Shiseido Tsubaki (white) damaged hair treatment

I keep getting confused about the hits I get. I browsed through the record and someone actually searched up kmisa hair. That’s really quite vague (not sure if they wanted to know about my hair or if I wrote about hair in general), but in response I shall review this product.

I am reviewing the item in the middle: Shiseido Tsubaki White damaged hair treatment

The instructions on the back roughly translated from Japanese are as follows: Apply to damp hair after washing, and then rinse thoroughly. Even if you rinse immediately, there will be adequate/ satisfactory results/ effect on the hair.

In other words, you can use this as a conditioner.

The first thing I thought when I got this was how soft the plastic bottle is – and how nice it smelled. You can actually smell the treatment through the plastic, which is something you may or may not like. Also, the smell is quite strong (lol wth I typed the “strong is quite smell” :P) – depends on the individual of whether or not they’d like it.

How well does this work? True to description, yes, even if you rinse out immediately, I can feel a drastic difference in my hair. It’s silky smooth and there are no tangles or knots. This makes your hair very soft and extremely easy to style (you know how you go to a salon, get your hair cut and washed and they seem to style it so easily, but it’s a nightmare at home? Well you can get salon style soft hair with this). When I wake up the next day my hair is pretty much nice and flat (as in straight) and my hair is not messy.

I like to wring out the excess water in my hair first and then apply to my damp hair. I try to keep the treatment in for a minute or two so I get the most out of the product.

For about $5.20US for 150g of this stuff, you’ve got to be laughing to yourself because it’s such a good bargain. You can check on the soompi Shiseido Tsubaki thread, and it seems at least one other person also recommends this. This has got to be one of the best products that will work for everyone in the Tsubaki line that people won’t complain about, because it works.

The instructions don’t mention how often you should use this – if you ask me, I’d personally use it once or twice a week. If you use this more than twice in a row, you will find your hair maybe getting a bit too greasy from residue buildup, so remember to use in moderation.

They sell the treatment as usual on, and probably AKA in the city. Be wary of the AKA price though, $5.20US converted to AUD is only about $7, but I suspect they will charge much more than that in the shops.

Until next blog, and beautiful hair!


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