I hate…

… people who do not read. Everything. Before writing.

It’s like people who don’t listen till the end, and then say something dumb.

Probably I’m a hypocrite since I do those things unknowingly, but some people do it deliberately out of nothing but sheer laziness.

Example: Facebook status.

The below example is fictional, by the way.

Status: I am going to go shopping now.
Comment: Oh really? Where?
Reply: Ehhhh I got a bit caught up and it’s a bit too late to go out now lol.
Comment (by lazy person): OMG LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU GET!


Can’t you just read through a comment or two? You’re already stalking my status, go ahead and stalk my comments as well – go on, do it. At least do it so you don’t look like a complete dumbass! Does your comment warrant a reply? NO, because you didn’t use your BRAIN.

I hate it when people do something stupid like that! It’s also with people who reply a forum topic without reading the first post. It’s EMBARASSING to reply something wrong. It undermines your intelligence and it doesn’t look good, full stop! Does it really require THAT much effort to read about what, 30-50 words extra? I don’t know about other people, but generally if it’s a layout like Facebook comments, I can read the entire comment in a glance. It’s more of a skim, but at least I get the general gist! (Btw, this is why I think that FMyLife should be in a narrower format. Sometimes I lose the FML midsentence and start from the start again since I can’t glance at it)

UGH. Lazy people like that infuriate me. I don’t mind lazy replies or comments like “lol” or “ok” because I will just close the window/ don’t want to reply, but when it’s a stupid comment like that, makes me want to sock their face across the Internet!

Stop being lazy!

Until next blog!


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