Wide face? How to fix? First suggestion is always SURGERY.

I really resent it that as soon as someone posts something in relation to a wide face not slimming down even after losing weight that people then immediately jump to conclusions and say “you can’t do anything, you need surgery” or “contour your face with makeup” or “change your hairstyle”.

I don’t know about what other people think, but I’ve always had this problem. I really hate how my jaw turns out in photos (makes me fatter than what I am – well, that’s what I think anyway) and it has been a problem for me since I was in Primary. (Had a fall – long story short I landed on my jaw which in turn screwed up my jaw/ face and teeth)

No, you don’t need surgery. I was watching a video on Youtube by BeautyQQ (she speaks in Cantonese but she seems to have a lot of expertise in beauty/ cosmetic procedures) and she recommends for a large jawbone, it’s most likely not the jaw.

From a product I bought, the packaging says (paraphrased) : doctors generally say that the jaw bone does not make up/ affect the overall size of your face too much – if your face appears to be big, then it’s probably the chewing muscles that are causing cartilage to protrude out, giving the bump or a squareness in the jaw.

Botox, or the product (2B Alternate for Face – I am going to write a review AFTER I finish the set – I have only gone half way and I was too lazy to continue it for MONTHS) both seem to have similar effects – or at least claim to do the same thing. Weaken chewing muscles –> cartilage doesn’t pop out as much –> smaller looking jaw –> much more feminine v-line.

The only difference is that Botox is injected (apparently the more you do it, the longer it lasts, and you only need a tiny amount since it’s the back of the jaw part) and 2B is applied to the skin. 2B is more effective for getting rid of water retention, while Botox ‘paralyses’ the muscle. BeautyQQ also states that it has been a general trend/ discovery that Botox can gradually wear down the jaw bone so that makes it smaller. In other words, without doing the old fashioned cutting the jaw bone thing, you CAN reduce your jaw bone with Botox. It’s less painful and it’s probably a fraction of the cost with far less side effects (in the respect that there’s zero recovery period, and you don’t need stitches along your face yadda yadda).

It sounds really tempting. If I had the extra money, I’d probably go for a few injections since they last about a year or something which is a damn long time for Botox. For the meantime of course, I rather not, so I am trying face rollers and 2B. I HAVE noticed my face probably isn’t as square as it used to be, or at least it doesn’t poke out as much.

Back to the assumptions people make:

– No, you don’t need surgery. Jaw grinding procedures are less common these days – recovery period is too long, and it’s pretty risky IMO
– No, you don’t need makeup. I don’t know about others but I hate the idea of contouring. I’ve tried it – looks good in photos, looks like your face is dirty IRL. Not charming.
– No, you don’t need to change your hairstyle. I have a hairstyle I suspect that was cut to shape my face (though I never asked for it), but if you don’t style it, your face will still look like a pie. Which in my case, it does most of the time.
– No, you don’t need photoshop. I don’t know how other people feel about this, but I am very insecure if the photos online of me (or anywhere) do not look like me. I want the real deal in person, not just a 2D image. It’s a bit like people and push up bras- people don’t just want the effect, they want the real thing.

So, for me – no Botox, no surgery, no makeup, no hairstyle change (and though not mentioned but implied, no weight loss)? What CAN you do?

– Tone the SKIN around the jaw so it’s not loose. Someone on soompi wrote this and it sounds silly, but if you stick out your jaw and look to the sky, turn your head left and right but slowly, remembering to push out your jaw. The first time I did it, it hurt. But I think it actually works.

– Get rid of water retention by doing face massages in the morning. There are plenty of Youtube videos probably on this. Basically you should massage your forehead from your eyebrows to forehead, from the centre outwards. With the cheeks and jaw, start from the centre of your face to your ears, then down the sides of your neck to drain water via your lymph glands. You can use rollers, ceramic spoons (of the Chinese dessert yum cha spoon type), or even your hands. I realised hands are a good way to massage the jaw cuz you can apply pressure better, but be careful as you may stretch the skin. You can add some oil or cleanser or moisturiser or something to lessen any stretching. Be sure to make sure you’re not eating stuff that leads to water retention. Don’t ask me what they are, I honestly don’t know, but Google will tell you everything.

