Life, as it is now.

Frig, So Ji Sub  is hot. I still can’t get over that half nekkid image of him… D:  I remember before when M showed me a photo of Lee Hyung Byun since it somehow reminded her of me  (he was wet in a bathtub lolol – not sure how that related to me, but it was cute nonetheless) and I said he wasn’t my type because he was too masculine. I LIE D: (thanks to So Ji Sub) MANLY MEN PLEASE. JUICY MUSCLE ALL OVER – I feel like I’m talking about a kebab, or a steak. But then again, kebabs and steak damn manly foods.

Luckily I’m not Nakatsu or else my nose would be bleeding uncontrollably.


Apart from the geek moment of realising So Ji Sub played in a drama named MiSa (go figure, since my nickname is Misa :P) I then realised it was Mianhada Saranghada, the drama that P told me about that apparently confused him to no end. Thinking he did a cameo role, I clicked on the wiki entry, and he was the MAIN CHARACTER? That shaggy looking dude who stole luggage, spoke in Chinese and Japanese and was in Melbourne?! That sort of explains the BONDS underwear, actually, since he was on our turf. Get that girls, in 2004, SJS was on our turf. Oh. My. God. But for some reason I assumed that Shin Hyun Joon was the guy who played the MiSa dude LOL – I just got incredibly confused. Now I’m tempted to watch MiSa just for So Ji Sub. DAMN IT. I AM SUCH A SUCKER FOR THESE THINGS. I guess I can buy that from the DVD store since I saw like 3 copies of it – if only I knew earlier then I would have just bought it! DAMN IT. DAMN IT! DAMN IT THE THINGS I DO FOR SJS. I’m such a NERD. UGH. I’ll watch it. ARGH. DAMN IT.

And as consolation for OTLL-ing at my realisation, my mum just said “well yeah, he is quite good looking“. Thanks, mum T_T


Cain and Abel is almost unbearable to watch. How such a good man could get such treatment and be surrounded by such douchebags is just beyond me. He is SUCH a good man – he’s kind, he saves people’s lives unconditionally, and he’s a beautiful person, inside and out. Life sucks OTLL I know it’s “just a drama” but things like that happen in real life okay! But just wait until I finish the series, I’ll definitely write up a review on this series… I feel like bawling my eyes out every time I see him on screen… it’s so unfair T_T How can a bunch of people be so heartless and actually smile and be happy when someone who has never harmed them, dies?

On that note I just realised that C&A is translated by 3 different groups, and I think for each different group, they change the names of the characters. FML. But I will persevere because the translations still look good and I’m compelled to see those idiots get what they deserve!


Cain and Abel is the first drama I have watched where I haven’t fallen for the douchebag character. THE CURSE IS BROKEN! I AM FREE FROM DOUCHEBAGGERY!


I was expecting a parcel to arrive today, but I guess not. I was hoping to get it before Christmas, but now I have 2 public holidays and the weekend to wait through. It’ll most likely come on Monday, which is still okay, but ARGH. The parcel left Hong Kong on Sunday, would have arrived on Monday, cleared customs on Tuesday, sent to the appropriate regional parcel sorting headquarters on Wednesday and in my claws on Thursday – that is, TODAY. There are probably a LOT of parcels from Hong Kong at the moment due to the pile up (I’m assuming my parcel was sent with new and old mail) so it’d be hectic. Not to mention it is Christmas so there will be a lot of local mail circulating. I hate mail delays. More so, I hate it when I know I am expecting something, and then it doesn’t come. Usually the things I expect come when I expect them least – too early or a bit late (that I’ve temporarily forgotten about it). Oh well, on Monday I should get it.


Eurgh I hate pimples. Especially the ones that hurt when you touch them because they are so friggin big.


SJS ❤ Frick. Too much information to handle in one day. It’s still just slowly coming to me. x_x Zomg.


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