What $100AUD can buy these days and PayPal promotion cashback not received.

I don’t know about you guys, but what can you buy for $100 AUD these days? To me, $100AUD can’t get much these days. I spent about $50 on my trip to Parramatta (no idea how it happened but it did) so that’s already quite depressing. It seems like when you go out you spend a minimum of $20-$30 already, and you don’t actually get anything – that’s just a meal, drink/ dessert.

Don’t even talk about clothes or anything – ít’s really impossible to get much. Even if you walked into a $2 store you end up spending a minimum of $10 usually which is a big difference from 2 bucks 😛

Anyway, an alternative to get more for your money is simply buying online, which is something I do when I’m super bored at home and end up impulse shopping, or when I’m actively trying to save money. This is mostly for clothes and non-department store cosmetics. I think these are two areas that can obviously have massive mark ups in shops and they are places where I can save lots of money on. No more paying $60 for a pair of shorts -I can get 2 pairs of jeans instead. Other items are 2nd hand items (my camera strap is 2nd hand – doesn’t bother me, it was only $3. Buy it retail it’d be at least $10) or items that are rip off here (electronics – includes mobile phones and cameras).

Anyway, I got all my sasa items. I spent about $100AUD on these items.

Not pictured: a 550ml bottle of Kanebo shampoo, and 2x 150ml collagen toners

I apologise for the photoshopped background grey. It’s just a precautionary measure in case if I get some creepy guy asking me “DID YOU TAKE THAT PHOTO IN *THIS ROOM*???” (on that note, I don’t think that question qualifies for an answer. It’s none of your business. FYI, I only take friends back to my place and they are generally girls. If I ever bring a guy home, it’s either he was really pestering me, or if it’s my boyfriend. But that’s another story for another day.)

Anyway, together I bought (even though 3 items are not pictured, which I’ll list anyway):

– 1 x 550ml Kanebo Silk Collagen Hyularonic Acid Shampoo (not pictured)
– 1 x 150ml PDC Collagen Toner (not pictured, for my mum)
– 1x 150ml JUJU COSMETICS Collagen Toner (not pictured, for my mum)
– 5x 240 SUZURAN cotton pads (best cotton pads ever – they hold toner well and don’t fall apart and so cheap)
– 2x Koji Longlasting Spring Eyeliner (comes with smudger brush and sharpener and it’s an automatic pencil – these went up in price to like $5 each, but they sell them for $14 here!)
– 1x 150g Skinfood Rice Wash off mask (used it – it’s really gentle. They sell this for about $30AUD here)
– 1x 15ml Skinfood Nail Esssence (I got this for like $3.50 only! It works and smells like flowers, it’s really just a nail oil)
– 1x 21 sheet face masks Kose Clear Turn Mask set (they sell this for $40AUD here – these sell out really quickly all the time!)
– 1x 150g Shiseido Tsubaki Hair treatment for damaged hair with Tsubaki Amino (this is REALLY good. Paid about $6 for it and it immediately brought my hair back to life)
– 1x 40ml Shiseido Handcream (this was about $3-$4)
– 1x 50ml PDC Handcream (clear)
– 1x 50ml PDC Handcream (for cuts)
– 1x 50ml PDC Dry skin cream (for elbows, knees or whatever you think needs a bit of moisture)
– 1x Sasa Nail Clipper (Free Gift – beats getting 10 pieces of tissue or whatever it was they were trying to offer me)

I dunno what you think about that list of items, but to me that was damn good value. If you look at the prices of the items here in Sydney at the shops, I already got quite a lot of bang for my buck.

What’s more I tried to get hold of this $20AUD cashback when I spend over $100AUD overseas, as shown here: http://www.paypal-offers.com.au/shopoverseas/

I’m 100% not mistaken because I’ve satisifed all the terms and conditions here http://www.paypal-offers.com.au/shopoverseas/terms.html 

My purchase was over $100AUD (spent $93USD- make the conversion and it’s over $100AUD), made in one single transaction, made before the 15 Nov 2009 (I made it on the 7 Nov), bought it overseas at a merchant they featured (tick, sasa.com).

What is really annoying me is the fact that I’ve sent an email asking PayPal when my cashback is coming. The T&C clearly states that I’d receive it by 4th Dec 2009 and I haven’t gotten anything after 11 days. The fact I haven’t even received a reply to my email is just equally as appalling. I submitted another email and hopefully I’ll get a reply soon, but come on! I put up my part of the deal, it’s time you hold up your half. If this keeps up I’ll definitely make a phone call or submit a complaint to the Ombudsman. Someone apparently did so, but I’ll be waiting to see what their result is.

I’m currently waiting for this $20AUD cashback to make my purchase even more worth it. To be honest, it’s not really a matter of whether or not I want or need the money – it’s more to do with the fact that I took up the promotion because I was promised or guaranteed a cashback if I satisfied a set of terms and conditions, which I did. It’s preposterous to think that I satisfied all those terms and conditions all for nothing. Do you really think that people really enjoy buying over $100AUD worth of stuff overseas, especially when it took over a month to arrive in my possession? Usually I only need to spend about $80AUD to get free shipping, there was absolutely no need for me to buy an extra $20 worth of items that I didn’t need immediately (but will eventually to stock up). No, it’s not fun, and PayPal is making things worse.

We want our cashbacks! NOW! At least reply our emails and do something about it.

But yes, definitely. I’ll be calling and submitting an enquiry if I receive nothing by the end of the week.

Here’s my question to you guys: have you ever been ripped off before? If so, how? Was the issue resolved or not, and how?


4 thoughts on “What $100AUD can buy these days and PayPal promotion cashback not received.

    • No problem 8D It’s excellent for all types of cosmetics since it’s slightly cheaper – massively cheaper for Asian stuff. I’m pretty happy cuz I realised my entire haul minus the Skinfood stuff are all Japanese products. This is why my dad should have let me go to Japan >:\ But yes! I recommend sasa.com 😀

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