with Zipia), and finally bought the bag for my mum that I knew she liked. A lot of shopping things knocked from my list, and it means it’s time to settle down next year.


On the note of Christmas, this is probably the first Christmas I’ve had in Sydney where it is raining. Interesting. Last year I remember it being ridiculously hot (and still idiots were burning meat on their grills, meaning you get bushfire AND burnt meat smells in the stuffy air) and people playing their oversaturated bass music “doosh doosh doosh” (or so I’d say “(you) douche douche douche” – seriously, that music sounds like it’s insulting someone the entire time it’s playing)


I am currently up to episode 9 of Cain and Abel, and the end of episode 8 has left me screaming and kicking. Why are all the Choi’s such DOUCHEBAGS in this drama series? I feel so so so so so sorry for Lee Cho In because he doesn’t deserve to be treated this way by anyone – RAWR! But on the upside, from this episode onwards methinks he will be unshaven again 😀 *fangirls* I love a man’s clean face. Stubble is prickly.


It’s not incest if you don’t gather together at the same family outing!

(I’m just kidding – please, do not try that at home folks.) 


I need to get the Cain and Abel OST. The music is so good. I must lay my claws on that stuff. ❤ Ballads. I’d be weak at the knees if my S/O could sing me ballads.

On that note, the IRIS OST is superb. I love the song by December – sounds very beautiful in full. I also really like the Baek Ji Young song, even though I didn’t really like it when I first heard it during the series. I heart ballads.


Did I ever mention that my favourite character in IRIS is actually Kim Son Hwa? I love Kim Son Hwa – who can’t love Kim Son Hwa? She doesn’t ask for anything and she unconditionally follows and loves the one she cares for. She is the most awesome woman in this universe. If I were a man, I’d fall in love with Kim Son Hwa. No questions asked.


After seeing the various video clips of So Ji Sub working out (that guy must really love exercise), I am motivated to start doing exercise – but after New Years’. We share the same surname, but he outhots me by kilometres. Precisely the distance from Sydney to Seoul. Some day I’ll work out and I can carry a photo around of him and jokingly tell people we are distant relatives and say it in a foreign language. By then hopefully someone falls for the trick.


Sugar scrub/ daisima pack routine tonight! Pimples outrage me. Especially since I don’t know why I have them. Go away already D:


My glitter forest green french tips are still in tact. I haven’t touched up on them and it’s been about 5 days already. That’s not bad. Now I gotta start thinking about the next design. Nail designs hurt my brain.


It’s been too long since I’ve seen a simple Chinese drama with an incredibly simple dialogue and incredibly hilarious coordination of everything. It doesn’t even feel like a serious attempt so every time I look at the screen I end up cracking up.

My dad is currently addicted to it, and claims that the sounds are done in such a way that it brings tears to his eyes when he sees someone crying on screen. He’s missing out on good drama. But if it makes him happy, whatever!


Said Chinese drama is repeating the same 2 songs over and over as background theme music. I am going insane because I think I know the lyrics by now and I’ve only heard the songs first today. RAWR.


For the umpteenth time, my mum has commented that So Ji Sub is a sexy beast. HAHAHA JUST KIDDING, her exact words are “good looking”. She also thinks that the beard/ facial hair he wears in Cain and Abel are stuck on hairs (to me they look quite real minus the side burns because false facial hair tends to look bushy – then they didn’t show him actually shaving, so I have no clue). I think she wants to watch MiSa too. I have converted my mum into a SJS fan OTLL


So Ji Sub sings in Korean and Japanese, and moreover sings Mika Nakashima’s “Yuki no Hana”. It’s one of our (by our I mean me and my karaoke buddies) favourite songs at karaoke. Out of 5 karaoke visits, we sing this song on about 3 occasions.

The crowd is going insane. He’s incredibly adorkable in this.


I need to stop writing about So Ji Sub. Like, NAO.


Happy Holidays – take care! It’s double demerits time, so be careful and safe on the roads. 🙂


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