Hello, sunglasses

I was really silly but I got these from Myer even though they were at the Chanel boutique. Though I think maybe the ones at Chanel weren’t these exact ones (there are 2 types, and I think this one is better than the other – they have the same coloured front part but different side treatments)

Specially treated acetate frames with CC logo on the sides in classic black and white style

You can find this on the Chanel website under the “essentials” category.

Anyway, I’m really pissed – I got home and realised they didn’t give me a cleaning cloth!! I think I will take my receipt and go back another day to get it. Or maybe I should just forget about the cleaning cloth? It is just a cleaning cloth after all. But it just annoyed me that they didn’t give me one and I’m pretty sure they were supposed to 😦

But the sunglasses are really purdy and look good on just about anyone’s face. I loooooove them and these were soo much more affordable than the pearl ones I was thinking of getting. It means I saved MOOLAH 😀 Not only that it also means that with the extra moolah I saved I can buy other shizz 😀 Or save up OTLL But I need summer clothes… OH then it means I can YOCO it 😀 But actually that money was originally from my savings so technically I shouldn’t be touching it. 😦 

Anyway, I was surprised at the $$$ and I’m glad I definitely picked Chanel over Gucci for sunglasses. These are so classic and I love the coloration of the lens. I love the shape of the frames and the pattern of the frame. Not only that the colours go well and it looks so chic. I loveee them. I’d wear them sleeping if I could. I’d facebook status every minute of the day about them about having sunglass and eye secks with them. But no, I’ve already moo’ed enough already up until this point. I was considering on posting the sunglasses, case, softcase, box, care booklet and authenticity card, but I decided not to since that’d count as moo-ing 🙂


But yes, I may/may not go back and ask about the cleaning cloth (please comment if you feel strongly that I should or shouldn’t).

I’m not even sure if they will give me one – hopefully they have “extras” because I seriously didn’t get one. If it’s any consolation though, the soft case sort of doubles as a cleaning cloth lolol. Can I be bothered going back? I’m not too sure. It’s just a cleaning cloth after all I suppose. Not worth the hassle, especially since I’m not going to the city any time soon – tomorrow is my drama day!

My mum commented on how I liked my Gucci tote better than the LV one. It’s simply because the handles are comfy, I can chuck everything into it and I don’t have to constantly worry about the handles getting dirty. I can also overstuff it without worrying about stretching the bag to weird proportions and it losing shape. I can use it as a blanket when I’m freezing in air con environments. Not to mention, I still think it’s a DAMN GOOD DEAL. There’s always something about me and last in stock items. I feel so exclusive.

We had lunch at Seoul Ria again (it’s our hub for the times we rarely eat out). Yum bulgogi and dolsot bibimbap 😀 I was sitting there watching the screen and there was a movie preview that looked interesting. I must have been influenced because it is about a warrior that comes out of a painting and then there’s a huge battle in the modern day city. Reminds me of the Chinese movie about the Terracotta Warrior (I think that may have been the actual name of the movie – something like The last [Terracotta] Warrior?) – an ancient man in the modern world. Hong Kong has done a few of them, one I remember very distinctively (we might still have it on tape) that was sooo rude and R rated it wasn’t funny. Well it was funny. Let’s just say that in the ancient world, the man has 7 wives (one of them is a princess). Someone invents a time machine and the King tells him to go check the time machine out. He ends up in modern day society and when he asks “who is the King now?” they reply “it’s a Queen, and a white one!” (NB: Hong Kong was under the rule of Britain until 1997, therefore they were referring to Queen Elizabeth II) And yeah. He finds Minnie Mouse on underwear (finds it weird/ intriguing since he doesn’t know what the character is) and ends up shagging a gangster boss’s wife/ girlfriend/ moe (I forget what she was, but it was funny lol). He gets into a lot of trouble for it (doesn’t realise why since he had so much power in the ancient society) and a bunch of angry warriors who are out to assassinate him appear in the modern day society too, after following him through the time machine…


Originally today was meant to be my “drama” day, but I took my mum to Kim Sun Young to get a haircut since she hasn’t had one for so long. She was surprised it was so cheap for her ($22 wash cut dry since she has just touching shoulder length hair) and now she has Korean ajumma hair lololol. Well it’s a mushroom cut. But I think it looks awesome on her 🙂 We also grabbed a few more dramas for dad… sucks because THEY KEEP PUTTING ON MISLEADING IMAGES ON THE COVER! RAWR! It’s not a big deal if it’s a good watch, but dang it, if it was really crappy and was nothing like the cover I’d be mad! So far so good though, it seems like all 6 we bought “look good”, unlike last time, there will be 1 or 2 that will be painful to watch >_>

I just realised the DVD place we go to doesn’t stock Korean drama 😦 They only stock Japanese. I’m fairly cheapo if it comes to buying dramas, and I don’t think it’s worth it for Japanese drama because they are usually around 10-12 episodes long. I’d buy Hong Gil Dong from them (24 eps) if they had it… but obviously not.

Speaking of which, I am planning to watch Hong Gil Dong next because it has Jang Geun Suk in it 😀 Never mind he’s not the main character and he’ll be wearing hanbok (traditional Korean clothes which means he will have long hair) – but he will still be hawt in it 😀 Hanbok does not bother me at all! I love me a traditional man 😛 Bwahahah.

My love for JGS is 100% unconditional. HAWT.

Excuse me while I smooch my sunglasses and JGS in hanbok simultaneously. Or interchangeably. OH THREESOME ❤

Until next blog!

EDIT: Tomorrow I will venture out to the city again because I realised I can’t download Hong Gil Dong 😦 I will have to buy it – fingers crossed they’ll have a 2008 drama available for sale. I’d get Shining Inheritance and Coffee Prince probably if I can’t find Hong Gil Dong and I’m desperate for drama fix. To make it 3, I’m contemplating on buying Zhang Ji Zhong’s latest Jin Yong adaptation of “Yi tian tu long ji” (The heavenly sword and dragon sabre). We saw an ad for it and I must say I was surprised he decided to make an adaptation, because the Taiwanese one was excellent, and Jet Li did an amazing job in the movie version (I think it was Jet Li who did it, but I must say I can’t remember too well). It’s one of my favourite stories because you get to drool over the main character and he has so many hot chicks around him. The only thing that irks me is that the main character IMO isn’t good looking so I’m a bit sceptical about the series and whether or not it’s actually bearable to watch. My main concern is the acting. I can put up with an ugly actor as long as the acting is good. The ad didn’t have any talking at all, but it looks like a very sophisticated work of editting. They’ve also heightened their sense of fashion by including coloured contact lenses for Xiao Chao, who is actually Persian (well her character is Persian).

I’m also going back to Myer/ Sunglass Hut. Wish me luck getting the cleaning cloth. I was thinking of returning the sunglasses if they refuse to give me a cleaning cloth, but usually in circumstances like these, they should give me one because I seriously didn’t get one. There’s no point in me returning the next day to get one and travelling so far JUST for a cleaning cloth okay (because I really didn’t get one! It’s not like I’m going back just to get an extra or something stupid like that -.-). I am slightly regretting not buying the sunglasses at Chanel as I probably wouldn’t have had this problem. Fingers crossed. They should have no problem giving me one! But I will probably ask them if it should have come with one, because if it should have, then I didn’t get it – if not, I’ll let it slip. FIGHTING!


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