Search of the day: Gucci Sale Sydney 2009

EDIT: It’s now the 5th January 2010. I don’t think Gucci is on sale any more. You are free to check, but from my guestimates, sales should last about a month only. It’s every half a year anyway – so, in 6 months’ time!

… I’ll admit it, I don’t know why this search was done online or why it was done so late (it’s late December already) but the sale started maybe 2-3 weeks ago. If you’re lucky there will still be some medium sized handbags and some wallets available.

Usually they claim the Gucci sales to be up to 30% off, but I find most handbags and wallets are discounted to a maximum of 20%. The shoes that are discounted are quite limited in range (mostly leather heels, but nothing that screams out Gucci) – and there are silk scarves, some watches, belts, sunglasses and jewellery, I think a selection of their clothes (including a hat or two) and keyrings on sale.

Admittedly, the mid year sale was better than the sale right now. The only difference is that in the mid year sale I got a wallet and in the recent sale I managed to grab a tote. But in the midyear sale, they had Boston bags on sale (I missed out because a girl was buying THE LAST ONE at the same time I was paying for my wallet – she used her friend’s card to pay for it because she was so desperate to buy it – I feel sad because it was nice. The colour was LE too – it was purple leather :(). This sale there are plenty of small – medium handbags – also “Boston bags” in the sense that they just happen to be smaller, elongated and with longer handles. I was surprised to see so many of those on sale because usually those disappear very fast. Anyway, I’m just biased because I wanted a Boston bag (:P), but this time around there’s definitely more variety than last time, including the bags made of the waterproof stuff (last time I didn’t see any).

Guys, instead of googling Gucci sale online, I suggest you all take down the number of your local Gucci boutique and call them around mid November or late November, if you aren’t available to pop in (if you live far away).

I’m going to be very honest here, but whilst I post up sale coupons and other things on my blog, I rarely mention sales by designer boutiques unless I have already been or bought something from there. Why? Because I don’t want all the good stuff to be gone! Ohhh it’s selfish, but think about it, if you ran into a sale with lots of awesome stuff, you wouldn’t want to share until you got something beforehand 😉

But admittedly there are some very kind people on fashion forums who will share the news ASAP – so be sure to check them out!


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