Hotness of So Ji Sub


I’m watching Cain and Abel at the moment and I’m in love with So Ji Sub. Ignoring the fact we share the same surname *cough* and the fact he’s damn hot for a 32 year old, my mum thinks he’s good looking too. She is so cute, randomly she just went “now that I think about the main character of the drama you’re watching, the main character is REALLY good looking!” OMGAH YUS.

SOURCE or shall I be saying, SAUCE? ;D Hur hur hur. He’s soooo cute when he smiles. Squee!

See, when I see a 182cm man, I expect him to have some meat on him, and So Ji Sub is just about right. He is fit. Dang, first episode of Cain and Abel you see him pouring buckets of water over his head. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! OHHHHH YEAH!

WTFBBQNESS – I literally WTF’d when I found this image, but that’s just D: D: But since he let them take the photo, it means he lets people LOOK at the photo, yes yes? But yes, when I see a 182cm tall man, I expect broad shoulders like that. Now THAT is manly.
For more So Ji Sub nekkidness, click
HERE – you will find an image of him with a hand down his pants for some odd reason. Oh, that’s right. Magazine shoot. Thank God we don’t do that at our photoshoots 😛 I feel embarassed looking at this. He’s like an uncle figure to me, considering the names and ages and all ;-;

Btw, this image is supposedly photoshopped or at least has a high chance of photoshopness (well firstly the black and white and super muscles are a given, but eh, I’m not so sure about the lower half 😦 They could have stuck his head onto the body, but looking at the original image and where I got it from, it doesn’t look photoshopped – but if it wasn’t, where did it come from? D:)

Seems like he has droopier flatter manboobs? But in both images, the veiny hands are the same. Even the line of *cough* hair from his belly button appears the same. Only thing that throws me into conflict is the belly button. Not sure if they photoshopped, but the belly button is different T_T RAWR frig screw the black and white image, let’s just settle on this coloured one for the sake of arguing over photoshoppedness D:

ROFLCOPTER HE IS WEARING BONDS UNDERPANTS. Somehow he managed to get them even though they are only available in Australia. Far out – I’m gonna laugh myself senseless soon D:

But he’s sosososo hot. T_T He can pull off the beard look and he can pull off the shaggy long hair look. Maybe my love for him isn’t 100% unconditional (there are conditions… lawl), but still *respect* it’s like *tears in eyes* a family member out there is so so hot! (NB: most Asians will say same surname = same family)

Damn. It’s good to be single >:3 I can fangirl all I want about whoever I want without having to care about anyone else 😀 It’s been way too long since I have fangirled – but hey, at least it’s not like that random list of guys some girl wrote. That’s so R rated. Moreso, gross because she managed to tick people off that list.

Now I shall giggle and pretend I haven’t seen the above image of So Ji Sub and continue watching Cain and Abel like usual >:3

Until next hot guy blog!

PS: NERD MOMENT OF THE DAY: I was going HAHAHA SO JI SUB PLAYED IN MiSa (get it, MISA???) and upon further research, it stood for nothing other than Mianhada, Saranghada. WTF?! He looks so different and for some odd reason I thought that Shin Hyun Joon was the guy who played the guy in MiSa. WTH?! Does that mean I should watch MiSa? I could barely stand an episode of it though after too many references to StarCraft. *sobs*




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I originally turned OFF comment moderation because a lot of comments from friends ended up in spam and I wasn’t notified about the comments until I checked wordpress. It was for my friends’ convenience and peace of mind that a comment would appear as soon as they’d post it. Of course, that’s not the case for everyone. I want to keep the comments clean and to a minimum if possible so I don’t get miketsu spammed (yes, I am very particular about formatting and appearance).

The 14 day comment expiry period is still in place.


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