Next photoshoot

There were plans on a new photoshoot and the most popular theme was just “summer” in general.

I’m no summer person – it’s mostly because summer is the time when I actually have time off to “rebuild” myself for the year ahead for another gruelling 8 months of late if not all nighters. That means during the summer I’m all groggy and full of “I have messed up sleeping habits” symptoms from staying up until at least 2am each night for several months (I’m still trying to cut back my sleeping time early, and so far, I managed to change it to 1am, but that’s still a bit too late for me).

I am secretly in love with the Super Junior photospreads/ shoots/ album covers. I just really like the idea of lots of people together – not necessarily matching outfits, but it gives a really strong ulzzang feel. I don’t know, what do you guys think? I think it’s even cooler if it’s a line of girls wearing ties and other androgynous wear. The idea blows my mind, sort of. Even mixing up guys and girls – that would work too, but you gotta be careful who gets to be in it 😛

But the best part is that somehow they manage to put so many people into a photo without losing their individuality, and giving off an image of unity at the same time.

I first saw this image at the DVD store on a poster. I remembered more people than that (I was probably wrong since Super Junior M is only 7 of them, but I loooooooove this shot. Very strong monochrome clothing palette. The background gives this image a little bit of edge otherwise it’d be just another black and white photograph. The lighting is nice, too. So are their expressions.

Seems like their concept photographer loves the 1/2 composition shot – half empty space, half Super Junior in the horizontal format. I love their reflections on the ground and I like how they mixed it up. This is the feel I like – it’s neat, but it’s randomised. There’s a nice balance. This is the reverse of the previous photo – strong grayscale background with almost pure black silouhette reflections, with spots of colour in their outfits.

I also really like this shot (never mind the three dudes on the left, whoever editted this image should really be careful on how they overlay where hands go >_>). We need a studio for this to happen. One day, please? Someone take a bunch of these shots and pass them to me. I’ll edit them nicely and make it into something awesome like this 😀 But we need the studio setting. Hmmm. Actually,  forget the studio. Someone take a bunch of jumping shots and hand them over to me, since the photos will be HQ res taken by a DSLR and I’ll work my photoshop extraction magic.

The composition of this image is quite nice – shows each person’s different jumping technique from one side to the other and it’s strategically well placed in the course of the “jumping journey”.

It reminds me of Lacoste’s advertisements:

Love ❤ It’s randomised, but there’s a strong colour palette and common theme. It’s just so funky!

So guys, one day, an awesome shoot like that with oodles of people and shizzloads of photoshop, please? 😀 I’ll make people’s faces skinnier and eyes wider if required and stuff – heck I don’t even mind if it’s a mass of gyarus together or something – gimme something to photoshop D: Or even a glamour shoot or whatever. I’ll fix it up magazine cover style 😛 If it’s REALLY cool, we could even print them out as POSTERS or something to hang on the wall. How freaking cool is that?!

But yes, next until next photoshoot, I can only hope 🙂


4 thoughts on “Next photoshoot

    • Let’s 😀 \o/
      PS: If you don’t see a comment turning up it’s because I’m going back to the beginning like when I first started and I’m going to approve comments one by one. 😛

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