Gutted because of counterfeits

Some people may or may not know, but I am in love with Juicy Couture to some extent. It started with a pair of boots (that I loooooooove but it’s too warm to wear so only for winter) I got ridiculously cheap at David Jones on sale.

For those who don’t know, I actually hate and absolutely despise thongs (for the Americans reading this, you call them flip flops and wear them on the feet. Australians call thongs [the underwear] G-strings – it’s a really funny discrepancy between the different ‘English’ languages but FYI I mean flip flops). I hate sandals because I think they look barbaric and I tend to step on people’s feet when they wear sandals or flip flops – by accident of course, I don’t step on people’s feet on purpose >_<

I believe shoes are to protect the feet – not to show the feet off. FYI in Australia most people wear Havainas which are flip flops with quite a thin sole. I hate those because I can only imagine wearing those and stepping onto glass. Yeah. Ouch.

On the other hand, I LOVE Juicy Couture flip flops. How they managed to make a flip flop look so damn elegant is beyond me (and they have very thick soles thank you very much so they are very safe against glass). The plastic is of exceptional quality (soft, comfortable, durable), and the Y part of the foot has cute Juicy charms, bows or whatnot on them. They are so damn classy for a flip flop. My only beef is that I can never ever justify myself spending like $80AUD on a pair of flip flops. They are afterall just made out of plastic, provide no shade or protection for the top of my foot whatsoever, and they never go on sale. I’m in love with them even though I really hate flip flops, but if I had to wear or get a pair, I’d definitely opt for Juicy flip flops. Just one pair only – because I hate wearing flip flops or sandals.

Of course this is not the one I’m after but this was the only decent one on the official Juicy Couture website. It goes for $65USD, so that means we’re not ripped off too badly here in the land of Oz.

I was really tempted to buy a pair in the last week or so, but unfortunately, I saw a lot of counterfeits in Chinatown boutiques lately, and they are the exact same ones as the ones at David Jones.

I don’t know, but when it comes to designer labels, I really try not to buy replicas or counterfeit items – it saddens me that a lot of people will be buying those counterfeit flip flops at $35AUD a pair (a fraction of the price and looks about the same) and moreover since it’s summer, a crapload of people are going to start wearing them. I’m regretting not buying them earlier so I can get a bit of wear out of them, but I’m really sad that it had to result in this way 😦

I think it’s partially because I’ve got a pair of Juicy shoes so I know how the real deal is – each shoe is individually wrapped in plastic (all hardware wrapped in tissue paper) and you get a beautiful pink box with the Juicy story embossed on the underside of the box lid. The quality and packaging really is exceptional, more so if you are lucky like me – I got a pair nobody had ever tried or worn before, so I was over the moon. (Also because I got it ridiculously discounted, I paid for real suede and high quality rubber that doesn’t crack – whilst at Chinatown they sell fake PVC leather boots for $150 a pair which I break the sole in half within 10 wears. That’s ridiculous.)

Another thing I don’t understand is counterfeit bags with very obviously counterfeit monograms. Why do people knowingly wear bags with monograms containing two O’s or two e’s instead of the Gucci GG monogram? It’s so obviously not real. Maybe it’s for looks and practicality –  but I don’t know, I wouldn’t pull it off because I’d be too self conscious that people would be saying the monogram is wrong. If I had to go for a budget option I’d go for four G’s because Guess does it (I hate GUESS with a passion though, I think the label is so trashy >_>) – but at least it doesn’t look so obvious. I don’t even think I mind people wearing Gucci or LV replicas as long as I can’t tell! But when I can tell then I feel awkward.

But yes – do you support counterfeits? Yes or no, and why?


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