– Use a facial massage roller. I’ve been using it on and off and I think it has helped some what.

– Use a product like 2B or some form of slimming cream that claims to do something for the skin. It may or may not help, but generally, it helps! If you go to Xiaxue, she recently did a review on a face mask called a Face Bra – I want to try that but I’m not making a sasa order anytime soon. I definitely want to try it though – it looks very interesting. I might scour ebay instead to have a look, but XX’s results aren’t bad considering she only used 2/5 masks within a month and I can definitely see a difference.

– Eat mints instead of chewing gum. Avoid hard crunchy foods. Every less chew or force you exert onto your jaw muscle will make it less tough, hence less large.

So before you cut your jaw – do some research first! Doesn’t hurt to waste a few hundred trying different strategies if they are SAFER and may work for you!

Anyway until next blog!


10 thoughts on “Wide face? How to fix? First suggestion is always SURGERY.

  1. hi there, just want to ask what if your gums and teeth stretched down and your jaw have stretched too, can it still be back or what can be done to it, thanks a lot. coz i lost all of my expressions. pls help thanks!

    • Hi there Shem,
      I’m not a doctor and I don’t really know too much about the aftermath of surgery. I think however, the best option is to ask your doctor. Expressions have a lot to do with controlling of the muscles and this is largely dependent on the nervous system. If you believe that your nervous system hasn’t been affected (there are quite a few nerves lying close to your jaw), I think it’s a matter of practising and training those muscles back. Facercise is something you might want to look into. Sorry I couldn’t give you a good reply, but I hope it helped – and best to you!

  2. Hi Kmisa
    I too have a square jaw. Is there any way to get rid of that chewing muscle thru excercise or massage? Will that soompi’s excercise work the same for everyone ? or can it do the opposite (build up the muscle :((( ) for some people? Please let me know 🙂

    • Hi Sophia,

      Like with all products and stuff, the results vary from person to person – but it doesn’t hurt to try until you find the right one! You don’t have anything to lose 😉
      The face roller does help a bit. I tried that exercise (it got removed from that thread for some reason) but it did sort of work a bit. Face massages will help get rid of water. To weaken the muscles however you will need botox or 2B Alternative for Face which claims to be like Botox but applied to the skin. Problem with that is that it’s expensive and you need to go through 5 boxes for a single treatment.
      I’ve been using Yufit V-Line Hot Face bras (buy them from Gmarket) and they’ve been most effective so far. I think my jaw has tightened a bit 🙂
      Hope that helps!

  3. hi, thanks for replying though. UHm actually i believe it’s really about the muscle that controls the expression. But i really see and felt like bec it has moved back a lot and even my gums or teeth moved a lil down too. , and the upper part of my gums is quite visible too. that’s why i couldn’t have an expression. coz the muscle on my face i couldn’t even lift up too. but i really looked fine like there’s no problem. But if only an xray would show what had happened. It all started when i laughed too much. And i really felt my jaw stretched too much. Well, ye thanks for the reply. Imma ask a doctor. 🙂

  4. Actually, i can laugh. i can smile a bit too. but sometimes i really don’t want too coz, i really feel like my jaw keep on stretching., but some of my reactions like when i get angry or sad, etc. those are not seen.

  5. .. to add to my question. act it’s not a square jaw infront. it just notice in the side of my face. that it’s kinda wide when i turn on the side. unlike before. and it really looks i dont know and it even hides or my should be lil expressions are not seen. anymore unlike before. and i couldnt talk that way i talk before. if i try too, its just little movement. and im like steady sometimes. i just wished this could be back they way i had my expressions before. tnx anyways.

  6. Hi, I have this problem also, but it’s not just my jaw that is big, the overall width of my face is pretty big and wide. I’m very positive that the bone structure of my jaw is the main problem of my big face, not the cheeks or water retention or what not. I’m pretty frustrated with my face, and I really feel like I should resort to surgery to fix this. :/

    Any input or advice?

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