COSMED Overnight Whitening Emulsion

This is going to be my product review of the week! Well okay I lie. I’ll be doing a bunch of product reviews.

The thing I like and hate most about shopping on is trying to get to the $75USD mark to get free shipping. Sometimes, it’s just too easy to get $75USD, other times it’s really difficult. I tend to buy things that are on the cheaper side rather than expensive items because it’s obvious – you don’t know how a product will work until you try it on your skin. Reading reviews may help, but in the end, it’s the money that counts. I don’t see a point in buying something expensive like SKII just to have it not work, and then it’ll be unreturnable. (Usually when a product is opened you can’t return it – lucky bummers in the US – they can get away with returning anything!)

On a slight tangent however, did you know that with Estee Lauder, you can buy a product and try it out if they don’t have samples for it? They allow you to return the item too, if they don’t have the sample in stock – that’s their promise. I don’t know about other companies, but I’m 100% sure that usually people don’t return skincare here. So it’s a pricey investment. The upside is when I buy department store stuff I buy it during gifttime. If their skincare doesn’t work, I at least know I have a mascara that does. It’s a little more reassuring than splurging all out like so.


The product I’m going to talk about briefly is this little fella:

Did you know that COSMED is a French company? This is made in France.

The reason why I am blogging about this is because of the product and its price.

$2.60USD for 65ml.

I’m not even kidding when I’m typing it.

I was so shocked the first time I saw it, it was like “wow – I can use this for about 4-5 months, and it will cost me about 3 bucks. FORREAL?”

The upside about cheap items like these is that if they don’t work on your face, they will work on your legs. That’s right, I generally turn my unused beauty products into other uses like moisturing legs (though I never do that – I did it once, but I felt using a $35 THEFACESHOP moisturiser on my leg was a bit of a shame) and cleansers to wash other things (I wash my clothes / spot clean with my Clinique Mild Facial Cleanser gel thing. It’s really good for spot cleaning! That stuff is transparent too, meaning it won’t leave a mark behind. It just doesn’t clean my face well).

This product was one of those I ordered to fulfill the $75USD requirement (and a few other items too) and I completely forgot about this until I went through my past orders and realised it was sitting in my closet. For good reason too, my Shiseido is about finished (read: cannot be bothered shaking bottle really hard to get product out) and I am going to hold off the Biotherm until my pimples clear up a little bit since it’s not a good idea to dry the skin too much.

The product is easy to squeeze – you just need a teeny bit of pressure and it comes out. Just a little will do for your face, and if you get the right amount, it sinks in right away and doesn’t feel greasy at all. Leaves your skin soft and smooth. It also smells great – it has sweet almond oil and shea  butter in it so it’s bound to make you drool thinking about the smell right about now. The bottle is compact, no nonsense, and I think it’s pretty cute. It doesn’t come in a box, but it doesn’t need one. So that’s good for the environment (though it comes plastic wrapped)

It’s for all skin types. So far so good – no breakouts, reactions or anything. It’s actually quite mild – unlike some moisturisers, you know that stinging feeling you get when you apply product onto a pimple or open skin.

It contains arbutin which is an ingredient the Missha whitening line used to use. I think arbutin was quite effective – I remember those days I didn’t even wear bbcream and in photos I was still quite pale thanks to arbutin. The back of the COSMED moisturiser is also quite cute – it actually tells you that you will see a whitening effect within 2-3 weeks of use, which I think is quite brave.

All in all, I highly recommend this. Even if it’s not for your face, damn, a $2.60US bottle of this stuff for 65ml is cheaper than a 50ml bottle of PDC handcream – you could use this for your hands or body or dog or whatever. I’m serious! Next time I’ll be grabbing a few of these I think. There’s also a day time one which is the same price. I’d like to know how that one is! At the moment I’m using this for day and night (screw the instructions) but it is a bit too rich for daytime I think.

Two thumbs up and a happy smile on my wallet!

You can buy this product from HERE. Otherwise, you can try ebay or do a search? It’s already pretty cheap on sasa – 66% off RRP – or so they say.


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